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  1. Glad to know they already are smoke ready! Cheers
  2. After a great day of fly fishing what else but fire up a unicorn! It was the first time trying this discontinued cigar, and Im glad I was able to get the chance. It tasted like Havana from the first draw! The construction and burn were flawless! It was a very well balanced medium smoke. It has tons of cream with a cafe late spine hints of woodiness throughout. I firmly give it an A! Im scratching my head as to why these have been discontinued. Cheers!
  3. It’s so hot outside right now, I would advise seeking an inside lounge. Only cigs outside in the park itself.
  4. backbone

    Fitzmagic in the air....

    Trade the groper off and keep Fitzy! The O line has been dominant! Go Bucs!
  5. Why derail the thread? The OP had a simple question.... If you don’t have something positive to add, move on. There is no reason to chastise a long standing member! 🤦‍♂️
  6. backbone

    high roller bourbons

    I have just tried Stagg Jr. what a nice flavor profile! Im on a new journey. I appreciate this thread!
  7. Why just choose one? Carpe Diem!
  8. backbone

    high roller bourbons

    I'm just starting the journey, what are the others you would rater have? I love Makers Mark, I agree its as essential as milk!
  9. backbone

    high roller bourbons

    Russell's Reserve single barrel is pretty good too, for the price point. Has anyone tried the Blade and Bow, Stitzle Weller?
  10. backbone

    high roller bourbons

    I'm in Florida, so I wont likely see it anytime soon. When I was in Texas in the late 90's it was everywhere. Does anyone know of a trusted online vendor?
  11. backbone

    high roller bourbons

    Now I have to find some Weller.... Thanks Ken.
  12. backbone

    email of the week.

    The second email he sent is disrespectful! I would tell him to return them to your B&M in person, or there is nothing you can do further. I would then ignore him.
  13. H Upmann Connie 1, Monte #4, RG perlas, R&J Exibition 4 are some cigars that don't need much age on them IMO to smoke well. All HQ or clearance, let them acclimate and let them rip! Tomorrow is not promised to any man. Cheers!
  14. backbone

    Perfect Draw

    Perfect draw for the win!
  15. backbone

    west african tarpon

    This one was around 100, about the same as the one in that video. 12wt 30-40 mins. Fight time.

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