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  1. Just about every cigar store/lounge I've been to here in California sells CCs on the down-low. Heck, I've even walked into some shops that had 1 or 2 CC boxes for sale in clear view. No one cares, and honestly, if I owned a shop I would probably do the same without much fear of the consequences.
    But to answer your question, this may be a hard sell to the boss/owner especially if he isnt already on board with distributing CCs at his store. Also, as previously mentioned, this may not go over too well with some of your Cuban customers. 
    Can confirm
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  2. 2 hours ago, Eric05 said:
    Good evening all. 

    The time has come my new humidor has been built and will be arriving shortly. I intend to update this as i receive and well of course set it up. Background. I had an aristocrat by Bob outgrew it. Decided to upgrade to an Avallo by Matt. And then sold that. I was never a fan of my Avallo. I felt like it was a big downgrade from My Aristocrat. And well just took to long to get. This unit. Took approx 4 months. The builder is located in Europe. I am in United States. 
    Builder is Charles. By thevaultwoodworks that’s his IG. He is very responsive. His work is amazing. I really wanted something custom built. By someone, his pricing is very fair. Also considering it’s being shipped half way around the world. I looked at another unit by someone in Canada. Also on IG and well I couldn’t see past the 10k he was asking for a unit. But anyhow i will post progress photos here and then update once i receive the unit. Please feel free to ask any questions. I always read the forums and look for humidor builders so maybe someone else is doing the same. 
    dimenisons: 54in(H) 30in(w) 30in(d)
    i will be installing bobs humidification unit inside  

    Truly amazing!

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  3. I use sensorpush. Your post says "wireless" - the sensorpush puck uses Bluetooth. If you want wireless access from anywhere, you have to buy the wireless hub.

    The app has over the top data collection with user set notification points for rH or temp.

    The batteries lasted me about 3 years.

    Have other questions, just ask.

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  4. How long are you stretching out your Boveda bags by recharging them and what method are you using to recharge them?
    I honestly don't see a forecasted end of life for mine. Recharge by storing in sealed container with distilled water in a tray with a sponge as a wick.

  5. Well this is the expensive humidor I’ve ever owned. I’m not sure that it’s defective at all. Might just be par for the course - wood is always going to be an imperfect seal.

    I don’t necessarily think it’s bunk. What humidity do you normally actually achieve in your good humidor that you keep a 69% in?

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    Didn't notice a notification here, hence the late reply.

    It's not that putting a 69 boveda pack in a wooden humidor magically gives me a 66 but rather it starts at 69 goes to 68 goes to 67 etc and just buys me a bit more time to rotate it out, of that makes sense.
  6. What's the function of said cooler? Is this going to be to put monthly orders in to take a long nap? Or is this going to be your daily humidor opening and closing multiple times a day?

    If the former, a single 320 will do it - in fact, you may have to take it out for a day every couple months to release moisture depending on how wet your cigars ship.

    If the later, one would probably still do it, but you might want a second staged to rotate in as the other comes to need recharging.

  7. I am thinking this is fine - but I just added a wood humidor from American Chest to my collection. I age and long-term store my cigars at 65% in various tupperdors with cedar trays.
    Ive moved about 50 or so cigars to the humidor that already have age on them to basically be my smoking stash. 
    I seasoned the humidor for 2 full weeks with a Boveda seasoning kit and the humidor passes the dollar bill test. However, one of the joints on the back left corner where the Spanish Cedar is laid doesn't come together tightly, there is a small gap.
    Anyway - I now have it loaded with cigars (all the cigars were already up to the right humidity). The potential problem is this - the highest humidity I record in the humidor is 61% with a 65% Boveda in there.
    In a tupperdor a 65% Boveda will get you all the way up to 65% every time.
    I am thinking the seal is obviously not perfect but fine for wood. I won't be able to expect any wooden humidor to hold at 65%. But 4% is a bit more loss than I was expecting.
    Should I replace the humidor or just bump up to a 68% boveda in the Humidor?
    If you think you got a defective humidor (bad joint) then by all means call 'em on it. But with that said, I run 69s in my "good" wooden humidor and 72s in my cheap one because they'll never seal to the level of a sistema tupperdor.
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  8. Howdy gents, I’ve been hunting for a decent vintage humidor and I’m finding a lot with either tin, zinc, or copper for an interior lining, does anyone have experience in using one of these? I like the aesthetic but I’m obviously concerned about any sort of flavor offset from storing in metal, any first or secondhand knowledge would be appreciated. Cheers!
    While I don't own a vintage humidor, I do use ammo-dors (Metal ammo cans), without issue.
  9. Any update? I am about to begin a similar closet conversion and am contemplating the same dilemma you had re: ripping out the existing drywall and replacing it with greenboard. 
    After speaking with an actual commercial humidor builder/contractor, I stayed with the drywall that was up. I did coat my existing drywall with a low/no voc mildew resistant sealer "just because". I lined the walls with Spanish Cedar plywood.

    The reality is, this room maintains a humidity level thats lower than many homes are exposed to in some areas of the country/ world.

    I'm in SoCal and my humidor is all interior walls, so your situation may vary.

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