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  1. Beautiful looking CAB of PLPC. I've smoked around 5 so far. I haven't detected much caramel just yet but I think they will get there. Beautiful wrapper. Nice amount of oil. Draw/construction/burn are near perfect. Paired with some apple cider. Cigar starts off with a nice toasted tobacco and some slight earthiness. I struggle to pick up any other nuances as I'm an amateur. Second third comes the burnt sugar which i love. 1 or 2 cigars from this CAB were a bit too rough and strong for me, but this ones just right. Finishes a bit stronger. Still has the burnt sugar and toastiness, just a bit rougher towards the back end. Overall a very good cigar from a nice CAB. Lots of promise. I've never had an aged PLPC, and i can't wait for this CAB to get there
  2. I've only ever had 2 or 3 Dip 2s in the past and they have all been singles bought in store. The last one I smoked was probably 4 or 5 years ago. So time to see what the recent TOS Dip 2 fuss is all about. Wrapper is nice and dark. A bit of sheen and toothy. First third starts out very nicely. I get a flavour that I can't quite put my finger on, but it is amazing. Like a savoury spice. Almost reminds me of Partagas. First third has some rough edges but that savoury spice is just brilliant. The second third adds a touch of salt, which i love. And some cream. So I've now got savoury spice and salted cream Last third adds a bit of a buttery cream. Very enjoyable cigar. Nicotine creeps up on me and I have to put it down without nubbing. I really liked this cigar and I'm glad I have a full box. I enjoyed it now but I think a few short years will do wonders. Just to get rid of those knees and elbows.
  3. This cigar is from a box of psp from our host. The draw was phenomenal. A perfect 10/10. It didn't require a double draw. One single smooth puff, drew plenty of cool flavourful smoke. Effortless. I never get anything from a prelight draw as I'm an amateur, so i didn't bother. First third: the cigar started beautifully. Light spice, some clove and soft leather. Really nice mix. I was pairing it with Glenfiddich 12 years, and lit this after a bbq. Second third: at the start of the second third there was a nice milk coffee which i don't remember getting in these. It only lasted a few draws and was replaced by a dusty coco. Dusty coco is one of my favourite flavours in a cigar. It wasn't very strong but it was there for this third. The leather was gone. Just coco and clove ๐Ÿค” weird but it worked ๐Ÿคค. Glenfiddich finished so onto a bottle of Green Label that i have never tried. I'm a single malt man but I was at my cousin's place, so i couldn't complain haha. Last third: the cool leather comes back in, and the coco fades. Every draw in the last third tasted sightly different. Really really interesting. Predominant flavours in this third were definitely clove and leather. The cigar stayed cool down to the nub. I really didn't want it to end. 1 hour and 35 minutes in total. Really enjoyed this cigar, and I hope you enjoyed my review ๐Ÿ˜
  4. These light brown oily wrappers on my pl robustos, brings out the caramel like crazy. Wanna smoke em all, but curious to see if they'll get better with more age ๐Ÿค”
  5. This oily Maduro makes me drool. Still young but making it hard to wait ๐Ÿคค
  6. Nice review, and good selfie haha, awesome hat ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Don't know why but it's not letting me post more than 1 pic at a time ๐Ÿคจ
  8. Wow. Bigger twist ending than Dexter season 1 ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿค”
  9. My haul from my trip to Cuba. Box of Maltes and CoLa. Several singles including some H.Upmann Sir Winnies which I have never tried. Also some mixed custom rolls ๐Ÿ˜ @El Presidente Alex from the Commodoro hotel sends his regards ๐Ÿ‘, top bloke. 20181021_133431_capture 20181021_133251_capture
  10. Hi. So I'm going to Peru in a few days, staying for 1 week, then going to Bolivia for 1 week, then Cuba for 2 weeks. I just wanted to know the best/cheapest way to obtain my visa. I'm on a budget and i want to save all the money I can for cigars haha Also I have a VISA debit card, but my bank is unsure whether it'll work in Cuba. Does anyone know whether it'll work in Cuba? Are there atms there? I've been told to take Euros and convert it to CUC once I'm there. But I'm worried if I loose it. Plus the money wasted from converting AUD to Euro to CUC. I'm from Melbourne and leaving for Peru in a few days. Any info is appreciated.
  11. @Fuzz oh tell me about it. Dam tobacco tax. Thanks for the advice everyone. My flight had to be pushed forward, so now I'm leaving in 16 hours ๐Ÿ˜. Can't wait.
  12. Bought 15 of these a few years ago in the cardboard 3 packs. Nice brown wrapper. Thin and oily. The cigar is packed pretty tight and has a tight draw. The burn was good though and ash held on nicely in 2 perfect chunks. In the first third i get a nice cedar note with cream and a nice milk coffee. I also get a touch of salt. I love a touch of salt in a cigar Just after the first third, I get a nice crack down one side. Probably because of the thin wrapper and the tight bunch. It didn't really effect the cigar at all though. The cigar still burnt straight down without a hiccup. In the second third the draw opens up a little more and I get some nice floralness (if that's a word). Touch of burnt sugar towards the end and a nice salty butter. Got a nice mix of flavours in this little cigar. If the draw wasn't as tight, it really would've been one to remember.
  13. I've had this box for approximately 6-7 months. Smoked a bunch of them and given out a bunch also. None have been bad. Most good, with 1 or 2 outstanding. The wrapper on this one is a nice chocolate brown. A bit dry, with not a lot of sheen. And very, very toothy. The draw is on the tight side, but manageable. Burn is good. First third starts off with big flavours. Medium to full in body. I pick up coffee, cream, a sweet spice and a touch of salt. Halfway through comes in a nutty flavor. I'm thinking almonds. Stayed pretty consistent for me. Turned a bit hot at the end, probably due to the tight draw and me double puffing it. Very enjoyable cigar.
  14. I purchased this cigar from the robs rotation sampler in mid 16. I've only ever smoked 2 of these and have loved them both. The wrapper is a nice brown. Light sheen to it. Draw, burn and construction are near perfect. Starts off with some nice coffee notes and a toastiness. Nice amount of flavour. Midway I get a nice bread/biscuit flavour. Gorgeous mix with the coffee notes. I struggled to get any other nuances, but it was a very flavourful stick. There was a thread about tooth and those white spots in the ash, and i realized this cigar had it. I hope the pic comes out well. If you told me the white spots in the ash meant flavour, I couldn't argue with you in this case. Recent threads about tea pairings got me to try something new this time so I paired this with a double teabag tea. One teabag of Camomile and Lemon, and one teabag of Lemon and Ginger. Added some honey, and it actually worked well. Hope you enjoyed the review
  15. Hi guys. I have 1 humidor and 2 coolidors. I have 65% bovedas in all. I don't have air conditioning in the house, and I've been lazy and too broke to buy a winador. I live in Melbourne, and throughout summer the temp in my humidor and coolidors go upto 30ยฐ (86ยฐ fahrenheit) at times. What effect does this have on my cigars? Am i doing permanent damage? My rh stays between 60-66.
  16. @LLC awesome stuff. I love the coasters ๐Ÿ˜
  17. My fathers Christmas present this year. Very hard man to buy presents for. He's recently started to collect things. He was gifted a 'King George' recently, so I thought I'd get him the whole Johnnie Walker collection to go with it (or as much as I could find).
  18. I'm planning to smoke a RyJ Capuletos. I split a 6er 3 ways with friends, so i have 2 to try. I feel like the berry/cherry notes of RyJ go so well with Christmas, and why not smoke a LE I haven't tried yet. Plus the wrapper on em are absolutely drop dead gorgeous, that awesome reddishness
  19. Cmelle

    FOH Mould Study

    Wow awesome work guys
  20. Next box buy for me is either Partagas D4s or Bolivar Corona Junior. Been after a box of both for a while, soon as my pocket allows lol. And next accessories on the list are a nice ashtray for my new outdoor setting, and a travel cigar case that can fit 5 or so cigars, maybe something similar to @GrouchoMarx's one.
  21. Some recent purchases that have been on my to get list for a while. And my new puppy
  22. Sounds about right

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