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  1. Hearing so many good things about the Party Shorts........just completely overloaded on smaller smokes (ugh) as I rarely smoke cigars that size. Super Partagas were a recent (in the last 6 months) buy for me (2-3 boxes) all sub $100, they just need considerable nap time IMHO as young, they are a bit rough.
  2. I think this stick flies under the radar to many (which is fine by me!!) because of its reputation as a powerhouse and is often deemed an "ugly" cigar (some people are so silly!) For me, this cigar's richness and straightforward/linear flavor profile is what makes it so unique and a must have in any serious cigar smokers arsenal. Having a variety of flavor profiles is what makes this whole thing so special. This isn't a cigar for every day or every time but it sure as heck fits a great need/spot in my regular partaking of a good cigar. I used to put this cigar in with old classic HU#2's and a few others for when I was ISO a straightforward, nothing complex tobacco smoke. Thanks for sharing! JG3
  3. Nicely done! I also enjoy taking a cigar I am fond of and seeing, smelling and tasting it's evolution. I found this marca to be consistent in that they are extremely well made (I too enjoy a little "pull" on the draw) and while enjoyable young for about half to 2/3 of the cigar, the flavor profile to me was a bit linear and straightforward but when given time to rest and mature significant complexities show up during my smoking experience. Please do post a follow up when you try it again. JG3
  4. In my opinion only the PLP and the PLMC are consistent performers, decent ROTT (I am not a huge fan of smoking young) and will only get better with time. The RGPE used to be (again, in my experience only) a consistent performer and a great smoke (I'm a big fan of the marca) but after several purchases that resulted in dowels, I stopped pursuing them. Perhaps others can verify whats coming of the table now but I would stick to the other two. JG3
  5. One of the best values out there IMHO, really terrific!
  6. Wow, some really nice recommendations here..........will have to search out a few........like I need more things to buy!!!
  7. Coming back to this site after a long hiatus, this was a great read to re-visit. Thanks for supplying this
  8. Really interesting, thanks for sharing. The QC in packaging, labeling, even rolling, etc is so inconsistent it is sometimes really hard to know. Keep us posted.
  9. Love this topic! PLPC, PLMC or RG Perla as already mentioned
  10. For me its usually about liking a flavor profile of a brand and or line of cigars within the brand. I love the Montecristo flavor profile and have some favs within the marca but the "Open" line is lost on me. I can't quite figure out what it wants to be but like all the choices out in the market, there is something for everyone.
  11. A former member that went off the grid for quite a while (7 years?) that finally saw the light, ditched the ball and chain and reclaimed my life which in part includes getting back to the joys of Cuban cigars. Some know me as JGarofalo3, others as names I am forbidden to type :-)~ Same imbecile as before, just a bit (not confirmed) wiser! Happy to be back! JG3

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