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  1. Sam Seaborn (The West Wing) 90% Commencing googling.
  2. PFfftt... Good lord. Absolutely killer work. Love everything about it. Hope you're tracking your steps and pricing out your mats. Step 3 finish project Step 4 take gross * margin necessary to exceed dayjob Step 5 toss in additional costs and labor Step 6 calculate cost for model X Step 7 toss it out to the world
  3. Here for the lawn service thread.. Trees, branches and general upkeep. It sounds like you're bound for a great run moving forward. You got the rough patches out of the way. Wishing you happy sailing and easy draws!
  4. So I’m in a cigar doldrum.. you know the one where life is too big and time is too slim? That one. Sean and I had some back and forth at the beginning of my cigar journey and was very selfless in helping me attempt to track down some sticks. He’s also a A1 top shelf guy. Sent him some sticks last year after I saw him gifting some Xmas bombs.. In true fashion.. outdid me handily. “L” accepted for now. But in the short time I have this evening I wanted to just share how awesome he was, with the best forum to be on.. @archosaur Appreciate it my bro, seriously. Abov
  5. Thank you for all that you’ve done Greg! Best of luck in this next chapter of awesome!
  6. SPNP 2012 Party Shorts 2011 M4 2014 QdO Coronas 2011 LGC MdO #4 2013 RyJ CDL #3 2007 HU Majestics 2007 BPC 2014
  7. I love Regios fresh. There is a vibrant youth that I fancy.
  8. Illusione Epernay and Warped La Colmena personally for me (they are in fact the only NCs currently in my humis). La Colmena does have the body and roundness of a popular Cuban marca. Epernay IMO with time down has a dynamic range on par with many Cuban marcas. So much so that I usually toss a few into trades just to increase exposure. If the carousel usually ends with riders leaving NCs for CCs, I feel the next leg in evolution is evaluation objectively with the same aging ideals we treat CCs with.
  9. Happened upon a box of ECCJ 15th from 08. Came entirely wrapped as issued, amazing aroma opening it up (paper/outer cellophane).
  10. There are usually captions, highlighting tasting notes here around the forums and during the daily 24:24 sales (FAQ in the forum actually, if you are curious). In reference to PLPC, the 5 year mark is mentioned by a few individuals. They view the payoff the greatest once they reach hit this age range. I believe this was what he referred to. This place is an amazing gold mine of insight and wisdom. Take your time like a gorgeous cigar and have a few sips from time to time. The information will always (knock on wood) be here for you to learn from.
  11. 1st time smokers start with a Demi Tasse. NC smokers get an aged RyJ, or Choix. I pair their tastes for the next cigar, with either their alcohol, or one of my coffees if they prefer. My palette burns out pretty fast, usually a Tom Collins on a Hawaiian night gets me as close to normal as I can get. That said, we will usually have a Non plus, Cosaco, Perla, aged Montecarlo, young RyJ, Regios or JL#2.
  12. Cut from the same cloth! Shorts, El Principe, BPC, M5, Illusione La Petite, Du Depute, Demi Tasse, RyJ Coronitas en Cedro, PLP & Punch Petite Coronations. Roughly all spending equal time in the sun.
  13. Always have been a fan for the Epernay line from Illusione. Have a 50 cab of la petite that with almost 3 years on them have been working their way upwards consistently in my tastings. Body of a Bolivar/lush Monte mid game, floral and sweet with finesse at the open, short enough of a smoke not to red line in the final third. Complex and relatively consistent construction.
  14. 1. BCG ESO MAY 15 2. M5 MUL OCT 14 3. BPC ULA ABR 14 4. Dip #2 TOS ENE 16 5. SLR Regios ORG NOV 15 Famoso, JL #2 & a nice cache of Trini Reyes are all close behind.
  15. Entrance fees to a summer league, jerseys, resistance bands, facility assessment/regimen development (by the same guys who work Max Holloway), weighted basketballs, speed ladders, occasional meals & food for the hardest working (maybe not the most talented) group of young men I've had the privilege of coaching. Best purchase/s I have made in quite some time, cigars included.

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