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  1. I went to Cuba in November 2016. It wasn't complicated for an Aussie. And I am over 60. Just posted some photos in an Album - had a fantastic time. Smoked so many cigars I think I am "cured" from the inside out. Aussies can only legally bring in a very limited number of sticks else we have a very hefty tax to pay - the only draw back
  2. El Perro Loco

    El Perro Loco

    A few photos of my visit to Cuba in November 2016. An awesome island nation ticked off my bucket list and listed on my "Must Do Again" lict
  3. El Perro Loco

    El Perro Loco

  4. Absolutely Saxman. We are really at the mercy of the established counterfeiters who are doing a pro job. Yep Casa del Havanos for me and will try your idea of the custom rolls whilst watching / filming. So what Behike? Or am I taking a wrong turn here? Just innocent in some of this world. any suggestions would be welcome. cheers El Perro Loco
  5. OH Boy. I head to Cuba in late October and now am rally worried. I've just found this site and purchased my first lot of cigars and now realise that what I have purchased from other "cigar retailers" and thought were "nice" were just crap and now when I go to Cuba I am still gonna smoke crap. Man I need an education and fast. El Perro Loco
  6. So pleased to find this site. Love Cubans and now realise that I have thought I have enjoyed stale, poorly stored, 3rd and 4th grade cigars. So keen now to experience fresh high quality well stored cigars and experience the "real deal". i am also seeking a quick education as I am heading to Cuba late October and would like some knowledge so as not to look like a complete dick. looking forward to reading and learning lots - won't post much as that is not my thing. cheers El Perro Loco
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    Enjoyed 11 days in Cuba late 2016. Fantastic time, brilliant cigars, awesome people. Ticked off "The Bucket List" for a return adventure. Cuba Oxen plough.mp4 Cuban Classic Cars.mp4 Cuba Oxen plough 3.mp4 Cuba Oxen plough 4.mp4 Cigar_rolling.mp4 Cigar_rolling.mp4 MVI_5759.MOV MVI_6080.MOV IMG_6425.CR2 MVI_6347.MOV

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