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  1. Political elites? You mean oppressors in this case. They need to find a tree and a rope for the Castros and the rest of them.
  2. I feel so bad for the folks that have to live under that govt.
  3. Pure marketing gimmick. Plain and simple. There’s a reason so many of these “complex” brands taste like mud. CC have their own complexity and nuances that can’t be reproduced. Try as they might the NC fail time and time again.
  4. I have a lot of things I want to say, but I will refrain. Buy your house and live in peace. People are very good at creating problems where none exist. This is why I try to avoid people when I can. would the complain if it was cannabis?
  5. What about the aluminum tubes with cedar? Same thoughts apply?
  6. I messed around and rolled my own sticks for a while( new world tobacco of course). Used all combinations of blends. One thing I was surprised about was how ligero can be Confusing. Sure it has strength, but also a lot of flavor. Using ligers does not always mean you need to smoke seated. I suspect we may be wrong on our conceptions.
  7. also, damn those look rough. Im not even sure they are from the same original box, colors are very different. Hope you actually got what you paid for.
  8. Havana club seleccion de maestros
  9. At least davioffs are good. One of the few NC I will smoke without a thought.
  10. Wife got the Moderna shot. Sore arm for two days, chills the first night. All good after. High blood pressure since young, that’s her only health issues. she’s an ER nurse and their hospital is over run with CV19. Overflow for the overflow is at capacity. The first time I ever heard her call it “all a shit show”.
  11. Nothing bad here with that. I always put Honda parts in my Ford.
  12. Amo May 2016 box from host. So so disappointing. I revisited this box because of this thread. It’s been a while since I’ve had one. White pepper and nothing else. Horrible burn. Just one sampling but sad none the less.
  13. Wife is getting the Moderna shot today, Ill report back on how shes doing.
  14. I suppose it’s because they rarely come up if ever, and are a bit to pricey typically for me. It’s just wishful thinking. I will say though, HU as a whole has been a real winner with my palate as of late. Need to expand my testing of the marca .
  15. Sir Winstons...that’s it. I want boxes and boxes of them.
  16. Won’t take it for at least a year. Nothing political. Just want to see what the short term effects will be.
  17. I will second the Casdagli line in general. Great cigars if you can find them, but you will pay through the nose. Wouldn't hesitate to buy them by the box if I had the opportunity and the price was right.
  18. Winstons are simply the best cigar I've ever had. Top of the game. RyJ are nice, SW are the pinnacle.

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