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  1. Not thrilled to be an early adopter, I'm not frontline or essential, and since March I've been working from home. I can wait it out a bit longer and let those with greater risk go forth ahead of me. Travel and leisure restrictions may weigh on my decision. I've already cancelled two major leisure travel plans, so I am owed substantial credits, which have expirations. I'm also anxious to visit family and getting back into the gym, which I am paying for and not using.
  2. Microprinting at this level, with this type of material is not cheap. Counterfeiters are highly unlikely to copy it, unless the bounty is worth the cost and effort, and with some high-end cohibas it may be worth the cost. As cigars get more expensive, and printing gets cheaper, there will be a point where the cost is justifiable. Of course, many counterfeiters today don't even bother to apply the labels to the box or the bands on the cigars... lol
  3. I'm a big Speyside scotch fan, in fact last night I dipped into a 15YO Macallan double cask (sherry finish). When it comes to wine finish scotches there are a lot to choose from, and somewhat better bargains IMPO. One of my favorites is Aberlour a'bunadh, cask strength, about 60% ABV, very reddish in color, and very satisfying though pricy at $100+/usd. But a really great alternative, and just a little more than 1/2 the cost, is the Glenmorangie (Tain) 14YO Quinta Ruban (port cask finish). Even the 12YO Lasanta (sherry cask finish) is a delicious malt, and costs less than half of the a'bunadh,
  4. 2001 EL Montecristo DC. Gifted by a dear departed brother and Navy veteran. Since I was mostly caught up on my work, I decided to go for the big DC and settle in to watch the elements as the first rumblings of thunder roared through the sky, and the light rain brought out the petrichor. This is a formidable format, a long and well constructed vitola, with a distinct box press, skinned in a dark coffee colored maduro wrapper. First few draws gave me a delicious aroma of prime smoked meat. Body was a little light, with subtle hints of cumin, a bit of old leather. The wonderful aroma evolved t
  5. Habanos should bring back the Des Dieux, such an elegant vitola. Like other 14-16 BUM codes, this BUM ENE 14 code is excellent, a little underfilled but not too noticeable. Enjoying unexpected sun [emoji3508] before the tropical storm swamps is out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Nice outing Mike. Are you renting, or is that your place? That's a really nice area, we spent some time nearby in St. Augustine Beach a year ago, loved it. I don't know if they are open but if you ever get the chance try taking the free tour at the St. Augustine Distillery, it is not only historic, but they make a killer Mule and their bourbon is outstanding. We've been in self-imposed isolation in South Florida since the first week of March. My company shutdown our office the following week so we only go out to get groceries. We ventured out to a local sushi restaurant with a patio on
  7. The 2002 Lusis have lost a little body, but they have improved in depth and complexity. These are the best Lusis I've ever had, code ECA JUL 02 code. Virtually all cigars I've had from that code and that time frame have all been outstanding. Another lovely Monte No. 3, code UTA OCT 08, with a dose of Buffalo Trace. The cigar was great, and this bourbon has a very distinct caramel character I like. Good combination.
  8. 2008 Monte No. 3 with a little Buffalo Trace. The rich caramel of this bourbon makes a lovely pairing with the Monte. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Partagas Lusitanias ECA JUL 02, one of the most remarkable aromas ever. These have lost a little body, but they have become more refined and complex. A truly outstanding specimen of Cuban craftsmanship. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. An old favorite of mine, I miss these little skinnies.
  11. This used to be one of my favorite smokes, which I discovered way too late before they landed on the chopping block. I wish I had been charmed soon enough to load up on these gems.

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