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  1. Found it. In this very forum of all places. Look to the reply by Pigfish.
  2. I read a well reasoned and insightful thread on this somewhere. Give me time to find it, but the gist is- no. It's all about RH, regardless of temp (excluding extremities).
  3. Same here, and I just started getting into this. Hell, my original sampler is still acclimating.
  4. I'm normally a sucker for anything by Warped. That's their Sky Flower correct? How was it? On another note, if you're checking out fishing kayaks, I loved my Native Ultimate 14.5 The seat is what sealed the deal. It's vented! No case of the red-ass from sitting in water all day! It's also fairly stable. They have been around for a while so you can probably find one used at a reasonable price. Here is a pic of a Native Magic 12 I used to have as well. Same seat, but sit on top instead of sit in. Also a winner in my book. *Hi-jack over. Sorry
  5. A No. 4 Monte to accompany my coffee on this clear, cool Atlanta morning with the Georgia Tech whistle blowing in the distance.
  6. Now here is something that may tickle your fancy. The Patek Philippe 5175R Grand Master Chime. A bit over budget, but it's just money..
  7. If it's not too late, I'd like to present a couple of options: First is a beautiful JDM (japanese domestic market) Seiko Presage SARX041. Seiko 6R15 Japanese automatic movement (not top of the line, but definitely a step above the standard 2824 movements seen in a lot of watches). 10 atm WR, sapphire crystal, 40.5mm stainless case. Really a classy piece. Second is the little known GWS G10. It's not automatic, but is just freaking cool. 20 atm WR, sapphire crystal, tritium illumination, clean deal, 40mm size. Reasonably priced. The third is a Sinn 556. German watch with Swiss ETA 2824 *top grade* movement. 20 atm WR, decent antimagnetic capabilities, screw down crown, double coated anti-glare sapphire crystal. 38.5mm stainless case. Simple & clean. I have the 556a (pictured below) which is a little more militaryish than the 556i. Priced at the top end of your budget. **A little note here, all automatic movements are not created equal. Furthermore, unless you plan on spending $5K+ you are not going to find an in-house movement. All watches in your price range will be made either by ETA (owned by Swatch), SOPROD (owned by Citizen), SEIKO, or SELITTA. Before you get too wrapped up in a particular brand, look to get the best grade movement for your hard earned money.. These articles is a bit long winded, but they will give you a lot of insight into watch movements, their quality grades, and what you're getting for your money- Last but not least, automatic movements are like english cars. They are going to require maintenance. My rule of thumb is about 30% of the initial watch cost every 7 years in preventative maintenance.
  8. Try mixing it with Barrett's ginger beer and a slice of lime. A "Mexican Mule" if you will. It's particularly nice on a warm evening.
  9. Damn, you caught me. Hah! It's a GoPro 3-Way handle. It can be used as a tripod, stabilizing mount, or selfie stick. Really useful in diving to get closeups without spooking fish.
  10. It looks like I'm joining thisoneguy with my first CC purchase. Like him, I decided to go the shmorgasborg route and ordered a little bit of everything. I have to admit I am a little jealous of the RASS and the ERDM sticks. I knew I forgot something..
  11. At the suggestion of a member from another cigar forum, I've come here to meet fellow Habanofiles and hopefully pick up a "few" tidbits along the way. Now a bit about myself- Fifteen years ago, I sporadically smoked cigars (parties, celebrations, etc). Mostly the big name brands, AF's, Mac's, occasional Davidoff, you get the picture. Fast forward to December 2015, the fiancé and I decided to do the destination wedding thing in St. Martin. At the recommendation of a local, I visited the LCDH in Marigot to pick up some celebratory sticks. And got hooked. FML. Since returning, my end of week ritual has been a Monte #4 and a glass of Angostura 1824. Outside of the weekly Montecristo, I've really come to enjoy a lot of the small batch/boutique brands that seem to be all the rage now; Sobremesa, Foundation's El Gueguense and Tabernacle, Caldwell's The King is Dead, Eastern Standard, and Anastasia. Eventually my Cuban stock dwindled and I decided my first order should be a sampler instead of a single brand/vitola. Hopefully I'll be able to find a couple of winners out of this motley group. I have to say I've become so damned accustomed to the darker wrappers that are being used on so many brands that Cuban cigars seems almost unusually light in color. Go figure. Nonetheless, they're in my humidor resting. And I wait patiently... Obligatory photo of my first order: Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right:

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