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  1. I would recommend trying a Fuente Anejo as well
  2. I’ve always felt like Tatuajes for the most part lean more in the direction of both pepper and strength. Especially since most are rolled at Garcia
  3. I would agree with La Fuerza and PLPC, RyJ. In general, I find that the sweetness comes with age across all of the marcas.
  4. Curious if anyones tried the Hamlet series from Rocky Patel. I’m not normally a big RP fan but my understanding is he’s the same Hamlet as behind the Nudies, correct? Curious if there was any spillover from his genius there.
  5. Had this one last night and I have to say it falls under that category I’ve been searching for. No pepper at all. Mild-medium in strength but great flavor and body. Lots of caramel and leather. I think it hit top 10 on halfwheel last year.
  6. @Digi that's interesting, I'll have to check them out. Also, I haven't heard of Epernay L'Alphiniste specifically. Is that a tweaked blend of the original Epernay?
  7. Please comment here when you have one. Would love hear your thoughts on it!
  8. I have to say that the Padron thousand series in Maduro becomes something really special after a year or two. And for around $180/box I think can seriously give some cubans a run for their money. I think of them similar to PLPCs. Buy a box, put it in the back of the humidor and forget about it for a year or two. In the meantime, smoke the previous year's box. Repeat
  9. Got this one sitting in the humidor resting
  10. What are your guys thoughts on the regular Havana VI?
  11. This arrived today thanks to you guys. Excited to try these!
  12. I've really been enjoying Stolen Crook, Crook of the Crown which Noel Blended. It's been fantastic.
  13. These are great thanks for the reco. I’ve definitely been noticing I I tend to like Honduran tobacco
  14. I realized that in posting the original question, I never provided any of my personal favorites thus far: Had a 1 year aged Illusione CG4 which was outstanding. Padron thousand series maduro with a few years on them are some of my favorite daily sticks. Fuente hemingway short story maduros and Anejo have been great as well Sobremesa Brulee and Brulee Blue Southern Draw Rose of Sharon, especially the lancero Crowned Heads Le Careme, Le Patissier, Las Calaveras EP Carillo Encore Majestic
  15. I've heard great things about these. What kind of flavors do you get out of these? How strong are they?
  16. Thanks guys, this is an amazing compilation. So great to see a few names appearing over and over again. That’s definitely where I’ll be starting.
  17. Which Caldwells do you like? My understanding is that can be quiet strong.
  18. Thanks. Yeah I’ve found that the 1926 need a few years for me to smoke without putting me on the floor. But once they mellow they are fantastic.
  19. Given the current state of the market, I’m trying to hold onto as much of my Cuban stock as possible. And with that, I’m reaching more for a NC to fill in the in between times. My issue is simple, I can’t handle the nicotine and pepper levels of many NCs. Therefore I often feel like I’m walking somewhat of a minefield when trying new stuff. So my next logical step? Ask this fine crew what you all enjoy. My goal is not to debate NC vs CC. Simply to get some recos for things I may have not tried that are not high in the pepper or nicotine dept but are high on flavor.
  20. At first I thought this was a post or article on the ritual of getting ready to smoke. Which, now that I think about it, would be a great short piece. Perhaps I'll write it.
  21. How do you all feel about this? I’ve heard that just wiping off mold is usually fine but the foot is another story since you might be inhaling it when you light the cigar. Any recommendations for treatment? Or do you toss the stick? Thanks!
  22. Have you tried the maduro melanio? What do you find to be the major flavor difference?
  23. @therealrsr thanks so much for the detailed review my friend and your dogs are gorgeous. Sounds like I need to give this a try. Perhaps a different size?

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