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  1. Philc2001

    Which two boxes?

    You’ll get recommendations all over the board from a forum question like this. My advice is if you have some favorites you like to smoke go for those. If not, then look for some premiums with a good reputation, like Fundadores or Monte Dumas, which were both available at Hotel Nacional when I was there in September. Another option is to order some customs from Alex or Yolanda and have them delivered to your friend directly at the Hotel. Just give a week or two advance notice, and they will make anything you want. Also, bear in mind that unless your friend is experienced in inspecting cigars, you will have no idea what she will bring back in terms of quality, or bugs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This is very sad for the Cuban and Venezuelan people, I know several people from both nations. It is heart wrenching for them to endure what their families are going through. While I think the US can act unilaterally to pressure Cuba, they cannot really do much more than they already have. The points under #2 just don't make any sense, it punishes the wrong people just to make a statement. Right wingers think that unilateral action against Cuba will somehow lead to regime change, but it hasn't worked in 60 years, and it just won't ever work. It didn't change anything when Castro passed either. And it won't work when Raul passes. There is no international support for a broader and encompassing embargo, and most countries are not going to risk being tainted by the humanitarian crisis that would unfold. Besides, this is a tightrope for any politician to walk in the US because old first generation Cuban Americans would be pleased, but many younger ones and many Americans outside that demographic oppose it. There is not clear path to political success when it comes to Cuban relations. Venezuela is a little different, and I don't see how that gets resolved without more bloodshed. I just hope the US and other international military powers can stay out of it. Maduro is clinging to what little power he has left, and he doesn't seem to be willing to step down without a fight. I would not rule out some stupid move he might make that would alienate international powers and force the US or a coalition to have to step in and put him down.
  3. If prices are reasonable, authenticity can be validated, and they have been well stored, then you may find them very delightful. But for me I would be a bit concerned about the effect of age on the flavor and aroma intensity. These cigars had a delightful cedary spine and would start out quite mild, and evolve into a medium body about midway, and then they became nuanced but complex flavor morsels from there on. For what it's worth a couple of weeks ago I smoked a 1998 Punch Churchill I had kicking around in the bottom of a box, and I loved it, but it was notably milder and less intense than what I had previously experienced from that box. Body has definitely declined, and flavor delivery is about 70%-80% what it used to be. All the same characteristics were there, just milder and more faint.
  4. That's a perennial event in south Florida during hurricane season. Not too uncommon to lose electricity, cable and cell phone connectivity for a few hours to a few days. Most times we get a lot of things done around the house. We use a generator to keep our fridge from melting down, and keep the beer cool :). Most times there is a chainsaw involved, for trimming downed trees of course 🌲
  5. Philc2001

    What causes this?

    Good thought. If it was a tight fit I could see that happening. In this case though I doubt it.
  6. Philc2001

    What causes this?

    This is a possibility I guess. I hope there aren't any more like that.
  7. Philc2001

    What causes this?

    No, they were not crushed. They were in solid aluminium cigar tubes, which are cushioned top and bottom inside, and lined with a thin sheet of cedar. The tubes are crush proof, and fit into a leather outer carrying case.
  8. Philc2001

    What causes this?

    Interesting dilema. I had two cigars in the travel case, and the other cigar was perfect, I smoked both of them today. I did the squeeze crackle test. I swapped into two other hygro gauges, and all 4 gauges are showing RH is rock steady at 64RH. It may have been banged around some yesterday, maybe, but it certainly was nothing obvious. It was very wet and rainy all day yesterday and today, so perhaps they absorbed some moisture, but the two cigars burned flawlessly and tasted great. So the mystery remains unsolved.
  9. I pulled this out of the humidor yesterday, and it was in my travel case overnight, so I went to smoke it today, and found this split. I lit it and smoked it anyway, and it smoked fine, I was expecting a weird burn, but it was fine. My humi is set to 64RH, and I haven’t had any other cigars split. First time I’ve ever seen a cigar do this. I am guessing I banged the travel humi around a bit, but haven’t seen anything this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Oh great. If I can drive there that would be even better. I will add that to the agenda. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks! The culinary tour itinerary includes a day at Vasto, and a meal in one of the Traboccos, which sounds terrific. Taormina is one of the areas I was scoping out in the travel guide, so I will research your recommendations and see if I can trace your footsteps through there. Mt. Etna also caught my eye in the travel guide, so I will follow up on that. Is there a specific tour you recommend at Etna? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks @Derboesekoenig We enjoyed the historic aspects of Rome, the art, the architecture, etc. We also enjoyed Capri, albeit expensive. Sorrento and the surrounding areas were great, the whole Amalfi coast including Sorrento, Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi itself is stunningly beautiful especially from the ocean. My wife and I love Italy, and we decided to carve it up into regions to explore over the next few years. In this segment we have our hearts set on Sicily and Abruzzo. In the next chapter we'll do Venice and the north along the alps, and the chapter after that we hope to explore the Riviera. We shall see. So many places to see, so little time and treasure to do what we want to do.
  13. In late May I'm taking Mrs. PhilC to Italy for a vacation. We'll be landing in Rome, renting a car, traveling south to Sicily for a week, and then heading back up the Adriatic side to Abruzzo for another week on a small group (10-12) culinary cooking and wine tour. We've been to Italy before, spent nearly three weeks taking in Rome, the Amalfi coast and trekking through Tuscany, we even attended the famous Palio in Siena. So we're focusing on the south this time. The cooking/wine tour itinerary includes breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, with daily cooking lessons and excursions, so we won't have much flexibility to go off and explore on our own. But we added the 8 days ahead of the tour to explore on our own. I really want to catch as much of Sicily as is reasonably possible. So with that, I turn it over to you FOH world travelers to share some tips on sites, restaurants and cigar shops. What do you suggest?
  14. From what I saw on the Island in September, I am convinced the quality on the Island is inferior to what we get directly from Rob. Now, that could be because Rob is selective and weeds out the bad stock, keeping only the best stock, but aside from custom rolls the cigars I saw on the Island ranged from OK to terrifying.
  15. In order of size, small to large.... 1) Carlotas 35 x 143 This one is modeled after the Serie du Connaisseur No.3, a former favorite before discontinuation. Distinct citrus aroma, a bit flowery, direct mild pepper taste, bit of sourdough. 2) Perlas 40 x 102 (aka petit corona). This is a great size for 30-40 minute distractions, also one of my favorites was the Petit Punch. The blend I would model after the Hoyo Du Depute, a good morning coffee taste, cookies in cream coffee, with a touch of nutmeg. 3) Coronas Grandes 42 x 155 A classic shape, the dimensions of the Punch Super Selection No. 1, another favorite, among many others that had this shape. For this blend I would model it after the Montecristo No. 1, which is one of the best current production cigars from Havana at the moment.

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