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  1. Oh its much worse than that they are throwing vaccine away because people are missing their appts instead of having an on call list. There is a reason many people don't want the government running healthcare or anything else for that matter.
  2. So As my belief in anything the experts are saying is particularly low. What I am hearing from the people administering it is that you can still catch it after taking the vaccine and your symptoms are not effected if you take it either so my question is why take it? It is really troubling with so many agendas out there and all of them with their own ....truths.
  3. Hmmm no matter what I say the reality would be nothing😁
  4. As I read through the Top 20 list it made me think of the ones that I wanted but could not get my hands on. I know we all have favorites or cigars that we always wanted to try or add to our collection but could not seem to complete the deal. Further adding to the problem is shipping issues and of course the "cost of covid" price increases, how much am I willing to or can afford to spend on my illusive friends. So First on my list of "just sold the last one" and most wanted and can't get Cubans has been and continues to be the Sancho Panza Belicosos, truly love that unique flavor. The sec
  5. Well I wish i could say I had tried them all but unfortunately no, but of the ones that I have tried the Monte #1 really jumped out. The Hoyo Rio Seco was also a very nice addition to my stash and one of the first that I thought of when shopping. D4 and Romeo Churchill also made me swoon. Beyond that the 2's were all very nice, P, H Upman and monte and to a lesser note the Diplimatico but they were few and far between. My most wanted and unfullfilled list was VR unicos and Sancho Panza Belicosos and with the prices shooting up as they have they may stay that way unfortunately. Most surprising
  6. Was a hot thirsty afternoon, wanted some classics.
  7. Really gotta to do a trip out there, rarely does their beer make it to the west coast.
  8. I guess the next topic is what's your favorite hideout place🤔......we all have a hideout place right. To hide the fact that you smoke, or smoke to much, or the friends you smoke with, or how much you spend on your smokes...oh my endless! Unless your in California then you can't smoke anyplace🤐
  9. Beautiful Belgium blond, bit of carbonation to start. Lovely day , a bit tired of this shutdown, ready to get back to hanging out with friends. Enough already!!
  10. Beautiful afternoon, fantastic beer and a lovely is good!
  11. It doesn't get much better, 13%, coffee, vanilla, Chile's and cacao nibs. What a mouthful, Bible belt from prairie ales. Oh and great labels ... paired this one with an H Upmann #2. Relaxing on the patio doesn't get much better....😷
  12. Just got take out from one of my local pubs(San diego) and what do you know "Larry's place" is on tap!! 7% west coast ipa.....gotta love um!
  13. Well I could not have been more ready for this one, Oscar Blues bba Tenfidy, partagus maduro #1, a sunny warm afternoon for change......heaven😷

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