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  1. They are my favorite, Currently smoking from a couple boxes of 2008 and then I step up to 2012 for a bit. Definitely have a big stash aging. I have a constant fear I’ll run out so I try and grab some whenever some HQ/PSP pop up
  2. That’s what happens when you could fill a whole garage up brother
  3. I’m probably three Coro a week and some Conn A, Monte 2 mixed in right now. I’ll open the cabinet up and there is all kinds of stuff in there. I just keeping going back to the same stuff. Granted the second two change from time to time but I’m smoking a ton of Coro. I’m smoking by myself on the front porch the vast majority of the time so it’s truly just about what I’m drawn to.
  4. I find myself gravitating back to my staples daily. Even with a big selection I keep digging in the same boxes.
  5. I’m in Fanwood but traveling next week. Next weekend would be my first chance
  6. Have both and smoke both. I’m probably in the minority thatvlike the Edmundo better. I think it’s much easier to find quality Petit Edmundo than quality Edmundo though. The pe tends to get slightly bitter on me where the Edmundo is a little more balanced for me. Both great cigars
  7. I think he has though, he’s redefining how productive a player can be at 40++ years old. It could completely change longevity expectations and contract lengths as a result.
  8. Brady is the Michael Jordan of Football. They just ran a big comparison, I absolutely agree with it
  9. Good ideas but I don’t have the patience to make something that will look good myself.
  10. Good idea but unfortunately my better half tosses about 15 boxes away. Like big pictures though so that’s probably the way I go. Great feedback
  11. Good Evening I’m furnishing my office and have been searching for a nice big cigar picture to hang on the wall and I’m struggling to find something good. My first thought was to find s big picture similar to the cigar bundle you see in the lounges at JR Cigar. I’m open to any suggestions on where to look, google isn’t turning up much for me. Something fairly decent size that can be framed and anything cigar related. I’m currently looking at some sopranos cigar scenes I could frame. Thanks Matt
  12. Welcome. I’m from NC but live in Jersey now. What part of NC are you?
  13. Anything Hoyo to me but specifically Epicure Especial even when young
  14. The $$ are all relative man, the build quality is exceptional
  15. The deep was definitely the right choice for me. I think it will comfortably fit 85-90 boxes but I also prefer good spacing so maybe more
  16. All FOH PSP/HQ with the exception of the aged and the box of monte 1. Haven’t used the space for the back rows yet or really utilized the height, I think I’m in for another 35-40 boxes. Will go 3 cabs high, 3 deep, and 4 across. Going to be a fun year

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