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  1. C&C time. H. Upmann No. 1 (2017) from our gracious host.
  2. C&C time. Piramides (2017) from our gracious host.
  3. RYJ Petit Royales (LGR ABR18) for this morning... Cohiba Siglo VI (EOS SEP18) after dinner smoke.. Both from our gracious host.
  4. C&C time. Having a Leyenda (LGR SEP18) from our gracious host.
  5. Had it on 15th Oct21. Recovered after 2 weeks 29th Oct21... Smell and taste was all over. Certain cigars was OK.. Certain cigars was just smoke and tasted bitter, bland, tasteless mostly... Didn't smoke much after that.. Around after mid Nov21, most I smoke was good.... Everything was tasting back normal after that.. Guess I was lucky to get them back that early... Hope yours will be soon Pres. Speedy recovery to you! Pres.
  6. C&C time. Monte Maltes (BRE OCT18) from our gracious host.
  7. Fruity..sweetness with a cup of coffee. Great combo indeed. Ramon Allones Asia Pacific Exclusivo (ASR DIC17) from our gracious host
  8. C&C time. Sancho Panza Belicosos (2017) from our gracious host.. Creamy...lil of drift wood. 😁
  9. C&C time. Trini Esmeralda(2021) from our gracious host.
  10. C&C time. Monte Edmundo (2018) from our gracious host. Yummmm
  11. Partagas Presidente (UBM SEP18) from our gracious host.
  12. Last night's Trini Reyes (2017) & this morning's HDM Du Depute (2015) both from our gracious host.

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