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  1. Great cigar and wonderful Wines/Sauternes…Couldn’t afford either one in the 1970’s…The Zino cigar I would like to locate is the ‘Château Latour’. …Worth it’s weight in gold
  2. John: When did TRINIDAD start production of Trinidad Fundadores Cigar box of 12 and when did they stop. If this is known. Thanks for this excellent post.
  3. First deal and a great cigar. What else at that moment ever felt and tasted that good. Congratulations.
  4. Welcome, have fun..from Florida
  5. For the large collection of cigar boxes there is the ;; 103 Qt. Weather Tight Storage Box in Clear at Home Depot $44.00 with Handle and wheels. That’s as large as I found in clear polypropylene plastic. All water and seal for air. $7.00 delivery charge from ‘local’ Home Depot.
  6. I have a 1920’s triple sterling silver and leather cigar case. It’s long, It’s real can hold 9” long cigars comfortably..BUT..of course there can only hold cigars with a maximum of 50 ring. So, Churchill and Lusitania cigars will just fit or I can fit… (6)Partagas Serie D No.4
  7. Govee, mine is working like a charm… .02% +-
  8. Very sad.. my favorite.. somebody needs to be hung.
  9. sorry to hear…Hope it’s all well… so, what’s the bid now. .I sent my first and then an alternative price. due to the delay if bidding notice.

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