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  1. Keep an eye on your coolers. The issue is this. And I went through a long, head scratching process to figure it out, was that the temp guage for the unit is right next to the cooling fan. This results in having to set the temp of the unit way lower than desired temperature to actually achieve the desired temp. What this THEN results in, is a cooling unit that runs much cooler than the ambient temp inside the cooler in order to keep the cooler at the desired temperature...depending on outside ambient temps. My fix was to accept a slightly higher temperature for my cigars inside the cooler around 65 degrees. The issues is that if you have your cooler in a 70 degree house and try to get the ambient temp of the cooler down to 63-64, the actual cooling unit will have to be set at and run cooler than the desired temp. Condensation will form on the very cold thermoelectric cooling fins and suck the humidity out of the air. The options are to raise the temp a little until condensation stops, OR put your unit in a colder outside ambient place/room. The other option is active humidification that uses the condensation collected from the cooling fins to recycle back into the air. This is what happened to me. I have the larger 300 count one. I love it now that I can run it in the basement and the outside ambient temp is much cooler. I don't have any of these issues anymore. If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer. Smoke on!
  2. Okay, no worries. Just wanted to expand my knowledge a little on the issues that people say they have. Take care!
  3. I will say. I use BOVEDA in my NewAir. And it works wonderously. PigFish, why do you say they don't actually work. Maybe I need to hear the common mans physics behind it. I'm not sure. I feel as though mine is working great. 65-69% at 65 degrees. I could run it a little lower, but one of the flaw of these coolers, which I do agree, they have many flaws, is that the temp sensor is right next to the fan. I moved mine away from it. The problem I had running it cooler than 64 ish degrees was the condensation on the cooling fins. But I'd like to hear what your flaws with them are.
  4. Thanks! Looking forward to all the experience here and wealth of info. I've got a decent collection myself and it just keeps growing. smoke on!
  5. Hello everyone, Glad to be part of the forums. Name is Mark. 27 years old. I'm from the Chicagoland area. About 40 minutes west of the city(I saw there's another new member from the Chicago area). I've loved cigars since before I could buy them. Ha! Fell off the cigar train for a couple years and finally got back into it. Now have a 300 count cooler that's full and a 50 count and 200 count humi(that's also being filled up). Happy to join other Habanos aficionados in the enjoyment of the finest cigars. Hope to meet some of you in person sometime! Smoke on!

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