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  1. Never had an issue. Always tastes of grass and hay and excellence
  2. Yeah I had some battery stuff, but got tired of the batteries. I need combustion!!!
  3. Ehh…small issues. Who’d have thought prisoners on an island wouldn’t be able to speak out against their wardens.
  4. Selection? What are you talking about? Employers do not have the right to demand whatever they want. Separate from this conversation about COVID, that’s a silly statement.
  5. Doctors wont even go into the rooms. Dont know how many times my wife she has given report to a doctor about a patient, at the patents door. When she opens to door to go in...both of them to go in...the doctor stands there staring at her only to say "im not going in there." Repulsive
  6. Not to pitch a company or anything but…Le Labo has a great Oud cologne. Not cheap but damn!
  7. Pretty sure Vaccine Passports are coming. Voluntary at first no doubt. Won’t be required but certainly you can be denied access if you don’t present one.
  8. Bijan and Harvey. Pretty sure we are saying/thinking the same way. My only argument is that vaccine or not…masks are the most important. That’s all.
  9. Pretty sure there is evidence in "breakthrough" cases. I dont have an opinion as I am not a medical professional or statistician. I just know what I am reading.
  10. I cant speak to most of these things..but Oud...I truly enjoy. My colognes are all Oud based. What a fragrance.
  11. I understand that. What I wish people would make more clear though, or at least acknowledge is this. Masks stop the spread...not vaccinations. Distance helps stop the spread, not vaccinations. The idea that a vaccinated person can be willy-nilly is incorrect. There are plenty of non vaccinated that had Covid and it was a walk in the park. More to the point...I don't think an employer should be able to demand a jab. Then again...a person doesn't have to work there. However...if we all get the vaccine maybe we will all be okay and have much fewer deaths and hospitalizations as a resul
  12. How does any of the paying a sick employee work when they are vaccinated and still get sick? The vaccine does not stop a person from contracting the illness. It may make the reaction and symptoms less severe....may...not guaranteed.
  13. Vaccinated or not, is not the issue. Proper PPE at this point is. I do not think an employer should have a right to demand an employee be vaccinated. The information is very clear. VACCINATION DOES NOT MAKE YOU IMMUNE OR A NON-TRANSMITTER. There are breakthrough cases right now that make that a clear and evident fact. THE VACCINE IS NOT THE ANSWER. (guess what...it isnt a vaccine. Its just makes it not so bad if you do get it) Require masks if you want. As an employer I feel that is your right. However, you cannot tell a person what they must do to, or put into their bodies. The
  14. I disagree . People do care who is in charge when families are starving. The starvation is the result of shitty leadership. is the Cuban government asking for vaccines that are proven to work? Nope. hopefully they wake up.
  15. Got back into my pipes. Thought it would be cheaper than Cubans. Not really though. Just buying cans and cans of baccy. Tasty though.
  16. This is 100% regarding blunts and blunt wrappers.it’s a bullshit propaganda campaign.
  17. Ha saw this coming. Here comes the purge.
  18. Take a look at where the bands are glued. Do you see the Swiss printers marks? Also bands aside, the color on those wrappers are awesome 🤩
  19. Pretty sure theyd imprison or kill the family too. Thats the thing about these kinds of regimes. An individual, say a general, that wanted to do something could make the decision "If I die so be it". However, knowing that all of your loved ones might be rounded up, imprisoned or executed...that would be enough to stop 99 out of 100 people.

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