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  1. Colt45

    Wind proof lighters

    I'm another who thinks Blazers are among the most powerful. I have a PB-207 and a CG-001 - never an issue with wind, and great capacity as well. Unfortunately, in my case, they both crapped out - the PB-207 right away and after a warranty fix. Were they more reliable, or at least much less expensive, they'd be at the top of my list. They sit useless in a drawer. Currently using a Vector Thunderbird Zippo insert - not quite as powerful as the Blazers, and woeful capacity, but still very good in the wind
  2. As tough as Blake or Potter.....
  3. A&E's Nero Wolfe Mysteries. Maury Chaykin has passed, but would have loved for it to continue longer than it did.
  4. Colt45

    Maybe not my smartest move

    you've done worse....
  5. Kind of like the humidor he unloaded on you. Mini-smithy was the best! Heavy is the head what wears the crown
  6. I suspect payback for the crystal ashtray incident......
  7. I would submit that if one wears underwear, toilet paper is unnecessary. And that if a real man does use paper, it should be sandpaper. Coarse grit
  8. I'm a man, so I do not read warnings, instructions, or ask for directions.
  9. I look forward to not watching it
  10. Perfec is the brand name, so I'm sure it's intenshunle We can all strive for, but rarely achieve perfecshun.....
  11. Colt45

    Current Fitness Routines?

    That's what shaker cups are for
  12. Same here. When you know what you've got under the hood, no need to prove anything.
  13. Colt45


    I actually got to watch this one - shouldn't have bothered.
  14. Dinner and drinks for their wife/partner.....
  15. For twelve people? Seems a bargain.

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