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  1. I lit one up last night and was blown away! I got these from a split from a BOTL from this site. This particular one had the secondary band that said espanol instead of Los Andes. Cuba being Cuba... I wasn't expecting much as they are really young but, It was a honey bomb! Didn't have any rough spots to the nub! Honey twisted, coming in and out of coco and coffee. One of the best cigars I have had. Cheers!
  2. It has saved countless smokes from the bin for me, not all but most!
  3. No list is complete without George T Stagg!
  4. La gloria cubana Médaille d'Or No. 4 has a very similar profile, as does rafael gonzalez.
  5. I have one and prefer a cooler. It needs a lot of mods to make it work properly.
  6. I bought some singles from our host a couple years ago, can’t remember the box date or code but I think it was 2015. It had a great draw and wonderful barnyard aroma at cold. I paired it with a bourbon on ice. First third was light coffee and vanilla. Second third reminded me of honey nut cheerios with wandering light coffee notes. Truly Fantastic to my pallet. The cigar didn’t change much after the second but thank god it didn’t! Honey, Nutty and light coffee notes Came and went until the end. It was really one of the smoothest cigars I have ever had. So
  7. @captain I am in south florida, if you want to team up! PM me if your interested.
  8. I’m in. Id like to see a fly fishing division! Tarpon for sure! Redfish and snook maybe?

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