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  1. So I’m guessing now they’ll look to increase the taxes further in order to fund the govt overhead in terms of regulating the growing black market too? Kidding aside, good luck to you all in getting by amidst these regulations.
  2. What’s driving this in Australia? My knowledge of Australian current events is quite poor (aside from what I learned from Bill Bryson). Is it a health mandate (assuming cigarettes are the real intended target), or more control on tax revenue?
  3. I second this notion. My wife loves Papaya for breakfast in the morning. I hate it!! Smells like dirty socks...
  4. I’d say PLPC for your winter months but I’m assuming whatever you’d get now wouldn’t be smoked in the near term. Usher in the spring with Punch Punch or JL No 2. I’m really loving those two right now and both at about 200. Add a pack of cohiba shorts for the winter. My winters are like your late spring so I don’t worry so much about time outside.
  5. I personally would try to find 2 boxes of Ramon Allones Club Allones and get 2 boxes before they are extinct and gone forever. That’s my ATF so far along with the Punch Punch.
  6. Usually 1 per day but 5-6 per week. I'll usually skip a day or two to appease my wife.
  7. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! This is how I choose to celebrate on one of the very few days out of the year where I don't get cockeyed looks for stepping out for a morning smoke while not off on vacation... Party E2 SOM AGO 16 Needs a little more time down but decent flavors and noticeable improvements from back in March when I first lit one up. Wonky burn on this one but nothing I can't handle. It's almost like a severely diluted D4 and not in a bad way. Flavor intensity is more like the HdM E2. I like where it's going. Very nice, slow burn. I could see how 3 years rest would make this a great cigar.
  8. My car is the one in black. My buddy is a bit of a photography geek and insisted on this session. His is the red one.
  9. I love the new Padron 1926 90th Anniversary in Natural but find them a tad bit pricey. But unlike the CoRo (which I love), I'm rarely let down. If I am, it's usually due to the wind or the company. I'm smoking one of these today that has about a year on it and it's even better than I remember it when I bought them. And I really liked them then too.
  10. Not sure if you mean something different but the NC market has tons of Lanceros ranging from 6 to 7.5 in and 36 - 39 RG.
  11. This morning I smoked a Por Larrañaga Petit Corona that I had from Rob's New to Cubans Sampler that I got last year in October. I'd actually received two of them because I also got a different sampler which had some included. The first one I tried may be a few weeks after I receive the sampler was pretty disappointing, so I dismissed it thinking this is just one of the marcas that maybe just does not agree with my palate. I also remember watching the reviews on FOH where they said these need some time down. So I gave one away to one of my buddies that was at my house one night and left the other in the bottom of my humidor to rest. Since then, I've smoked my way through quite a number of Petit Coronas including the Boli, H. Upmann, Part Shorts and decided that maybe I just don't like Habanos PCs and left it at that. Well this morning I made myself a coffee and decided to give my last PLPC a shot since I was in the mood for a morning Cuban with coffee. I am dumbfounded with how tasty this Cigar has become in such little time. I loved it so much that I forgot to drink my coffee and nearly burned the inside of my fingers as I was nubbing. This is why I now exclusively look to Rob's expertise and insight when buying Habanos. What sucks is that my box split buddy here in town has already asked me to cool it on the small and skinnies as he is a 50+ RG aficionado almost exclusively and I see that these only come in 50 cabs... I'm torn now on springing for a PSP box of these or the Punch Punch. First world problems at it's best! 🌎🤔 To me the problem with a great Cuban is like a good picture opportunity. If you like it, you better go ahead and take it because it probably won't be there next time. But once you take it and lock it away into your humidor, it's there for you to enjoy as you see fit. Rant complete.

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