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  1. I have RAS boxes from MSU JUL 17 and ABR 18, 17 is the worst wrapper I’ve seen, smoked one from the box last week and it fell apart half way, pale, sandpaper wrapper with veins and green dots. Not cool Ramon!
  2. Monte Petit no.2 tubos SAT NOV 15, I like it more than recent no.2, so rich and flavorful ?
  3. RAS MSU JUL 17, ugly veiny pale with green dots sandpaper wrapper, it should not be let out the factory doors, not as LCDH release at least! Edit: bands are off
  4. The only problem is, you won’t be able to nub the last 2mm ?
  5. All this V-Cut talk made me look for my Colibri, found it! ?
  6. PLPC ‘16 smooth sweet smoke ERDM Demi Tasse OLM MAR 15 cute little stick
  7. I bet it’s the lightest beer in Anchorage ? you need something decent to protect you from freezing over. This one is better pairing though with VR IMHO
  8. VR Unicos BRE JUN 18 with Belgium Delirium Tremens? I hope I’ll be alright in the morning ?
  9. Sancho Panza NP BOR ABR 16 with almost maduro wrapper
  10. Tough but very productive week, nice La Gloria Cubana to start the weekend ?
  11. Bummer, I just smoked one last week and it was all molasses, as sweet as it can be. La Punta used to be sweeter but my latest box is way stronger and not as sweet, agree with you on that.
  12. HDM De Rio Seco ‘19 this one is a strong contender to San Juan for sure
  13. One more today, empty meat section at Ralph’s, I only hope power plant employees are immune to the virus and we won’t have power blackouts so all that hoarded meat will not rot ?
  14. Empty shelves in LA, CA. This is NOTHING compared to USSR shelves back in late 80’s early 90’s though ?

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