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    Nightvision, cars/racing, shooting, scuba, golf (I suck at it, can't hit that white dimple thing) so I just smoke great Cuban cigars instead!

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  1. 2 boxes of Hoyo De Monterrey Le Hoyo De San Juan 2017....They are just about perfect now!
  2. Love the music of the Boss, probably the hardest workers on stage and plays the longest...Just wish he'd stop the political speeches at a "concert". I pay hard earned money to see him perform his music, not the political dance. ? "Shoot pool Fast Eddie".
  3. Funny, I ONLY bring in cigars from my humidor to smoke in Cuba.
  4. Montecristo boxes in the background here in this epic classic.
  5. First it's been too damn hot (105-109F) to smoke in the backyard, now it's the local fires in so-cal with ashes everywhere that ones lungs don't do well for long outside stints. So I think I will head to my local cigar lounge, purchase one of their cigars and then sneak light one of my CC's. (Take the band off of course). I support the shop but just cannot smoke the Dom's or Nic's.
  6. Lol, I've actually asked him this same exact question and mentioned this site. He literally just laughs and says "really"? ?
  7. cmbarton, THANKS so much taking time to take the pics and post them here. Like most, only talked over the phone with him over the years. GREAT to see his shop in action and he as well! Mann, I would love to go there some day. His work is phenomenal and not many left like him out there. My last figured maple cabinet is a true one of a kind. Enjoy your new work of art!
  8. Cannot agree more. He's made three for me so far. One big Armoire coming next year!
  9. Hmmm, not sure about the noisy A/C comments, I have 2 larger cabinets and I can barely hear the AC units.
  10. Always worried about reported maintenance issues.

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