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  1. @Doctorossi Sorry just checked the forum, still out in Mendoza . Back soon ..
  2. Sorry guys for late replying on t-shirts and polo stuffs Just finish my CMS stuffs and came back from Sydney i will talk to the studio and manufacturing company tomorrow to double confirm the sizes and style of the polo and t-shirts. Hope they have more than 3 XL sizes i hope i can find couple more good quality manufacturing companies around in Asia-pacific region compared the styles, materials and prices i decide the colour for shirts would be black/white or white/grey, as well as the polo. Simple colour , nothing to fancy , and i would run a logo or other lines designs on my laptop i just got a insane time in Sydney, didn't get that much chance to smoke a lot,since we have to wake up at 6:50 and finish like 19 every day. only the first day and the last day after exam. Find a nice small bar in Darling Bay called CohiBar, and smoked my last two in Hemmesphere Hope every one get a great day
  3. @all we won't have blue on shirts and polo just come back from Sydney goona work on it tomorrow
  4. @Randy956 yes mate i used to go OLSM for high school
  5. Among all three whisky competitions between IWSC,WWA,Whisky L , two have been nominated and each winning of them at least this year Caol lla 17 years matured in first fill sherry and Bowmore 17 years White Sands
  6. @MooseAMuffin yeah i prefer some dark colour for polo ,
  7. try Barossa Valley Estate , perfect blends
  8. @Booyaa it's like limited edition Serial number, for each shirts we would order. would appear either inside tag or small parts of out side, like if you are the no 14 ppl order from me , i would should 14 in roman letters on t-shirts somewhere
  9. @irratebass definitely goona figure it out for you bro , no worries about size

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