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  1. Good question. Tough call. I think I'd probably give Monaco a try. It is within driving range of the French and Italian Rivieras, easy access to all of Europe, Switzerland and Africa. It's a short hop to a sunny respite in Costa Del Sol, Spain, and it is home to one of my favorite Grand Prix venues.
  2. ^^THIS^^ There is no established method, just whatever feels right to you and suits your budget. The one observation I would share from experience is palate evolution; my palate evolved over time and my tastes shifted somewhat. In my initial over exuberance I acquired a lot of boxes that I later regretted due to limited storage space. Some of those cigars sat in my humidor for years competing for space with cigars I would have preferred to collect and age. Eventually, I ended up giving many cigars away, sold off a bunch (at discounts in some cases), and traded a bunch. I still have cigars I'm not crazy about, but have trimmed way back on the cigars I don't expect to smoke. Two key lessons I learned; - Give yourself time to experience and explore each marquee with small samples or quarter boxes before you do a big buy. Then when you find a truly excellent vitola that really shines for your buds, then go deep. - Pace your buying to your smoking rate. Nowadays I smoke 3-4 cigars/week on average, so my pace is about 200 cigars/year, and I keep my humidors near capacity, so any more than about 8 boxes per year overflows my storage and I am reminded to stop buying. This enables me to age cigars for 3-4 years before I smoke, keeps my collection manageable.
  3. As follow-up to Lazar, take a look at this interview with Cmdr. David Fravor, who had a first-hand encounter with a UFO and tracked it in his F18 Super Hornet. He also does an analysis on other more recent encounters. There are more of these encounters coming out, and it is obvious from the instruments that record these encounters that the technology they are coming in contact with is not in our current inventory.
  4. If you haven't seen it, watch Bob Lazar. First watch or listen to the Joe Rogan interview: Then watch the netflix video:
  5. Once again, this being such a large multi-market marquee, it may be advisable to split it into more than one group. I'm a fan of Churchill and Ex#4, but was forced to pick only one. But when I'm in the mood for a good 60-75 min. smoke I'd reach for the Ex#4. For a 2 hour smoke I'd go for the Church. Unfortunately, the best cigar in this marquee; the Cedros de Luxe No 1, was cut so my declining stash of these wonderfully underrated lonsdales will soon be history.
  6. Nice cigar, reminds me of the Punch Super Selection No. 1, a former favorite of mine. Will this be another double banded price doubler? I hope these are under $12/cigar, but something tells me these will probably gouge north of $15/stick and likely around $20.
  7. Just wondering what sort of features or capabilities you are looking for Prez. Your description is a bit vague, so it's hard to make a suggestion without knowing what is missing, or limiting you, and what you think you need to succeed. I've used so many different solutions over the years, so I can talk to you about a lot of different options. I've used JIRA, Trello, Asana, Microsoft TFS, Project, Sharepoint, Confluence Wikis, Evernote, OneNote and just about a dozen other variations. Trello was mentioned above by others, and I am a big fan of Trello. Asana is also a very good tool, with a lot of similar strengths to Trello. If you're looking for an easy to use platform for organizing projects and/or groups, communicating, collaborating, tracking activities, memorializing decisions that are made, notifying people to get their attention or input on something, etc. then Trello or Asana are very good tools for that. Both are cloud based, you access through a browser from anywhere, so it's very easy to get started, you don't need to buy any hardware other than your phone or PC and an internet connection. You can get the free version and use it as long as you want, but both of the free versions have some feature limitations. I suggest you start with the free version, play with it and give it a test run before you spend any money. Then register and pay if you find you need the extra features. Both are really cost effective and affordable, but even the free versions are pretty powerful. I actually use the free Trello version for my own project tracking just to keep track of my meeting notes, conversations, tasks, assignments, to-do's, etc. But I have also used it with teams up to 25 people and it is very effective. Let us know what you think of Trello and/or Asana, these are probably the easiest of the bunch to start with, and the lowest friction in terms of cost, learning curve, and getting productive quickly.
  8. This kind of marquee deserves to be divided up into two or three categories, maybe by size. There are at least 4 vitolas in this marquee that I find indispensable, and I find it very hard to have to choose just one. I picked MC#1, but I would not let my humidor go without a box on MC#3, #4, and Esp #2. Just seems impossible to have just one and only one.
  9. RGPE at sub $60 a box are an incredible value. Not necessarily the best in the marquee, but not far from it.
  10. I thought I had seen this word before, but couldn't recall exactly. I was able to eliminate two options for sure. But I guessed to cast my vote. Well done MoeFOH, good choice of options
  11. I voted for Montecarlos. However, if price was a factor it would have been the panetela, best value in CC hands down. The Montecarlos are slightly more flavorful, but at $64 for 25 Panetela they just can't be beat. My humidor is never devoid of PLP.
  12. I refuse to choose! I say PigOw! Look, there are few moments that top taking that savory bite of a perfectly cooked cotton candy prime rib, or that fleshy slightly crusty bite of a perfectly grilled bone-in ribeye. Yes! But man; bacon..bacon..bacon..bacon.. and don't overlook the roasted rack of pork ribs with a salty, peppery, crust finished on the grill... candy! For personal health and environmental reasons I've cut back drastically on meat, but I still enjoy these things at least once or twice a year.
  13. Indoors... none! Outdoors, I was able to smoke at several bars/restaurants in Thailand, Beijing, Sicily, Italy, Germany and Malta. There are also bars here in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale where I can smoke indoors and outdoors. Indoor smoking in south Florida is only at establishments that do not serve food, they must get 80% or 90% of their receipts from non-food orders.
  14. I voted for MC#4, second would be RASCC. I'm surprised to see the BPC ranked so high. I haven't had a BPC for maybe two years, I swore off them because the last box I smoked (2015 I think) were so flavorless and bland I simply couldn't put them in the same ballpark with the MC#4. When an MC#4 is on, it is exquisite and fully satisfying. I've had some MC4 duds, but very rarely, thanks to our host's cherry picking. This is one I keep stocked at all times, in fact I ordered some this week.
  15. I found this paper on the topic rather insightful:

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