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  1. I second what everyone else has said. My 2 cents, this is a fun, expensive hobby - a journey of discovery!
  2. This box only had about 6 weeks to acclimate, but I could not resist. I was not disappointed. Smooth and creamy with a short finish. The last third had a little cedar and light leather. Other then the minor issue with the wrapper, the burn and draw were perfect.
  3. No worries, I really don't mind. It's just a way to get to know who's who. On an open forum like this you have no idea who anyone is, unless you already know them. So it's really a way to develop some small level of trust, since there is no implied trust. And I resemble that bar of soap......
  4. Pig, does you head ever hurt from having so much knowledge? You da man!
  5. I'm not a big poster, so I agree 100 posts seems like an arbitrary number. I've purchased lots of boxes, that should count for something maybe?
  6. I do a lot of bass fishing from my Hobie kayak. A few years ago I got a Waverunner and turned it into a "bass boat" I wanted more range then my kayak had, but not a full size bass boat. I could hardly see it behind my truck over steep ramps, so I put long removable flags on both sides of the back of the trailer. Made backing much easier!
  7. I had a HDM du Prince yesterday which I just posted a review on, today I'm trying the Epicure de Luxe since yesterdays experience was so disappointing When I purchased these just a few weeks ago Rob described them as: "If you enjoy brownies with a dash of ice cream then that is what you are getting here in spades. Really, lashings of it. If you are into your earth/leather/savory spices then run a hundred miles. This is one of those cigar versions of dessert" Some minor imperfections in the wrapper Salty taste First light mild sweetness First 1/3 Some barnyard and hay A
  8. Almuerzo Size, 5-1/8 x 40 First puff sweet baked bread, followed by dry hay aroma. Having a lot of trouble keeping this one lit. First half was very mild with grassy aroma. Second half got harsh with a mono flavor profile I could not put my finger on. Poor uneven burn and hard keeping lit. Over all, sad to say this was a very disappointing cigar. I only had a couple weeks to rest from receiving it. Could be causing the issues with burn and flavor. I won't be touching these again for a while.

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