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  1. This was the rumor that was flying around the festival in February that turned out to have substance in the late spring. The question that was being discussed at the festival was if they would stop making the smaller Behike altogether at some point since they could sell these for more.
  2. I lost 4 ashtrays that were in my carry on in terminal 2 a couple years ago. I would have happily paid 10 cuc to keep them.
  3. Love the Stafford. Stayed there the last time I was in London. Looks like a great trip!
  4. Santy and Otramanera are always on the list for me when I go.
  5. I wish I could make it. Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are always best for me and some Saturday/Sunday afternoons
  6. I would have to agree with many of the comments about the Upmann No. 2. This is a cigar that is so consistent in construction and quality for me yet never gets the attention that the Montecristo No. 2 enjoys or even the Diplomatico’s were just two years ago.
  7. That 50 cab of RASS made my heart flutter
  8. Of course I completely agree with this. The greatest plan does not always end up the same in the end as it does when it starts, especially in Cuba
  9. I was specifically told by Pedro L. Perez Acosta, the Director General of El Laguito, that the only cigars that will be rolled in El Laguito in 2019 will be Trinidad and Cohiba. Obviously we all understand that not everything goes according to plan in Cuba but it would seem like they are taking it very seriously in light of the launching of the new sizes of the Trinidad.
  10. I watched the video in full and recognize some of the people in the video who I had met before. Interestingly, I never heard in the video anyone say that the La Reina was specifically, actually, rolled in El Laguito. They had the tasting there but the cigar could have come from anywhere and at that tasting, it would have been something that they would have talked about I would have thought.
  11. Which I never understood the logic in that when you think that is they roll them in the factory, why transport the loose cigars elsewhere just to put them in the box? Personally, IMHO, I think that where they were boxed is where they are actually rolled. It’s more efficient and less likely to result in issues with the cigars being transported before boxing. Did you see them being rolled at El Laguito or is it what someone is suggesting?
  12. How much you want to bet that the factory code is not UAO

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