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  1. ncardw


    I want to visit Australia someday, but you guys have so many things that freak me out. Is it a regular occurrence that you see snakes and or venomous spiders? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ncardw

    NewAir 280 Coolers

    Did you come up with anything as far as a kit @PigFish ?
  3. Usually 1 a day after work Monday-Friday but on weekends 2 or 3
  4. ncardw

    Lucifer's Wineador Adventure

    Just some advice, this is what I did. Waited for my shelves to come in from John then put some distilled water in to season the wood which only took a week, then added kitty litter, about 1.5 pounds. I didn't spray any water in until after I saw what my humidity would be and then added a little water as needed. Now I know that isn't exactly a scientific way of doing it but it has worked for me. My wineador is steady at 64%. The only time it really changes is when I add a fresh box of smokes. Hope that helps. Also want to add that if you want it done the right way use @PigFish I haven't ever had any discussions with him but I've been lurking here a long time and he's awesome at this Nick
  5. Not to hijack but what are you using to monitor your aristocrat Nick
  6. ncardw

    HdM Epicure 2

    Ive only made a couple orders but from what I've seen foh clearance is better than most others non clearance haha. Good looking sticks and you are Definately in for a treat epicure 2s are awesome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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