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  1. Sounds like a great cigar. I'd love to try them. Any smokers who remember the old Serie du Connoiseurs have any recommendations for anything similar in flavor profile, or were they pretty unique?
  2. One I used to love back when I used to drink ws Elijah Craig 12 Year. Only around $20-$25, and I thought it was excellent. Of course, I also drank a ton of Wild Turkey and Evan Williams.
  3. I've found that sometimes oily wrappers need extra acclimatization and dry box times. And of course, sometimes you get a stick that just doesn't burn well. Having smoked in my share of casinos, there's nothing special about them in terms of cigars, in my experience. That said, it seems like burn issues always crop up when you're the least prepared to fudge around with a lighter.
  4. I would recommend the Xikar X8. Great cutter, and I got mine for under $10 on Cigar Auctioneer. Have one at home, and one in the car. As for a V-Cutter, the only I've used that I feel is worth a rec is the Colibri. Great, deep cuts. They're not cheap, but they're not really that expensive either. Love it.
  5. It's interesting you mention that because I bought a box of PL Picadores, and I had 2 ROTT and thought they were fantastic. I had another earlier this week, probably 60 days or so since I received them and I was disappointed. It was like the sweetness had mostly disappeared. Guess I'll try them again in 3 to 6 months
  6. I almost always try one ROTT as well, if it's a box of 25 or more. I've had some good ROTT smokes, too. Some not so good.
  7. I like 'em, too. Strong, rustic, with that dark-fired BBQ flavor and aroma. They're good dessert cigars.
  8. For me, I usually get considerably more smoking time out of a corona than a petit robusto. I'd say a petit edmundo generally lasts me about 50 minutes, and a corona usually lasts about 65-70. That's important, and I'm probably (ok, definitely) a little weird, but crossing that one hour barrier seems to have some type of psychological significance to me. I also think the corona sizes tend to showcase blends better and feel better in the hand. That said, I really like the Hoyo PRs, and I think the Monte Petit Edmundos are great cigars. I don't often reach for them because I'm rarely in the mood to set out to smoke a "petit" cigar, but invariably, once I fire one up, I'm super impressed. I also think petit robustos are pretty accessible. In part, because they don't require a ton of time, and they are pretty forgiving in terms of puff rate. I feel like there should be room for plenty of both, honestly.
  9. Oh wow, I've never had an Esplendido before. I am thrilled! Thanks to the FOH crew and all the members here. I love all the reviews and contests and everything else. Really a fun place to hang out!
  10. Man... Has going to the doctor's office changed that much since the last time I went? ? I think I'm still a couple of years away from needing those tests... But I know they're not that far away, either. ?
  11. Honestly my current health is a joke. I've been working a new job and putting off a trip to the doctors. Need to just man up and do what I gotta do.
  12. Was actually about ready to chalk September up as a bit disappointing. Hadn't had too many truly great cigars. I'll give honorable mention to a couple of non-Cubans. Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Decadas and Southern Draw Firethorn. But easily the best of all was the Partagas E2 (UBM Jul 17)I smoked Friday night. Sensational!
  13. Nice review!. I have a box of BBF currently, but I think I'll give these or La Punta a try for my next box of belicosos.

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