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Philc2001's Feedback

  1. Doctorossi left Positive feedback   

    I just did a trade with Phil and he's great! His communication, speed and packing are all first rate. Thank you, Phil!

    Philc2001 was Trading

  2. fitzy left Positive feedback   

    Phil is a class act. Would love to trade with him again.

    Philc2001 was Trading

  3. Aardwolf left Positive feedback   

    Phil was great to deal with, great communication, packaging, and cigars themselves

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  4. WhiteMamba left Positive feedback   

    Great trade with body guards

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  5. HarveyBoulevard left Positive feedback   

    Another successful trade with a top notch BOTL. A+ in all aspects of trading!!! Trade with confidence :)

    Philc2001 was Trading

  6. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    More trades with Phil over the past couple of months, including Punch Punch, Fonseca #1, HdM Des Dieux. Communication and packaging is always top notch, shipping is fast and the sticks always arrive in stellar condition. Phil has also sent me several aged CCs, hard-to-find vitolas and assorted "bodyguards" for which I am extremely grateful. It's always a pleasure to trade and split boxes with Phil. He's a true BOTL! A+++++++++++++

    Philc2001 was Trading

  7. HarveyBoulevard left Positive feedback   

    Phil is always a pleasure to trade with. Communication is great, shipping is fast, packing is excellent. All around great trade partner. Wasn't my first with him and won't be my last I'm sure.

    Philc2001 was Trading

  8. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the 5'er of JLS1. Another successful split from a great host! It's always a pleasure dealing with Phil.

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  9. WhiteMamba left Positive feedback   

    Great split for some JL1's. Great BOTL with communication and shipping.

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  10. SloppyJ left Positive feedback   

    First split with Phil. Excellent communication and shipping. Thank you!

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  11. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Another excellent trade with Phil. Top notch, all around great experience.

    Philc2001 was Trading

  12. gmoney left Positive feedback   

    5er of BPC. Arrived quickly and it excellent condition!! Will do business again. Gerald

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  13. airtrade left Positive feedback   

    Excellent host, from packaging to communication and all A+. Generous to boot!

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  14. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    You could not find a better trade host than Phil. He consistently under-promises and over-delivers. A true gentleman. Many thanks for the JLS#2.

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  15. fabes left Positive feedback   

    Great trade with Phil. Great communication and generosity in spades. Glad to have you as part of the community!

    Philc2001 was Trading

  16. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Another superb split with Phil! Great communication, all cigars packaged with extreme care and shipped in a timely manner. I can't thank Phil enough for his generosity.

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  17. zeedubbya left Positive feedback   

    Perfect Trade with Phil! Top notch BOTL. Don't hesitate at all.

    Philc2001 was Trading

  18. Ethernut left Positive feedback   

    Great mate, great and prompt transaction. I think he even paid early for this one!

    Philc2001 was The Buyer

  19. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Phil was an awesome split host for a box of Monte #1. Great communication, fast shipping. The cigars were well packed and arrived in perfect condition. He even threw in a Monte Especial #2 as a bonus stick! Thanks Phil!

    Philc2001 was The Seller

  20. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    My first split with Phil was a cab of Magnum 46. His communication was prompt and friendly, and payment was submitted as soon as I received the cigars. It was an all around great experience and I look forward to more splits with Phil going forward.

    Philc2001 was The Buyer

  21. Profmd left Positive feedback   

    Phil is great to deal with. Great communication and excellent cigars I received in return. Thank you very much, and hope to deal with you again!!

    Philc2001 was Trading

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