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  1. Fuzz's response is a pretty good explanation. If someone rehashes a three, five, nine year old thread just to post, is it of benefit? Some of the revived discussions were relatively specific to a time frame, and have been revived nonetheless. Etc, etc. Perhaps it might be a matter of "forum health". Thanks Fuzz
  2. My personal opinion is that it might be more important for the overall humidor environment - trying to maintain a uniform humidity. For me - the cigars packed in their boxes - close quarters contact - perhaps less so.
  3. They're meant for cigars Keith, for cigars. But, it is 2020, so whatever floats your boat...... ?
  4. Given the choice of the same cigar in a dress box or box of tubes? Tubes.
  5. Not necessarily ugly, but perhaps - given what's been posted - the most unique... In the same way that someone with no tattoos is the most unique in a group of people covered in ink...
  6. As Fuzz mentioned, it's always a good idea to have a look around the forum before posting..... That said, I doubt you'd ever be able to find out what they are, or where they came from, or who made them. The 2006 EL came in boxes of ten, with the box / date codes stamped on the outer cardboard box. The bands would have been from that era. The 1966 humidor a completely different size, date, bands, etc...
  7. 'Cuz I am a man, what wears pants - I'll smoke a churchill and laugh at the weather.... Cold, wind, no sun - no cigar. Cold (~ 30'f, sub 40'f), no wind, sunny - any perla or minuto Cold (40'f+ ), no wind, sunny - opens up sizes just a little bit. I've a little corner in the back of my house that gets the sun in the winter and can help block the breeze, so I can go slightly larger, but won't go past enjoyment to reach smoke just to smoke.
  8. I've liked Panerai watches for some time. One can never say never, but it's highly doubtful I'll ever have one. Never pulled the trigger on a Citizen Gran Touring Signature. So this past week, I stumbled upon this - Reactor Fermi. It is a battery watch, which I've not had for eons, but for just over U.S. $150, I figured I'd take a shot. Just got it, but even nicer than I expected. (the pic is crap and does no justice)
  9. KG, I've always had an affinity for Oz and Aussies - I don't know why. Perhaps watching Skippy when I was a kid. I'd love to go, but have been told I'm banned. I took the pic up on the sea wall, so what you see as beach is ocean at higher tide. The actual closest beach is in the far right background by the tower. I'm close to the ocean and a number of beaches no matter - within ten minutes by car, a little longer by bicycle, and can walk if needed, so no complaints. I've lived close to the ocean all my life - even as a kid in South Boston. That said, all the local beaches are fairly rocky, and the water typically cold, but that's nature. I can't tell you how great it felt to sit up there in the afternoon sun with the smell of the sea. Over the years I've spent some good times with good friends - some now gone - on that little crescent. I unfortunately sometimes take my surroundings for granted.
  10. A bit of a jack, but my favorite pair all time were black leather Rainbows - wore them down to nothing. Had wanted to frame them with some beach sand, but alas. After that, a pair of Scott Hawaii with the white boat soles - loved them almost as much. Shaka Brah ( politically incorrectly appropriatin' )
  11. Hard to really tell by the pics, but the wrappers don't look overly "dry" to me. The damage, while fairly minor - a bit bothersome.
  12. Good idea - as long as there is no kind of tracking involved. As for Cuba, they don't seem overly interested in providing consumers with an abundance of that kind of information now, so I don't imagine they'll be quick to jump on board.
  13. I agree with others in that an over humidified cigar can have muddled flavor and poor burn, and that a very dry cigar can be on the harsh side with relatively poor flavor. But for me one of the main reasons / issues is construction (read draw). I find a well constructed cigar with a great draw can stand a little more humidity and maintain flavor (even be slightly enhanced) and burn.
  14. I've always wondered if vacuum sealing / wrapping / bagging might allow for maturation while reducing the negative effects of time.....
  15. I'm pretty sure we could find a neck romancer to help in the quest

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