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  1. If we do not circulate, how much difference will be there between bottom to top?
  2. Is top or bottom side of the humidor is more humid?
  3. You can use 62 rh boveda for airtight humidors but if your humidor is leaky you should use 65 rh.
  4. After time, I tested 62 rh, 65 rh and 69 rh with Hoyo Epi 2 and Upmann Half Corona and I am happy and like with 69 rh the most.
  5. It is not about rh%!!! It is about fresh cigars
  6. Thanks to people who replied about my question and who supported me about this thread. For fresh cigars did you have bitter taste or bad taste?
  7. In this forum, there are some very rude people and they think they are owner of the forum and always attack. I think they have problem with their own and I did not reply. If you do not like, you do not reply to thread. It is simple.
  8. I tried to find but I cannot! Please give or write link so I can look
  9. What do you think how old Cuban cigar should be for smoking? Is 1 year good or 3-4 years or more? And what do you think about consistency about Cuban cigars in a box?
  10. So your rh% and temp are more than 75 right?
  11. While I was talking with Thomas from Davidoff Geneva(oldest Davidoff shop ) , he told me higher rh% will give better aroma and more subtle notes and he said 6-8 weeks are needed for cigars to acclitimase humidity. And I learned that Zino Davidoff was selling Cubans and other cigars at 72 rh%. He said less rh% will more spicy and linear smoke but less burn problem. On the other hand JJ Fox (225 years old shop ) keeps their cigars at 65 rh and 65 F. They said better experience at 65 rh and 65 F. I will experience those. It is matter of personal taste. And after talking with a lot of people, I saw that there is no magic or correct number. There is 60-75 rh% range for cigars and you should go which you like. The only thing is 6-8 weeks is needed for cigars to acclitimase humidity and than you can smoke.
  12. This is from Boveda. I contacted with them and they told me Update for Case 4511 - "Your suggestion" You can determine the best RH level for a cigar wrapper (or any organic material) by performing a moisture isotherm analysis. We don't have any public studies to provide you with.
  13. I tried 65 for Nicaraguans but it was strong. Is it because 65 rh or other thing? For people who choose higher humidity than cubans, why do you go with higher like 67-68 rh?

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