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  1. Pinareno

    Fake/Not Fake

    That band on a LE 2004 looks fugazi.
  2. Pinareno

    Fake/Not Fake

    Send it to me and I’ll confirm. I should know once I’m done with the first, 3rd. [emoji41] Seriously, it’s difficult for me to say for sure without more pictures or details. the band looks good, cigar color and wrapper look good.
  3. Pinareno

    la Puntilla update

    Jimmy, they look much nicer in person. I noticed you’re in Orlando. I’ll be in Orlando this coming Friday-Sunday. PM me and I’ll hook you up with 1 of each of you’re able to meet up.
  4. Pinareno

    la Puntilla update

    My mom just got back from Cuba and picked up a bundle of Puntilla and Principe for me. I reached out to Alex a week prior to her arriving in Cuba and he had them ready for her when she got there. She was in and out of there in 5 minutes. All but 1each are in deep freeze at the moment. Beautiful looking sticks and they smell incredible! Thank you El Pres for setting up this awesome vitola!
  5. I was glued to the pages of One Second After by Wlliam R. Forstchen. It is about a surprise EMP attack on the U.S.A and particularly how it affects residents of a small North Carolina town. What makes this book so interesting IMO is the detailed account of the aftermath and how society begins to 'change' after the attack.
  6. Pinareno

    Stunning Olympic pics

    That photo of Usain Bolt looking back and smiling at the other olympians while he speeds past them makes me laugh overtime I see it. Such an amazing capture.
  7. I still enjoy NC's regularly but the selection has shrank dramatically. I still enjoy Aging Room F55's, E.P Carrillo Oscuro Torp, Fuentes Hemingway WOAM's and La Flor Dom Chisel Maduros.
  8. My father along with his many brothers and sisters were born in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. This is were my handle comes in. Pinareño as most of you know is the term used for people from the Pinar Del Rio province of Cuba. Although I was born in the Little Havana area of Miami, FL, I am very proud of my family heritage.
  9. Pinareno

    Blue sky timelines

    i'll be on the look out for the Partagas 170 and Monte Dantes. I was really hoping to see another Jar release before the year was over. Maybe next year!
  10. Saludos desde Miami, Alex! Espero conoserte en persona en Abril.
  11. Pinareno

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Stranger Things had me hooked after the first episode. I watched the entire series in 1 day
  12. Pinareno

    New Feature: Member Map

    I find it very interesting to see all the different spots on that map. I am sure the map will begin to fill as the days go by. If any Florida BOTL would like to setup a meet once more members share their locations on the map, shoot me a PM and lets set something up! Pinareño
  13. Pinareno

    New Feature: Member Map

    Cool feature! Is it possible to send a group PM to multiple members in a specific area? Let's say one was trying to organize a local event..
  14. Its not just you. If I have to relight a cigar, I do so knowing that I will be disappointed with the remainder of the stick. It even smells bad to me before its re-lit. Not sure why that is and it could quite possibly a psychological thing. However, most of the guys I smoke with tend to recoil from the sour taste of re-lit cigar. “Smoking cigars is like falling in love; first you are attracted to its shape; you stay for its flavour; and you must always remember never, never let the flame go out" -Winston Churchill Im sure he didn't enjoy relighting either lol

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