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  1. Would love to see the stats on orders per minute when this goes up!
  2. V cut and if it’s too tight I go for the X cut
  3. I think you’re thinking Boubon? They are half a block from Jack Rose and have a cigar friendly rooftop.
  4. Shelly’s is ok. Decent food. If you like whisk(e)y Jack Rose is a must go. It is a Mecca of the water of life. Also cigar friendly on the top floor. Serves food too but I’ve never had.
  5. Cigarsandmalts

    high roller bourbons

    GTS at $800/bottle 😳😳! I’ve got a few I’d love to unload at that price lol. Noah’s Mill is the dark horse on that list. One of my fav’s and a bargain consider the pricing.
  6. Cigarsandmalts

    Celebration of wrappers

    I like them dark for aging, and light for smoking now. Both from TOS
  7. Cigarsandmalts

    What's your giveaway cigar?

    PL Pantelas for those with little to no experience. They get to smoke a mild Cuban with the classic twang and it doesn’t bother me if they pitch it after 2 puffs. More experienced smokers get what I’m smoking or their pick of regular production.
  8. Cigarsandmalts

    Your Wife/Girlfriend/partner are away.

    Option A: Solo weekend jaunt to Cuba to stock up, soak in, and indulge. Option B: Golf, poker, steaks, whisk(e)y, repeat. All of which are excellent cigar activities.
  9. Third this! Would love to see those Non Plus
  10. I recently bought a box of 2008 BRCs and they still pack quite the punch. Certainly a bit more rounder than the fresh (2016) ones I have, but I was pleasantly surprised how much legs they have with a decade of age.
  11. WTMBRGO (what embargo?) SIGLOVI (Siglo VI) CGARVET (cigar ‘vet)
  12. Excuse the malt
  13. In no particular order: 1. Connie 1 2. RyJ Ex4 3. MCPE 4. Padron 1964 Maduro Exclusivo 5. PSD4 6. BBF 7. PLMC 8. Mag 46
  14. Cigarsandmalts

    DC area herf?

    Does NoVA count? If so I’m game!
  15. Tuesday NY for me please. Thanks Prez!

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