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  1. Nice outing Mike. Are you renting, or is that your place? That's a really nice area, we spent some time nearby in St. Augustine Beach a year ago, loved it. I don't know if they are open but if you ever get the chance try taking the free tour at the St. Augustine Distillery, it is not only historic, but they make a killer Mule and their bourbon is outstanding. We've been in self-imposed isolation in South Florida since the first week of March. My company shutdown our office the following week so we only go out to get groceries. We ventured out to a local sushi restaurant with a patio on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend for our first venture to a public place, it was a glorious breezy day just before the rains came. It's been raining every day since. The restaurant was doing most things right, distancing tables, disinfecting every table, no shared condiments on tables, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, etc. Last night we took our second outing to celebrate Father's day on the eve. We went to a restaurant on the intercostal waterway in Ft. Lauderdale called "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant", on their patio. The food is terrific, but I won't be back for a while, they were not taking sufficient precautions. We brought our own disinfectant and sanitizer, but the restaurant is clearly not following the guidelines. Now I feel like I have to quarantine for the next two weeks... ugh!
  2. The 2002 Lusis have lost a little body, but they have improved in depth and complexity. These are the best Lusis I've ever had, code ECA JUL 02 code. Virtually all cigars I've had from that code and that time frame have all been outstanding. Another lovely Monte No. 3, code UTA OCT 08, with a dose of Buffalo Trace. The cigar was great, and this bourbon has a very distinct caramel character I like. Good combination.
  3. 2008 Monte No. 3 with a little Buffalo Trace. The rich caramel of this bourbon makes a lovely pairing with the Monte. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Partagas Lusitanias ECA JUL 02, one of the most remarkable aromas ever. These have lost a little body, but they have become more refined and complex. A truly outstanding specimen of Cuban craftsmanship. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. An old favorite of mine, I miss these little skinnies.
  6. This used to be one of my favorite smokes, which I discovered way too late before they landed on the chopping block. I wish I had been charmed soon enough to load up on these gems.
  7. I smoked this skinny last week and thought it would qualify for the competition. This is a classic skinny, with medium color, minor veins, and lightly applied cap. The cigar was mostly straight, just a couple of little wiggles through the length, but evidently well rolled with no soft or hard spots through the length. As with most cigars this age there is not much pre-light flavor, but the draw is spot-on perfect, just a tiny bit of resistance. Upon lighting I was rewarded with ample smoke, and a nice light spicy flavor profile, with a tinge of sweetness. This is a sipping cigar, one you need not be rushed to smoke. As I soaked my feet in the pool I watched the sunlight dance on the bottom while the light flickered like diamonds on the surface. It was hot, but too unbearable. I paced myself through the first quarter, enjoying the woodsy character with a cool bottle of Stella Artois. Subtle hints of cocoa and spices came and went in a nice artful blend of toasted tobacco. I took in the beautiful sunny splendor along with the sound of nature. It still doesn't sync with my senses, but the lack of human activity and the sounds that normally accompany them really make the sounds of nature stand out. I can hear multiple birds chirping on all sides as though they are trying to outdo one another. I can hear the odd tap-tap-tap of a woodpecker chopping through the bark of a neighbor's tree, the pool fountain dribbling water into the pool, it is all so refreshing not to have the racket of open exhaust cars racing, or the rumble of jet airplanes overhead, or the whirring of the helicopters flying over to the nearby hospital about 2 miles away. Although hot, I don't quite know whether it is the lack of smog in the air, or whether the short rainfall overnight cleared the air, but it seems so clear today, and the sun so bright, I just don't recall the atmosphere around here being so clean and clear. About half way through I had to find some shade as I was starting to get cooked in the south Florida sun. So I went inside to get another beer, and while I was there I grabbed the machete from the garage, I parked myself undercover of our patio and went to work cutting the coconut my wife harvested from the yard in the morning. The cigar snuffed out just past halfway, and I had relight it because I took too long while I was adjusting logistics, but that's no fault of the cigar. Towards the end of the second third and throughout the final third the body picked up gradually, and the profile changed slightly with a touch of earth and nuts. Cigar smoke stayed consistent, and the burn was flawless throughout. I had to continually remind myself not to pull hard or too often, the subtlety of the flavors are so delightful I think they would be overwhelmed if you suck on this vitola too aggressively. As I nubbed this lovely discontinued vitola I had hacked about 2/3 of the way through the husk of the coconut. My machete blade could use a sharpening. This was a beautiful sipping cigar you can really enjoy slowly, with classic cuban blending and finesse. I wish I could find more of these slender morsels, it is a wonderfully balanced treat. Despite 19 years of aging, the cigar still has a beautifully pleasing aroma and tasty toasted tobacco core with a terrific subtle complexity that just puts the fat canons to shame. This is a cigar from the glory days of Havana, a rich and expertly blended cigar like few others. What a shame Habanos couldn't see past their narrow minded pursuit of fads to spare this and so many of its slender brethren. RIP MdO No.1.
  8. It got us too about 90 mins south of you guys. No hail here though, but the wind the rain was impressive.
  9. Had another 2008 Monte No. 3 last night with an evening snack by the pool, along with a coconut from my garden, a bit of Talisker Storm (for me), and a Margarita (for my sweetheart) This afternoon I reached into my NC humidor and pulled a mid 2000 (maybe 2005/6) Ashton VSG Belicoso I traded for, or was gifted (can't remember now).
  10. Damn, no! I hope that is not the case Mike. I sincerely pray you have a speedy recovery.
  11. Sipping a nice long 2001 LGC MDO No. 1 on a spectacular day by the pool.
  12. Lord! I’m several projects in; 1- redid the irrigation system, replaced 2 cracked main feeder pipes, installed new index valve, moved 18 sprinkler heads away from the driveway, replaced about 25 nozzles, cleaned or replaced about 40 filters, and added 15 bubblers. Now I don’t need to use rust aid any more. 2- redid all the landscape lighting in LED, replaced 18 up lights and 28 pagoda lights. 3- repaired one refrigerator (defrost heater) 4- repaired one electric built-in dishwasher (buggered drain hose) 5- trimmed landscape bushes 6- replaced main drain cover in the pool 7- repaired about 300 sq feet of sunken pavers in the yard 8- filled and painted about 15 drywall holes after wifey moved pictures around She’s been busy too, she painted two rooms, two large pieces of furniture, a large 6’ x 4’ mirror frame, and 3 lamps all on her own... not because it needed it, she was bored and she decided to change the color. Yet, there is still more on the honey do list. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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