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  1. Howdy All!! Sorry it's been so long for an update, but I have had to work all over the friggin country as of late. So far this year it's been MD, VA, NY back to CO and now CA. Bought the house we live in but haven't had much time to work on the humidor. My wife rebuilt our deck while I have been in Cali so I need to ask her permission to use my tools. Lol! There has been some progress. The sides are framed up and stained and the back is on. The machined red oak frame around the t and g side panels will be painted black due to some irregular voids. Ill have to get a close up pic for you to see what I mean. I have to mount the shelf that separates the compressor area from the plenum chamber then I can start installing the insulation.
  2. A petit corona fits my time frame for most of my cigar time. With the reduction of the petit corona lineup, I supplement with Robustos. I prefer a smaller ring gauge for the most part. Hermoso #4's fit the bill better than robustos. For me, its all about how much coffee I have. Lol! I drink a full french fress (970 grams of h2o) so it has to fit in that time frame. Unless I am drinking booze of course
  3. That's the magic of the D4. A good. Cigar fresh but give it some time and it turns into a rockstar. I have an '11 box that is so complex I really struggle to pin down the flavors.
  4. Honeydew melon from a freshie RyJ Cazzie. Amazing but only one puff had the melon. The toasted marshmallow in Fonseca #1s is amazing and unique as far as I can tell. No off putting flavors as of yet.
  5. Humidor Project Update: Face frame is done and the side panels are ready for dye/stain/clear coat. I was going to leave them rough like reclaimed lumber (all the wood is machined from 100+ y.o. boards) but I realized that after resawing the boards on the table saw, that almost every board is bookmatched with a mirror image on the other panel. They are a mixture of white oak and beech. The aged white oak (brown boards) is spectacular. I wish I could get enough of it for several other projects. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  6. I would have been happy with a ‘13-‘15 Box of Espys. I was just hoping for a slightly aged box to smoke out of while my ‘16 Box got some age. When they pop up you gotta jump. My wallet wishes I hated Cohibas. Lol!
  7. So, a pretty simple question. What is the best cigar you have ever smoked worth to you in dollar amount? Feel free to include future purchases as well as trades, swaps etc. For me, it was an “0” something LGMDO#4 that was given to me by a member here and Colorado Herf guy. Literally a life changing moment to taste just how good a cigar can be. I seriously wanted to eat the nub. I would drop an easy 1K to get that experience 25 more times.
  8. Hurltim

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Maybe...just maybe the best beer with a Monte: Chocolate-Orange Imperial Stout. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  9. Hurltim

    Aroma at Cold

    The wifey ends up opening most of the boxes I get delivered when I work out of town. I love it when she sends me a text saying “I can smell these through the package wrapper!”
  10. Hurltim

    14/15 RASS

    I've done some vertical tastings on the RASS by year. It seems to me that these hit their stride around 4 or 5 years old. It's a cigar that will slap you around a bit but that fruitcake flavor really stands out at the 4 to 5 year mark. JMO of course
  11. I know, right?!?!?! I love the perlas. How in the hell did I miss RGPC's?!
  12. Dammit @JohnS!!! Hahaha!! My aged list is exactly the same I would add a '13 BPC box to the aged list that fits in the top 3. I would put it at 1.5--LOL! I hardly ever smoke fresh PC's these days apparently. I actually smoke the Secreto fresh. ( I know, I should get my peepee whacked. LOL) I have zero RGPC's. Seems I need to fix that. I wish they came up on 24:24 more often. Outside of the PLPC, aged doesn't have to be super long term. Both my HUPC and Sig II boxes are from '14 and are absolutely smoking the house down.
  13. Hurltim

    The Aging List

    Use Rob's Suggestions as a guide to start, and then let your tastebuds adjust accordingly. That's pretty much what I did. I have a 7 year old box of HUPC's that I can't keep my hands off of and I know, KNOW they can age another 5+. What I need is another 7 year old box... AND a 12 YO box. LOL! The same goes for my HUPC '14's. Just friggin tasty. No knees, no elbows, vibrant and tasty so they get smoked! I have buddies that don't even think of touching Cohibas for at least three years. To each his own
  14. I have fun with the experimentation and am willing to try anything with a cigar. I have found some combo's I really like: Coffee--Across the board, this seems to pair well with almost every cuban I have had. I am a cream and sugar guy with super strong coffee. HU, Cohiba, JL, Trini's come to mind straight away. Rum--I have to say, rum and Cohibas are like peas and carrots. Zacapa and a Coro...other-worldly. Scotch--Not my favorite with a cigar. Maybe a lowlands scotch like Auchentoshan would work a bit better. Bourbon--Some of the better Bourbons with a heavy vanilla nose work pretty damn well with a cigar. A Maker's Mark Manhattan and an RyJ...Wowzers! Wines--I can't say I like cigars with reds. I had a few in Italy and they just seemed to clash with the cigar. I have yet to try champagne with a cigar. I need to fix that before Jeremy tells me to shut up. LOL! To each his own--whatever tickles your pickle.
  15. Love, love, love PL's! I had my first Encantos a few weeks ago. Absolute show stopper! PL's have such a unique flavor profile and age a dream. I have a 7 yo box of PLPC's that still pack a punch yet they are soo good I can't stop smoking them. I'd say out of all of the aged boxes I have bought, that PLPC has brought me the most enjoyment. I wish I could get my hands on a few more older PLPC cabs.

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