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  1. That's more Blanton's than I've seen in quite a while. My vote Tegucigalpa airport in Honduras. Horribly cramped, hoards of unofficial "helpers" looking for tips and the Priority lounge sucked and was small, plus it is in the top 5 for dangerous landings.
  2. Not a bad evening of Crappie fishing after work today at Carlyle lake. Nothing huge but all good to eat. High coefficient of fun!
  3. Finally had a chance to read this thread fully, thanks for all the work, well done.
  4. A couple of cigars to celebrate second child graduating from College.
  5. I have a jar purchased a month or so ago and do not plan to dip into them for at least two years. Currently the jar is in the Humidor and closed up, but i'm sort of thinking opening the jar may not be a bad idea, or at least leaving the lid a bit loose.
  6. Opening day smoke, HU Mag 50 EL. Darn near perfect.
  7. I've smoked 5 of the 15's in the last two weeks and while they were good, they were not blow your skirt up good. At this point I'll leave what I have to sit for a while, but not sure how much they will improve as the flavors were rather more muted or dull than other RA offerings in my very humble opinion.
  8. We're always looking for a few good men people. How do you do with heights of like 40 stories?
  9. I am the owner so I do what I want. Basically the customer relations person telecommutes and the supervisor is in the shop in the back back and he smokes darts (cigarettes) anyway. When the customer relationship manager comes in I refrain.
  10. I try and act a bit more humble than "those guys" because there is no reason for them to know what I have and I could care less what they have even though I'm sure they are trying to make some egotistical power move. Usually happens at places like the Ritz cigar club.
  11. If I'm at a club or lounge smoking, I always take the band off because I don't want to be one of "those guys" that leaves the band on walking around "peacocking" showing everyone what great cigars I'm smoking because I';m an elitist, haughty, ostentatious, pompous, pretentious, smug,jerk. Normally at the office I leave the band on for a while in case it might start to unravel, then remove it to finish.
  12. Indeed they were returned and replaced. It was a very sad sight for me when I opened the box.

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