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  1. Welcome! I work in boca and live in boytnon. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to get together for an impromptu herf.
  2. Sounds great. I go there often have probably run into you at some point. I will definitely reach out.
  3. For my wineador I am temporarily using cedar trays like the ones you can get on amazon while I wait for my custom shelves/drawers to be built. I would suggest checking out - a guy named Forrest makes some incredible shelves and drawers for wine cooler conversions. He came highly recommended to me. I am still waiting on them, probably ordered 3 weeks ago. I am also using and oasis humidification device.
  4. Hahaha I know. It's dangerous. I'm already looking into another wine cooler to convert and I haven't even gotten my shelves yet.
  5. Hello, I am new to FoH and wanted to take the time to introduce myself. I have been smoking nc for a couple of years now and my hobby really picked up with both nc an cc in february. I started out with a 25ct humi and now have 2 25 ct, a 150ct as well as a new air 280 wineador . I am still waiting on the shelves to come in from After the shelves get seasoned will be working on converting my oasis to using rh beads rather than foam to avoid potential mold. I was referred here by a BOTL I befriended in a Facebook cigar group who had nothing but wonderful things to say about FoH. As far as work I come from a background of business to business sales. Went to school at West Virginia University for business. I currently work as a nurse recruiter helping nurses get jobs around the country. I look forward to meeting some great BOTL and SOTL here. Hope everyone is having a great morning! -Djames928

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