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  1. Lucky to have scored some recent Alex La Puntilla (Nov.19) thanks to a friend. These are even better than last year's. Had a couple of his larger ring gauge cigars as well and they were fantastic. I was able to get my bud to part with a couple of Prietos that I'm excited to smoke.
  2. Convince yourself that the people around you are secretly planning to do something nice for you...it’ll make it easier to pretend to like them. --- Chad Shank
  3. Here in Hades with the dry summer air it's definitely helpful. No more cracked/exploded unraveling wrappers. Quite a few converts amongst people who've tried it. Best not to share this info with strangers in cigar lounges. Too many know-it-alls think it's dumb. The uninitiated deserve their blown up cigars. [emoji83]
  4. I will henceforth be forced to claim that my favorite cigar is the "bootleg" Bolivar from that island south of America's inbred penis.
  5. Well I don't have an entry photo my phone didn't save it idk. Couldn't possibly win as it was just a 12" rainbow. Congrats to the winners!
  6. I jumpstart mine from the burning nub of the last. To each his own I guess

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