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  1. When in doubt, whip 'em out!
  2. Colt45

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    I'm not sure there will be a distinct time - as I mentioned above, the RA Estupendo pic on the CCW does not have an accent, whereas the pic I posted does.
  3. Colt45

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    My thought is that it's prep/printing inconsistency. I can understand not keeping a bunch of extra printed bands due to ink fade / oxidation. But what I don't understand is, unless there was a font change or similar, that the type file would need to change - that should be something they could go back to whwenever they needed to print up new bands - unless there are multiple files due to different band sizes.... With everthing they've tried to do to deter counerfeiting, such a minor thing can make for a major monkey wrench. P.S. this could be a job for FoHrensics!
  4. Colt45

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    Interesting.... The RA Estupedo pic on CCW has no accent, here's a pic from one of mine CCW RACF has the accent, Puch Super Robusto doesn't. PL Encanto does....
  5. Construction: Solid but light in hand - no noticeable anomalies. Wrapper: Matte colorado - see pics for veins, etc. Pre-light Aroma / Draw / Taste: Aroma of barnyard and raisin. Good draw with little flavor. Draw / Burn / Smoke Volume: Good draw, razor burn, adequate smoke volume. Taste: Initial draws are of sweet tobacco / raisin with a deep tobacco backbone. An inch or so in, some green notes emerge, a tinge of sweetness, meaty tobacco, medium body. Texture is dry-ish, but not overly woody. Smoke is not dense, but is rather viscous / mouth coating. Overall impression of slightly sweet, rich tobacco with a slight herbal tinge. Nearing midpoint, the overall sense of rich tobacco and dry smoke remains, interspersed with some of the initial raisin notes. I keep coming back to the term meaty. Continuing on, begins to show more layers of flavor - the rich tobacco, bit of raisin, hint of walnut. Rich in overall flavor, but remains medium in body. Nothing overt, all in balance. Moves forward much the same, with little in the way of evolution. Body becomes fuller, but retains a sense of finesse. Finishes up with little change. Never harsh, never bitter. Nothing outrageous, superbly solid. Very nice cigar.
  6. That's a great story (not your situation at the time). I guess for me, it all kind of crept up on me. Why start smoking cigars to begin with? But anyway. I've had some real eye opening cigars from all over the cigar producing world. Some not so great, and everything in between. They're all part and parcel to my individual cigar story. It has been, and continues to be a learning experience.....
  7. Being employed and being able to earn a living are not always the same thing.
  8. We shouldn't, I think - spent fuel is no joke. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. To the main point of discussion, I've no problem with non combustion engine vehicles. On a side note as has been broached already, there is a real problem with "technology" putting people out of work.....
  9. Colt45

    My Vegas Mishap

    My thought is that your cigars were over-humidified (as were mine). The hard cases are pretty airtight, and require no humidification. If I'm traveling with this type of case, I actually use a cigar tube filled with unmoistened desiccant, which I've drilled with small holes. Bovedas, or anything that adds moisture, simply can't counteract an overly humid environment.
  10. I guess hindsight is 20/20, but for me it would be when smoking a cigar was nothing out of the ordinary.
  11. Good stuff gents (except for Steve-O hogging the conversation), and great to see Smithy on deck Couple of thoughts / questions: Any "palate" cleansing between beverages? How hoppy was the beer? I'm another who doesn't care for gin with cigars - far too astringent. Perhaps it was the lighting, but the rosé resembled motor oil Time for a new flag! Peace - C45 P.S. Stevie-O, most MoHFoH, 'tis marathon weekend.... I don't hold grudges.....
  12. I think the fact that a good deal of elctricity is still generated by the burning of fossil fuels is perhaps sometimes overlooked....
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