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  1. "Caro's book of poker tells" is awesome for the poker table. Really good to read players. Not sure if it will help online as much
  2. Happened to me a few times. They're called tar balls. Sometimes tar builds up, and can come through. Not a good experience. Happens more often with a punch cut in my experience. I usually just cut the end off, and brush my hand over the end first, and then check my fingers for any tar or any black spots. Usually the extra cut gets rid of it. Hope this helps.
  3. I smoked quite a bit of RyJ last year. Mainly Churchills, short Churchills, wide Churchills and ex4. And I agree about the consistency. Across the board consistency was an issue. But that being said, if they were consistent, I would buy so much RyJ. I never really had a bad one. At there worst, they were good. Then there were great ones. And then really great ones. I smoked through the ugliest box of ex4 ever. Terrible looking wrappers, but gorgeous flavour. Cherry and black tea notes all day.
  4. Can't handle the soapy note I used to get from non cuban maduros . Always tasted like soap to me. Got it a lot in Padron maduros.
  5. My best friend named his dog 'Siglo', based on my recommendation. He is a male though. Has he's own insta page and everything haha.
  6. @melanoscigarclub has an awesome page, fairly new, but great shots. A lot of good info on pairings and mini reviews also. @englishcigaraficionado has some cool shots, with amazing ash @el_patron_de_los_habanos has awesome content from Colombia @cigarbossman also has some cool content
  7. Cohiba Siglo VI all day. Partagas Lusitania and Esplendido close second.
  8. Mag 46 Ryj Churchill Lusitania Bcj Party E2 Plpc Siglo 6 Monte 2 Bbf Bolovar Libertadores???? (I have a box at the 7 year mark, and they are absolutely blow your socks off amazing. Although I don't know if they'll last 10 years, as strength is dying off.
  9. Cohiba Shorts ???? Haha The last 100 pack I went through, it was habit to finish with one. It became tradition. They always tasted better after another cigar for some reason. I'm usually smoking a bigger cigar before hand, and am going for something smaller to finish. So besides the CoSho, PLPC or BCJ usually seals the deal for me.
  10. This Bolivar Libertadores just made everything right. It was from 2013. I had a really bad week, lost a close friend of mine in a very tragic way, and this was the first cigar i had after everything. Started off really mild, then ramped up and ended beautifully. Probably the best cigar I've had all year. The photo has been edited for insta.
  11. Dog: oh here we go again with these 2 ? Horse: how come you never hold be like that ?

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