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  1. Celebrating my new job with a Year of the Monkey. A cigar for my year.
  2. Old band Edmundo. Unsure if the age (Spaniards are not the best at keeping records). Hit all the right spots. A bit more bitter than I liked, maybe a whole day dry-box was too much
  3. Colonial and Big Bang yo chill after losing a bunch of money on today’s games. F*$&@ World Cup
  4. If you like skinny cigars, try the medaille d’or N 4. Simply fantastic
  5. Sublime hour of smoking. Complex, but not to a fault. Started spicy and Mildred out. Constant sweet after taste with some earthy and herbal tones playing around. Highly recommend, especially if you’re into medium to full cubans
  6. My first Le Hoyo des Dieux. Can’t believe I was missing out on these
  7. I just read this entire threat. I want to thank everybody so much for your dedication to the scientific side of our shared passion. Also, I worked for a couple of years in a cigar store and had a bet with a coworker that plume was actually mold. Too bad I found this threat after I moved countries. BTW, when someone mentioned plume as the holy grail, I just imagined “Indiana Jones and the Stick of Plume” or something like that.
  8. Yesterday's smoke: a magnificent Cohiba lancero 2001. I had dreams of this stick.
  9. Just some desktop humis I've picked along the way. Not having more space stops me from getting broke out of buying cigars. Which is good for the wallet but bad for the spirit.
  10. Another NC today (even with the generous prices by Mr President, my student budget needs to take a break). Patoro Brasil. For those who like a full body, this could be a good cigar. Strong spice at first, then mostly wood and coffee, maybe some roasted nuts. Patoro's owner came to me store one day and claimed to be trying to compete with Davidoff. Not quite there yet.
  11. NC today. The Last Tsar by Caldwell. Amazing. Good wood and floral notes as the main flavor (first third wood mainly, then floral). Secondary notes include a bit of milk chocolate, playful barnyard, hay and hints of cream at the end. Caldwell has being doing fantastic blends and this one woild definitely be enjoyed even by CC snobs (I'm one). Medium to full body (mostly medium). A bit pricey tho, since Caldwell remains a boutique brand, but if you find them don't let them pass.
  12. Libertarian guy who hates regulations (especially when hindering my smoking hobby). Plus native Spanish speaker (and TabacoLibre sounds cooler than FreeTobacco). Picture randomly taken from the internet because it looked artistic and I also love coffee.
  13. From earlier today when coffee was needed. The floral Colombian coffee just perfect to bring up some floral and creamy notes on the JLopez. Unfortunately couldn't feel the usual cedar, I guess next time I'll pair it with a cappuccino instead

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