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  1. In terms of the "joy" I get smoking vs. the cost paid: PLPC Connie 1s Epi 2s
  2. Smoking will be a detractor for PEGs but the bigger issue is uncertainty around U.S. treatment of the embargo IMO. All of these funds invest institutional capital and their limited partners (investors) would most likely not allow an investment in tobacco / partially owned by a communist coutnry. The pool of potential investors is therefore limited to funds that either A. can get around those two issues, B. are family office money without the restrictions or C. in a country that cares less about such things (e.g. China).
  3. I'm interested to see how the non-China market reacts to this. It feels like a good amount of guys went deep on these based upon performance of Cohiba LEs historically, and Habanos is about to burn them by flooding the market.
  4. will likely pick up a box of the QdO, really wish the Monte wasn't a 55 ring but will still likely try a few.
  5. I have one box of these down and reading the reviews / comments is making me feel like I need at least one more...
  6. Edit: realized after the fact that I went full Millennial and thought "joggers" were mentioned, not running shoes. Depends what you're going for, but I typically wear either Lululemon or Nike joggers when I'm running. Both are pretty light-weight and do the job. The lulu ones feel like they are built from slightly better materials but not 2x better, you're mainly paying up for the brand (similar to the Cohiba arguments around here). https://www.nike.com/t/dri-fit-mens-training-pants-7l3Wqy/860369-010 https://shop.lululemon.com/p/men-pants/Surge-Jogger/_/prod8470023
  7. Great review, I have about a half box of these left and have been really enjoying them
  8. @Hookmaker I think when people say full bodied here they are talking about "flavor". I tend to think of "strong" as having more connotations with a nicotine kick, which many of us aren't really after.
  9. @Hunterd16 where can I find that? I went on Binny's website and didn't see it there.
  10. Drank a lot of Monkey 47 when I was working in the UK (more expensive stateside). When I was living in NYC I absolutely drained 4 Pillars Bloody Shiraz gin (only ~$40 bucks a bottle) but now that I'm back in Chicago and can't find 4 Pillars, I tend to stick with Sipsmith.
  11. Just picked up a PSP box of Monte #2 last night which were high on the list. CCE, Monte Especial and Sig 6 are all cigars I have wanted since I joined the forum two years ago and haven't been able to score. Not a big regional guy but I'm interested in the PL Netherlands and Germany Coronas this year.
  12. Puts: Cohiba Espendido UAO JUL 17, SCdlH La Fuerza TOS DIC 15, HDM Epi #2 EUS NOV 11, Upmann Connie A LUB ENE 14, Punch Sabrosos MLA AGO 11, Siglo II SGA SEP 16 and Alex custom Piramides from May 2017 Takes: RG AP Regional SOM DIC 16, RyJ Short Churchill OLM JUL 15, Trini Fundadores, RMU OCT 15, Cohiba Genios TOS OCT 16, RA Superiores OGA MAY 11
  13. Just received the box this evening. Shoutout to @Diabolicalpherpher for the generous gift of a '14 Party 898. I'm out of town for work tomorrow but will get the box on the road Friday. Thinking through my takes / puts now.

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