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  1. My son, @Ethernut clued me to a post yesterday, from @GotaCohiba who is on a cruise to Havana, and having immigration procedure delay issues. I'm in Florida for the cold months, and scheduled to sail on this cruise, with Royal Caribbean, on Sunday from Miami. We stop in Nassau, Key West, and Havana (7am to 5pm) on Jan 25. To be legal, we scheduled a 3-4 hour tour, and will have 3-4 hours to ourselves and the Cuban taxi drivers. The tour is actually looking pretty good, with a drive down the Malecon, and stops at Revolution Plaza, the Capitol, Morro Castle, El Cristo del la Habana statue, a
  2. Ok, how can I post pictures without one more Glen shot. You have to love this teddy bear of a man, that someone described as looking like a rugby player. He was constantly on the move, everywhere i went, always talking and laughing with everyone he could get to. Can't wait to see him at the next event.
  3. A man and his dog pretty much says it all. His calm smile and laughing eyes just makes you want to sit and talk for a while.
  4. Fishing is a common pastime in Cuba. We ran into one fella who just fished with a line and no pole. Whatever he caught, he sold to a restaurant. The guy in this picture was fishing off the seawall, and continued after dark for a bit.
  5. I just liked the colors of these flags, flapping innocuously in the wind. Perhaps the winds of change will make them obsolete some day, and this is just a moment in time.
  6. Bryan Jackson AKA @Ethernut walked into the humidor, and was heard to exclaim something like, "Now this is what I'm talking about!"

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