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  1. The deal is too good to pass! One more box on the way. Love the oily wrappers!
  2. Yup i believe this was couple years ago... well, hindsight is always 20/20...! Back then I thought $120 for Hibiki 17 is too much when it was $90 and widely available in Japan. The hotel I used to stay even give you a generous pour for free. Little I knew...
  3. Yamazaki 50 yrs sold for 300k!!
  4. I smoked one and it was really great! Creamy, light roasted coffee, and little honey sweet. Now i regret I didn't pick up more when it was 50% off MSRP....
  5. Couldn't resist the great deal. Picked up a box of these beauties.
  6. Lovely lovely! Aroma is just awesome! MOL JUN 2017. Thank you foh team!!
  7. It was a Monte PE for me back in 2008! I remember it was a box from 2006. Amazing smoke.... I wish I bought more back then!
  8. Well, your statement just made my 2010 OR 52s and 54s more valuable!! Still waiting on that special occasion to fire one up!
  9. I will be ordering one and have it shipped to my friend's place for me to pick up in Dec!! This is awesome!!!
  10. I got a box from that vendor as well. The same box code and cigars look absolutely beautiful. I wish I picked up more... They are definitely legit!! Lets hope they will run another promotion on Connie A again soon!
  11. Well, in my limited experience, I have not had one CC that is ideal cigar when young! I usually find them more approachable at one year mark or older but never within its first yr. Thats just me!

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