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  1. How do you all feel about this? I’ve heard that just wiping off mold is usually fine but the foot is another story since you might be inhaling it when you light the cigar. Any recommendations for treatment? Or do you toss the stick? Thanks!
  2. Have you tried the maduro melanio? What do you find to be the major flavor difference?
  3. @therealrsr thanks so much for the detailed review my friend and your dogs are gorgeous. Sounds like I need to give this a try. Perhaps a different size?
  4. These have been some of my favorite NCs and really get better with time. What kind of flavors do you get from these? How strong are they?
  5. The crook of the crown are fantastic! Especially with a little rest. Tons of dark chocolate and complexity
  6. Highly recommend kettle bells and check out Pavel Tsatsulin for the best workout
  7. Haha it’s true. Saka’s stuff has been fantastic, and there’s quiet a bit of small batch, boutique stuff coming out that’s genuinely making it smokers paradise.
  8. Do you like the Melanio or the regular better? Maduro or regular?
  9. Thanks! Thinking of picking up some HVC Hot Cake. And just got a few Charter Oak in from Foundation

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