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  1. Of course I completely agree with this. The greatest plan does not always end up the same in the end as it does when it starts, especially in Cuba
  2. I was specifically told by Pedro L. Perez Acosta, the Director General of El Laguito, that the only cigars that will be rolled in El Laguito in 2019 will be Trinidad and Cohiba. Obviously we all understand that not everything goes according to plan in Cuba but it would seem like they are taking it very seriously in light of the launching of the new sizes of the Trinidad.
  3. I watched the video in full and recognize some of the people in the video who I had met before. Interestingly, I never heard in the video anyone say that the La Reina was specifically, actually, rolled in El Laguito. They had the tasting there but the cigar could have come from anywhere and at that tasting, it would have been something that they would have talked about I would have thought.
  4. Which I never understood the logic in that when you think that is they roll them in the factory, why transport the loose cigars elsewhere just to put them in the box? Personally, IMHO, I think that where they were boxed is where they are actually rolled. It’s more efficient and less likely to result in issues with the cigars being transported before boxing. Did you see them being rolled at El Laguito or is it what someone is suggesting?
  5. How much you want to bet that the factory code is not UAO
  6. Per the Director of El Laguito, they have been asked to roll another 200,000 cigars.... on top of the 500,000 originally rolled.
  7. I watched it last year on my laptop while enjoying a few cigars. I loved the history that was presented very much and recommended it to anyone that is curious about Cuba
  8. I have the fortune (or misfortune) of having inside knowledge in this situation as I spoke to a senior executive of Habanos on this issue and not referencing marketing literature. While I can only state what I have already told you as some of what I was told was in confidence, I will remind you that the island was just coming out from under the effects of Hurricane Irma and so the process was less than perfect. However, to respond to your statement earlier, the cigars are Behike 54 as explained to me based upon your definition as to composition of leaf and wrapper.
  9. Of course you are assuming that the cigars were rolled AND boxed somewhere else.
  10. Did the microprint on the seal match the serial number on the box?
  11. I had dinner with the executive that wrote that email last week in Havana. We discussed this as there was some talk at the Gala that Habanos might even discontinue the Behike line. He dispelled that discussion and confirmed that at this point, they will still be rolling them when possible but that as before, the limited availability of Medio Tiempo leaf was the problem.
  12. The following is directly from an email from an executive with Habanos S.A. regarding the question of PUS being useds as a factory code in the production of Behike 54 in Nov, 2017. With respect to the “not to be published part,”, obviously I can not share, but remember the history of Behike, the conditions on the island directly after the hurricane and you can put it together. “Related to BHK:
  13. Rob, thank you for organizing this. It is one of the qualities that I love about the community to see everyone band together and help out. Michael, congratulations on winning an amazing box!

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