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  1. Colt45

    Casual Rum Tasting

    Recently, I had opportunity to try a few rums I'd not had prior. These are very general thoughts - no real specifics... Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva: Just a bit too much - butter, molasses, etc. Didn't hate it, but am unlikely to buy. Matusalem Grand Reserve: Leaner in style, flavorful, but quite hot. Will revisit. Brugal 1888: The surprise (for me) - flavor, balance, nicely done. A keeper.
  2. Colt45

    Cohiba! I don't get it...

    So, for me this is the crux - it seems expectation exceeded result. Not enjoying the flavor of a flavorful cigar is one thing. Inconsistency of quality is another. Hype / expectation (especially as it relates to value), another still.
  3. Colt45

    Your favourite Ashtray

    I really don't use them often, but this was my go-to. Love my FOHer, but don't think I'd want to get it dirty
  4. Colt45

    Maintaining RH

    The packs have water in them. I you're trying to reduce humidity, remove the packs and add unmoistened desiccant - plenty of beads, as JP mentioned.
  5. it might have been here.... : click here
  6. If I wanted to keep them cool, maybe. If I wanted to keep them humidified, probably not.
  7. Aussie hipsters stealing jobs from American hipsters - it's just not right!
  8. Colt45

    Large ring gauge

    Great perspective - my mom termed it reverse snobbery. I think if it's only about flavor, then size might be less relevant. If we consider smoking a cigar to be, at least partially, a tactile / sensory experience, then size might play more of a part.
  9. Colt45


    When anyone speaks so broadly - about anything, really - it surely reflects upon them, and not those they try to paint
  10. None I'd be willing to share publicly...... Other than waiting to meet up with a friend on Boston Common the Friday afternoon of Boston Marathon weekend, only to be stood up.... 😥 Oh woe is me.....
  11. To be upfront, I've not one of these fine cabinets. But were I to invest the funds, I'd probably put it toward creating some kind of walk in - be it a closet, under stair space, etc. There are actually a few great threads here with member walk-ins. I'd provide links, but the search engine.... kinda stinks
  12. I might be mistaken, but I believe Pacific Cigar and Havana House have a relationship. If so, I don't know what that would mean regarding prices.
  13. Colt45


    Try cleaning it and using a file to sharpen it. Otherwise, your fingernails
  14. The T can take you where you're goin' (the T is public transit in my area)
  15. Colt45

    What's in your glass today?

    Monte Rossa Flamingo Franciacorta Brut Rosé - very, very nice. 60% chardonnay, 40% pinot nero, light color, fine bubbles, layers of flavor.

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