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  1. Some recents over the weeks RyJ Hermosos No.2 (EL 2004) Boli Oryx (RE Qatar)
  2. Probably one of my top QdO and if you can get your hands on some definitely worth it ?
  3. Quai D'Orsay Francia (Belicoso Royal) MUR SEP 13 Pre-Light: Draw is open and slight resistance with no signs of hard spots/lumps. Cold draw show flavors of slight sweetness and pepper. First Third: Picking up flavors of baked bread, dried fruit/sweetness and mushroom/earthy undertones with no issues with draw or construction. 2nd Third: WOW really picks up the intensity and got a huge blast of black pepper for a couple of puffs and then disappears. Baked bread note is gone and and replaced with Cedar/wood notes Final Third: Sweetness tines is the

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