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  1. I don't always smoke cigars, but when I do, I smoke Gabino Campos! Stay smokey, my friends.
  2. I can't speak on the Nudies, or most / any cigars, but a maduro wrapper can be a color, but also a process. A maduro wrapped cigar could have the same blend as a natural wrapped cigar, or a blender could also adjust the blend to account for the change in wrapper. As for "most" NC maduro wrappers being artificially colored, surely some are, but I think that that's painting with a broad brush....
  3. If I had to venture a guess, I'd imagine that smoking tobacco poses a greater health risk than smoking a bit of mold. I personally wouldn't give smoking that cigar a second thought. Off to have some unpasteurized blue cheese....
  4. I like rum in general - my "go to" being Gosling's. Another I really like is Mezan XO Jamaica.
  5. I think in this case, it's less a matter of government efficiency and more a case of driver deficiency
  6. The "new normal". Get used to it. You guys even walk on the left? (morons is a bit harsh, don't you think?)
  7. I've been using the Vector Thunderbird butane torch flame Zippo insert for years. Very reliable, but as has already been mentioned, the capacity is wanting. Vector also makes a butane soft flame insert, which I also have, but have not yet used.
  8. He's a true character and fun to watch. On the occasions I've seen him play (on tv), it always seems like he's enjoying himself, regardless of how he's doing.
  9. I'm speaking strictly of aromatics, not flavor.
  10. I'd not be surprised if you've not already seen it (I don't put anything past anyone)
  11. That they are not. But wine barrels impart flavor and other elements to the wine that is unnatural to the grape.
  12. Horse: This is embarrassing Dog: Nice ribbons - suckaa!

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