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    Hunting, Fishing, Woodworking, cigars, good Scotch, Bourbon, Red Wine and most of all being with my son and wife.

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  1. Which year and box code was better than others to you? No particular Cigar. TOS JUL 16
  2. gmc4wd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I am also curious of the Pliny??
  3. Saw them in 1980 here in Baton Rouge. They light show was incredible and they rocked the house down. I would say the 2nd best concert behind Zeppelin. Zeppelin was just the greatest of all time without a doubt!!
  4. gmc4wd

    Coffee Maker

    Very Nice, they come in whole beans as well if you have a good grinder. When you cross the river and they are roasting the beans they smell is amazing! Enjoy
  5. gmc4wd

    Coffee Maker

    M82, Community Coffee up in New Jersey???
  6. gmc4wd

    Hello from New Orleans!

    Welcome Ryan
  7. I also find my 2016 BPC's a complete let down so far. Maybe with some age they get better? Let's hope.
  8. gmc4wd

    Happy Birthday Di

    Happy Birthday Di.... Thanks for all you do.
  9. Nice lineup to smoke. Enjoy your trip and be safe!
  10. Is that a BPC as well? What box code?

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