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  1. I’ve come to realize that PE, and #2s are very much in my wheel house. However, I’ve never had a #1 and I’m really attracted to the size. I’m curious to here your guys’ thoughts on how they compare to the others in terms of flavor.
  2. This is awesome fellas! Thanks so much for all the recos. Only question now is how many do I buy to start with haha
  3. Thanks fellas! I am actually a fan of the sweetness just not crazy sweet and floral if you know what I mean.
  4. Thanks Wookie! Will Read up
  5. I’ve been drinking the diplomatico reserva. Usually with just a few pieces of ice
  6. Hey guys, I used to have scotch but the last year I’ve really been enjoying Rum with my cigars. I’ve tried a couple of different ones and so far Diplomatico has been my favorite. I was curious what you all recommend. I like something not too spicy or too crazy floral. Thanks!
  7. Tim Ferris Show Akimbo by Seth Godin Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin The Moment - Brian Koppelman
  8. Thank you guys! From the photos, these have some serious dark wrappers so hoping for the best!
  9. How have these been? Looking at picking up a box of RUS AGO’s. Curious what you guys have seen.
  10. I have to say that as hard as it’s been, having a daily meditation practice has been probably the single most effective activity I’ve maintained. Highly recommend the Waking Up app by Sam Harriss, as well as his book by the same name. Happy to send out month trials to anyone who’s interested. Stay strong!
  11. Thinking of picking up a box of these blind. I know these have been all over the place, has anyone seen any good codes from 2018?
  12. Sounds like the consensus is that its a good code for Bolivar but perhaps not so much RASS
  13. Hey guys, curious to hear folks thoughts on consistency and quality of these. Have a chance to buy a box blind.
  14. I second Sam Harriss and his waking up app. Also love Akimbo by the amazing Seth Godin And of course the Tim Ferriss show

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