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  1. I know these are close but not an exact match, but has anyone had both? Opinions on them? Is there a better factory on one or the other? Date? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Thanks... By construction, do you mean looks or actual construction as in draw and feel/packed correctly, not under or over packed?
  3. Ive always been intrigued by LGC but recently have been seeing people talking that the Montecarlos from PL are a CLOSE competitor to the LGC No.4's.. True? Has anyone had one of each before? Is the cost savings on the PL a good move versus the cost of the LGCs?
  4. Thats what I was wondering if anyone has done.. So you have a dedicated humidor for customs?
  5. I understand... So in boxes they will take longer to transform but also are less likely effected by RH swigs.
  6. Do you think storing them in cabs or leaving them open in a humidor helps or doesn't help them?
  7. Ive seen many people smoking J-Os, Farm rolls and other Custom rolls. I was wondering how you guys store them? Ive seen people say to store them in used cabs, some just throw them in their tray/drawers. It would be nice to have a dedicated humidor for them since most custom rolls need time to rest anyway. Just curious as to how people store them and how long they let them sit generally and even the RH preferred for such rolls. Do you think storing them in cabs or leaving them open in a humidor helps or doesn't help them?
  8. I've aways wondered about people that travel with these or go about the day with these in their pocket... I mean people talk about cigars having to sit at a perfect Rh or itll burn funky etc. Well, sitting in a airy tin that's leaking RH, doesn't that effect the cigars smoke quality and taste? That's why I've been pushed away from the tinned cigars like HUHC, shorts, clubs etc.
  9. Does anyone have a copy of the English MRN book that they are willing to pass on/sell? With light of a new book coming out, maybe someone would allow a new guy to read the old book for a while... If not, no biggie!
  10. Normally you'll see a lot RH at the top and higher at the bottom. Thus leading you to store your CCs at the top and your NCs at the bottom. Usually about 2-3rh higher at the bottom. While now ideal, it's better than 63-65 for NCS
  11. Stepping outside the box here/normal routine. I know these really are against the grain for "average" recommendations, but what do you guys think about these? There are some 08-10 and current boxes out there. Any suggestions on years that are better, worse, yay, nay etc? Thanks.
  12. This is where I bought mine from: They sell all sizes and its the same thing just WAY cheaper. They do sell by the pound and shipping isnt too bad. I dont know why mine creep up in RH but my OLDDDDD silica beads from CigarMony ( anyone remember that guy? Mark Neff. ) are still PERFECT 8-9 years later at 63% RH. Crazy.... I guess that is what an engineered bead does versus something else that were trying to MAKE work.

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