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  1. The FCK is kinda funny, but I doubt the franchisees are laughing at their losses, nor the employees dependent on their weekly checks to pay the bills.
  2. I had a Davidoff Millennium back in the early 2000's (if memory serves), and I swore up and down it was Cuban.
  3. Happy birthday Rob, cheers and good health to you!
  4. Being the government...they will probably be promoted and given a raise.
  5. Didn't figure on HH making it the accomplishment to be sure, but Cyborg is a beast, steroids or not. Khabib/Barbosa was interesting, I expected more from Barbosa, but Khabib is an animal. I predict he will shock everyone if he gets a shot heard it here first!
  6. 1. Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 2. Ramon Allones Specially Selected 3. Partagas Serie D No.4
  7. Terrible to hear this, I wish you well, and hope for you to flourish beyond your loss.
  8. Unemployment sure seems to be different in Oz, I remember Ramen noodles and Swisher Sweets...not safaris and Cohibas. Hope things work out for your father-in-law btw, a cancer diagnosis is never easy. Cheers.
  9. Grunts and curses in turns...repeatedly. Oh, that would be me grunting and cursing about how damn good the cigar is!
  10. Well done JohnS, I've enjoyed and appreciated your reviews in the daily smoke pages, the evolution to video is welcome. The JLS No.2 has been, and is currently, my favorite cigar across all marcas. Cheers.
  11. Have to agree with you JohnS, my taste seems to parallel Rob's anyhow and I trust the members of this forum over a magazine all day long.

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