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  1. Cohiba! With exception to Esplendidos, most of the brand tastes like smoking hay, and gives me a dry mouth, yuk!
  2. How will these be sold, will it be through 24:24, or order from store, special order? I apologize if this was covered already and I missed it. Thanks.
  3. I'm not really concerned about Facebook or LinkedIn or other social media sites, there isn't really anything there I consider private - if someone wants to see my work history or my vacation pictures they can have at it. But what really bothers me are the multiple breach notifications I've received in the past 3 years at several other institutions that have my sensitive information, including financial institutions, email providers, online commerce, and so on. We really have little or no protection against harm caused by these breaches. Companies that have our personal emails, banking, credit card and SSN data don't seem to really give much of a care that they lost millions of people's data. IMPO this is what government should look at because consumer protections here really suck, and we need government to at least set some standards and establish some stiff penalties, rather that political grandstanding on social media. The privacy breaches at Facebook and other social media platforms should be way down on their list, in fact I think they're way overblown, and IMPO the Facebook fine was disproportionate and unwarranted compared to other more egregious breaches like Equifax, which allowed the financial details of over 150 million people to be taken. Equifax got a really, really light tap on the wrist compared to what FB has to pay. Look at Yahoo, Marriott, Target, Heartland Payments, eBay, etc. Those are far more serious IMPO and they should be punished far more severely, but they get off virtually for free. Breaches can happen, I get that. Even the CIA and the FBI have been hacked, and sensitive information about employees was compromised, which is a real joke that little became of these very serious crimes. But breaches that can really damage your credit, your finances and other very important aspects of our lives should have a higher priority than FB, Google, SnapChat or other free social media services. Just my $0.02.
  4. Perhaps what you mean is they tried to break up the Microsoft monopoly? However, on appeal it was overturned and Microsoft did not have to break up into multiple companies. Even if it did succeed, the tidal shift to mobile caught Microsoft flat-footed, and innovation shifted fortunes to a different group of companies based on mobile architecture, Android and iOS. Google Chrome also became the dominant browser despite IE being bundled (even to the this day) in the OS on every Windows PC. As it turned out, the technology shift was the antidote to the monopoly, not the government.
  5. Zuck is a proprietor. No one forces you to eat or drink in his house. There are a lot of wealthy people, even wealthier than Zuck, with lots of influence. But, FB is free, use it (or not), consume or don't consume the media, these are all individual choices. Use email, or actual phone conversations, or go visit your ma in person. My kids don't use FB, they prefer SnapChat, and text messaging, their choice. Would you rather have Jack Ma run the top social media platform in the world? If it isn't Zuck, it will be someone else. Speaking of capitalism, who gets to decide how big any individual enterprise should be? Consumers, state or federal government? IBM dominated computers at one time. Microsoft Windows dominated 95% of personal computers, and Internet Explorer dominated over 90% of the market at one time. Intel X86 architecture had a similar dominate position in the chip market. Aim was the dominant ISP, Yahoo was by far the leading search engine. Nokia and Blackberry were the leaders in mobile phones. All monopolies by any measure. All very powerful and unbeatable at one time. But innovation and competition swung the pendulum and now we have a different crowd in the pool. The next wave of technological innovation may shift the pendulum again, and again, and again. I see no need for government to intervene, innovation and consumers seem to have done a beautiful job so far.
  6. I, perhaps a minority in this discussion, believe falsehoods, misinformation or disinformation, and propaganda thrive in darkness were select few can control the message. Compare today to the middle and dark ages, when monks, wizards and dubious preachers commanded live audiences, and convinced people to burn witches, where those fun times?!?! Even just 60 years ago, before computers and Internet, when information was limited to books, radio and newspapers, didn't propaganda and disinformation still flourish? There will always be peddlers of lies and misinformation, no matter the medium, it's a human trait. But the more people participate, engage and interact the more likely that lies and misinformation will be exposed or disproven.
  7. Do you seriously want to take some of the largest and most successful, job producing, high paying, leading technical institutions in the US and break them down? Why, so another super power can walk all over them, assume the lead, and push their ideology globally? Careful what you wish for. I'll take a supersized Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, growing as big as they may on their own ingenuity, over the rising tide of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and the rest. The platform is not the problem, the people who use and abuse the platform are what you want to protect your family from, and that takes some skill and requires educating people on the importance of ethical and moral behavior. My views on this have evolved since I came to realize we're in a global community, competing on a global level for social, economic and ideological superiority. Size and reach are major factors on this global stage. It may not be perfect, and of course there can be some wrinkles, but control the information flow, and you control the people. Why do you think NK blocks out all external sources of news and information?
  8. Positive for sure. I can keep in touch easily with family and friends in distant places, see all my nieces and nephews growing up, learn about the things of interest to my family and friends, discuss cigars and other favorite hobbies - like FOH, get near immediate answers to technical issues... like how to troubleshoot the CEL on my wife's Honda, share my vacation photos with family and friends, etc. Like most other social things, there are those that abuse it and overdo it, but on the whole it is so much better to have it than not.
  9. I can't really judge by one example, I am optimistic in believing this was likely an exception rather than the norm, but I don't anticipate seeking out any more MC#2 any time soon. I favor skinnies, under 46 and preferably under 42, so pyramids are rarely on the menu anyway. The MC#2 seems to have a legendary status, and although I seldom smoke pyramids I have had some much better than this one. I hope for the sake of those who prefer the pyramids that they have a better experience.
  10. As I was upgrading my MacBook Pro to Mojave, I decided to torch this MC #2 from the Legendary group buy about 3 years ago. I’m a bit of a Montecristo fan boy, favoring in order of preference #1, 3, 4, esp.#2 and #5. I seldom smoke #2s, but I like to keep a few around, and I have 3 remaining from a 2005 GKI box I last purchased around 2007. The GKI 2005 have been very good, I ranked almost all around 90/100. So I was expecting something in that range from this Legendary sample. For pairing I poured 2 fingers of Talisker Storm scotch whisky over 3 cubes, and put a bottle of Leffe Belgian Blonde Abbey ale on deck as a chaser. These are a bit bold, but a typical staple in my smoking repertoire. For reference my humidor is kept around 63-64RH. This URO/08 had a very easy draw, not a bad thing, but slightly too loose, and it felt a tiny bit under-filled, but reasonable. Upon lighting it started out very tasteless, no body, and very mild. Smoke volume was good but taste was simply absent. As I smoked the first third it improved slightly, but remained very flavorless. Burn needed a slight touch up, and I found myself slightly impatient waiting for some taste to develop. I was starting to smoke a bit fast to get more taste and had to remind myself to slow down. Second third, a slight bitterness appeared, and a little earthiness materialized, but flavor remained muted. Burn took a turn for the worse and required more aggressive touch ups, although smoke volume remained substantial. Little change by the halfway point. At this point I started wondering why this iconic legendary vitola was so flavorless. Is it this particular stick, this URO code, or what? Into the last third, slight bitterness was still evident, and slight hints of spice and baked bread were starting to emerge in the backdrop, yet the flavor was still very underwhelming. Near the last quarter or so, body amped up, and flavor came in stronger but somewhat rough and edgy. This was certainly uncharacteristic of Monte #2 from previous experience. I was quite underwhelmed by this cigar. I’ll rate it a 70, just barely worth smoking. Is this the current state of MC#2? I’d like to add this is in no way a slam or screed against the legendary group buy, I have enjoyed the fruits of that buy, and remain very thankful for the opportunity and for the work of the team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I would play PF any day over FM if it was just me listening. I saw Roger Waters live in Miami about 2 years ago, fantastic! I have about 7 or 8 PF albums, only 1 or 2 FM, and that is about the ratio of listening time I prefer between these two iconic bands.
  12. Well, if you have 'em, please send them, I'll buy as many as my bank account can handle. I guess you could say "one man's trash is another's treasure". I've seen these sentiments expressed repeatedly in various forums, but they are inconsistent with my personal experience. I think roll quality was pretty consistent with what was coming out of Cuba in the 90's and 2000s. But the flavor and satisfaction of cigars from 1998 to about 2003 were some of my most memorable and cherished. The variety of regular production cigars at that time was also awesome; Tainos, Punch SS1, SS2, RS12, LGC #1, #2, Part. Corona and Petit Corona, Le Hoyos, multiple Lonsdales, multiple TPCs, etc. That five year span was/is golden to my taste. Unfortunately, my supply from that era is almost all gone now. Wish I had more, or could find some to buy or trade for because I surely miss them.
  13. I tend to split this into two categories, low priced cigars that are exceptionally good value in terms of great pricing for a consistently good (not necessarily great) cigar. Then there is the outperforming cigars that although not cheap, are very consistently great cigars and highly valued. In the low priced category, I nominate three in this order: #1: PLMC (~$4/ea), #2: PLP (~$2.60/ea) and #3: RGPE (~2.25). In terms of great outperforming cigars that are not really cheap, but highly valued in my cigar collection, I nominate in order: MC#1, RyJ CdL#1, and a tie between MC#3 and MC#2Esp. Unfortunately, the Cedros Deluxe #1 have departed, and I will miss them dearly. The most underrated, unloved, under the radar Lonsdale for some reason, but they really turn my taste buds on. PL anything is always good, but for the best value the PLP is so cheap it's seemingly crazy to me that it doesn't fly off the shelves at just $2.60ea. But between the PLMC and PLP the PLMC is superior, but not by much.
  14. Yeah, Variety has a list of badass femmes that are memorable... albeit a bit short-sighted I think. Marvel has had a few really kickass femmes, with ScarJo probably earning the most, but their most powerful of all... Captain Marvel.
  15. I for one, and I am likely the minority in this group, like seeing hot, ass kicking, female bad assess. But alas, I never thought it would be as a "007". I like female heroines and the femme fatale genre, but there is some well established Bond parlance that simply does not work in an feminine role. For example.... “The name’s Bond. James Bond.” Bond: “I was wrong about you.” / Christmas Jones: “Yeah, how so?” / Bond: “I thought Christmas only comes once a year.” “Well, I’m afraid you’ve caught me with more than my hands up.” “My name is Pussy Galore.” / Bond: “I must be dreaming. You’re a woman of many parts, Pussy.” “Miss Anders, I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on.” I'm sure Ms. Lynch can play a suitably physical or athletic role, and I don't have any objection to a female playing in a "00" designation other than "007". I mean, #1 in this list has been in every Bond movie from day one I believe. So, what will it be now... The name's Bond, Jamie Bond?!?! And you wouldn't dare ask "Any relation to Mr. Bond?"

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