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  1. HoyoFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    May ‘12 and some rum on a perfect ny Saturday evening
  2. HoyoFan

    Current Fitness Routines?

    I used to do a steady weights cardio etc. the usual thing you know at the gym. But about 8 months ago I discovered Kettle bells and they have changed my life. I’m not talking about getting ripped and building muscle here. I’m talking about strength. Run up the stairs carrying your 50lb son in one arm strength. If you’re interested. Check out a book by Pavel Tsatsoulin called Simple Sinister
  3. This is awesome thanks so much guys. This is why this community and hobby of ours is so great
  4. This is something that’s been rattling around in my head since I discovered CCs after a long time smoking NCs. How does the blending process happen consistent in Cuba? What I mean is that for the most part, in NCs there is a farm (or group of farms) and a factory. And that tobacco from that farm is used year after year to make that brand. But with CCs the tobaccos is brought to one place from all of the different farms in Cuba and sorted there. How can the blenders tell just by looking at the lead how much and which tobacco they need to create the same flavor? Thanks!
  5. Well winter is officially upon us here in NY and that typically means I wait until March to light one up or have to wait until I have a free weekend to sneak off to a B&M which... in NYC... you can count on one hand. So, I’m curious, would any BOTL be able to have some tips/tricks on what you guys wear to be able to stand the cold for an hour while sitting out? I don’t have a garage so can’t do a heater. Thanks!
  6. HoyoFan

    Tel Aviv 2019

    Where did you pick those up?
  7. HoyoFan

    NYC Cigar Lounge

    Just want to chime in on Hudson Bar and Books. It’s actually one of my favorite places to go and you CAN bring your own. They just charge you a cutting fee. It’s a small cozy place especially on a cold night with a great bar and bartender. Sit at the bar and they will chat with you.
  8. HoyoFan

    NYC Herf?

    Hey guys just seeing this, I’d be down! Do we have a tentative date?
  9. HoyoFan

    Heading to Tel Aviv

    Hey gents I’m back and can report that the small cigar bar in the Dan Hotel is still in business. Freddy unfortunately is no longer there but it’s been taken over by a great guy named Ichai who’s slowly turning it around. Walked in on a Sunday night and had a fantastic Monte Petit Edmundo and great conversation!
  10. HoyoFan

    Heading to Tel Aviv

    Thanks! Gotta bring your own right
  11. HoyoFan

    Heading to Tel Aviv

    Google says they’re permanently closed
  12. HoyoFan

    Heading to Tel Aviv

    Any recommendations from the places mentioned above?
  13. HoyoFan

    Heading to Tel Aviv

    I think the last one was in 2011?

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