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  1. If you've not had the nicotine bite then you're lucky, I'd say. I get an queasy stomach, may get a bit clammy. One severe case, years back, I was smoking a Camacho double maduro (I know Maduro doesn't make it strong) that put me in bed. Didn't smoke for a couple weeks. Normally have zero issues. I did get my second shot at the end of March...I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Ill be lighting a punch punch tonight. Ill report back.
  2. In the last two weeks I’ve noticed a lower nicotine tolerance. Regular cigars that I smoke seem to be doing me under a little bit. PSD4, Siglo VI, PSE2 and a customs roll. Anyone else ever experience this? I generally don’t smoke on an empty stomach. Typically have a carbonated drink with me. Still, after 3 cigars in the last 2 weeks...a definite nicotine related uneasiness curious.
  3. That’s pretty neat. I’m assuming you park the cigar ash out?
  4. Well look at that. An entire anthology. Thanks!
  5. I’ve seen a lot of reference to stick weight. Some references to “official” weight of a cigar. Where are we getting an official weight? Is it averaging out a box and factoring over time? I get it, there are underfilled, overfilled and each can cause issues. Just curious.
  6. You’re making these up right? Honestly...
  7. I'm not as interested in buying lately...I have plenty. I would be in to trading though, my palate has changed some. So while I'm not necessarily trying to add inventory, I am open to shifting it.
  8. Where did you get the Casdagli? Love that that brand.
  9. It amazes me that my government won’t budge on Cuba...but deals with China, the Saudis and so on. I’m dumbfounded.
  10. Sir Winston to be sure. Hard to find lately. Perhaps a good member here will dm you.

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