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  1. "Caro's book of poker tells" is awesome for the poker table. Really good to read players. Not sure if it will help online as much
  2. Happened to me a few times. They're called tar balls. Sometimes tar builds up, and can come through. Not a good experience. Happens more often with a punch cut in my experience. I usually just cut the end off, and brush my hand over the end first, and then check my fingers for any tar or any black spots. Usually the extra cut gets rid of it. Hope this helps.
  3. I smoked quite a bit of RyJ last year. Mainly Churchills, short Churchills, wide Churchills and ex4. And I agree about the consistency. Across the board consistency was an issue. But that being said, if they were consistent, I would buy so much RyJ. I never really had a bad one. At there worst, they were good. Then there were great ones. And then really great ones. I smoked through the ugliest box of ex4 ever. Terrible looking wrappers, but gorgeous flavour. Cherry and black tea notes all day.
  4. Can't handle the soapy note I used to get from non cuban maduros . Always tasted like soap to me. Got it a lot in Padron maduros.
  5. My best friend named his dog 'Siglo', based on my recommendation. He is a male though. Has he's own insta page and everything haha.
  6. @melanoscigarclub has an awesome page, fairly new, but great shots. A lot of good info on pairings and mini reviews also. @englishcigaraficionado has some cool shots, with amazing ash @el_patron_de_los_habanos has awesome content from Colombia @cigarbossman also has some cool content
  7. Cohiba Siglo VI all day. Partagas Lusitania and Esplendido close second.
  8. Mag 46 Ryj Churchill Lusitania Bcj Party E2 Plpc Siglo 6 Monte 2 Bbf Bolovar Libertadores???? (I have a box at the 7 year mark, and they are absolutely blow your socks off amazing. Although I don't know if they'll last 10 years, as strength is dying off.
  9. Cohiba Shorts ???? Haha The last 100 pack I went through, it was habit to finish with one. It became tradition. They always tasted better after another cigar for some reason. I'm usually smoking a bigger cigar before hand, and am going for something smaller to finish. So besides the CoSho, PLPC or BCJ usually seals the deal for me.
  10. This Bolivar Libertadores just made everything right. It was from 2013. I had a really bad week, lost a close friend of mine in a very tragic way, and this was the first cigar i had after everything. Started off really mild, then ramped up and ended beautifully. Probably the best cigar I've had all year. The photo has been edited for insta.
  11. Dog: oh here we go again with these 2 ? Horse: how come you never hold be like that ?
  12. Just followed everyone on here. I look forward to seeing your posts. I feel as though there's not many of us out there, so anyone who puts in the effort to post cigar related content, gets my support.
  13. I also recently finished a box of 03 El Morro that were outstanding ?
  14. @Walt69 so sorry for your loss mate. I lost a friend a few years ago to suicide. We had drifted apart a few years before his death, and I couldn't help feel if I had been a better friend, or not been caught up chasing wealth and pointless things in my own life, I could've been there for him, and perhaps he'd still be here. There's always so many ifs and buts. Don't let it get to you buddy. Life's difficult. Some things are out of our control. Again, I'm sorry for your loss, and I also thank you for your work during these crazy times. The world needs more people like yourself and Dr. Ndukwu. Stay strong buddy ?
  15. The wrapper on this cigar is a bit pale and dry, not very attractive. I think it looks a lot better in the photos, then in real. My draw is almost perfect. First third: in the first third I detect a nice toastiness. Maybe toasted bread and black coffee. Real nice. Second third: i still get the toasty bread and coffee, the bread is almost sourdough but not quite. I also get a hint of clove. Delicious. Final third: interesting how complex such a small cigar can be. The last third brought in a dusty/powdery aspect for me. Kindve like a dusty Coco. Real nice. Overall, I enjoyed this cigar and rated it a 91.
  16. I've had a few good boxes of P2s from MSU, but this last box hasn't been the best. The last 5 I've had from this box have had very snug draws. This one is quite the opposite. It's draw is very open. Wrapper is slightly dry, but not ugly by any means. First third: starts off feeling underfilled. The cigar went out after 5 minutes, and I had to relight. I get a good hit of paprika and black pepper. The retrohale is very nice, and I find myself retrohaling every puff. Towards the end of the first third comes in some burnt black coffee. Second third: In the second third I detect some licorice/anisee type flavour, and I'm going to say maybe a bit of clove. The Partagas spice is also there. I get a good couple of minutes of bitterness right at the halfway point, but luckily it fades. Final third: bitterness returns at the start of the last third, but not a lot. Kindve like a bitter black coffee. Not too bad of a taste. Towards the end, the bitterness ramps up, and I put it out just past the band point. Overall the cigar wasn't bad. I've had a lot of better P2s. This one might of been underfilled, and the draw was too open for my liking. I still did enjoy it, so I'll give it an 89. Hope you enjoyed the review.
  17. This PLPC is my last one from this box, and it is a very sad day ? The wrapper is nice with a touch of oil. The draw is excellent although a touch on the loose side. First third: this cigar is just gorgeous. It starts off mild to medium. A bit strange for this box, I've had some powerhouses. It's toasty and sweet. Toasted bread, toasted tobacco and burnt sugar. Almost caramel, although unfortunately I always struggle to detect caramel when others can. Second third: just perfect. Upto a medium now. Every puff is pure bliss. It hurts me to see the ash get bigger. The flavours are the same, and I'm glad they are. It gets a little toastier towards the end, and I find myself burning my fingers before i put it down. 3rd cigar for the day, and a good way to end the night. I rate this cigar a 96, and I really think I'm being harsh. I don't really know what more i could want/expect from this cigar. It's amazing how good a cheap regular production cigar can be ? Hope you enjoyed the review.
  18. I second this. I've had a good amount of P2s from the MSU code through 18-19. Thanks for the review.
  19. Ahhh TOS. TOS has been good to me. Had some beautiful Dip 2s, had an amazing (although rather ugly looking) box of Monte PE, and this box of PLPC. Unfortunately only a few left. I've always intended on aging my PLPCs, but I never can. These are the oldest ones I've actually ever had. I just love em young. I paired this with black coffee for the first third, then switched to Orange juice after i finished my coffee. Who would've thought OJ would pair so well. Draw: perfect, 10 out of 10. I am definitely an amateur at picking flavours out, but bare with me, I'll do my best. First third: cigar opened beautifully. Retrohale was very pleasant. I picked up a nice cayenne sort of spice on the retro. There was a toasty, dustiness to the feel/flavour. Kind of like a burnt Brown sugar, but not necessarily burnt. Second third: I had finished my coffee at this stage, and switched to OJ. The OJ made the cigar feel silkier. It almost had a Jaffa like flavour. Dusty Brown sugar, spice, toasted tobacco. Last third: not much change. Still smoking beautifully. A bit earthy, darker towards the end. Mainly toasty with dusty Brown sugar. Beautiful cigar. I'll rate this cigar a 93. I was sad when it ended ?. Have you guys had any good boxes from the TOS factory code? Hope you enjoyed the review.
  20. I love my aussie muscle cars. My all time favourite '1971 Ford Falcon XY GT HO Phase 3' ?
  21. These light brown oily wrappers on my pl robustos, brings out the caramel like crazy. Wanna smoke em all, but curious to see if they'll get better with more age ?

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