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  1. feral

    Pet peeves

    Crazy people that think they are great conversationalists in public cigar lounges. " I'm a stranger trying to enjoy a cigar dude. I don't care for your political opinions. I'm whatever it is you hate now go bother someone else."
  2. Hahaha, thanks, I don't know either
  3. That is beautiful. My desk is a mess.
  4. Worth a revisit. Much more approachable this time. LAU NOV 15
  5. That product seems like a goofy idea to me, but some would consider my hualing dried nicer smelling wood from the city to a forest for a camp fire pretty goofy too. [emoji12]
  6. Loving them and not being able to find them again.
  7. A friend I camped and fished with kept insisting on making me coffee. (I brought my own) . He served up yuban. That's not good coffee. Am I a coffee snob? If so I'll own it. That guy isn't cheap he just doesn't like coffee the same way I do. If we fish/camp together again I'm going to insist on providing the coffee.
  8. I've been waiting for a review of those really dark bbf from a couple months ago.
  9. We're those the really dark oily psp bbf?
  10. feral

    la Puntilla update

    Beautiful cigars.
  11. feral

    Bon Voyage Greg

    Congratulations Greg!
  12. feral

    not bad on a three weight

    Amazing I would have lost it.
  13. feral

    birth of the cuban mob

    @benfica Yes I caught that episode as well. Great insight into the Cuban athletic system.
  14. feral


    Word from a friend that visited the new lcdh I believe in Holguin last week said the humidor wasn't quite finished or stocked. They had limited inventory available in cabinet humidors. He did have another cigar shop source on that end of the island where he scored some stock with some yrs on them. He also scored some cohiba talisman there for list 33cuc per stick.

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