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  1. In for the Sunday/Monday or Monday/Tuesday (whichever works best for organizers, prefer sunday/monday overall)
  2. Same, 1 hour wait is enough fun. Officially, I suppose no winners from the flight since it never got launched.
  3. Count me in! I can make any day except Thursday 29th Brisbane Wednesday NY Prefer Tuesday 27th Brisbane Monday NY
  4. 1. Patriots 2. Matt Bryant, ATL 3. Tom Brady 4. Julio Jones
  5. I'm a bit unclear on the qualifier times, are they all 12pm local / 9pm NY like the final? If so, I'd love the play the [Wednesday the 14th NY time] bracket. Cheers!
  6. Hello to the FoH forum! I found your community last week, and have been pouring over old reviews, videos and the 24:24 posts. Enjoyed cigars for a few years, first introduced to CCs in late 2013, and have recently been trying to learn more about construction, production, and components. Some really great resources and people here, so thanks for the opportunity to join.

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