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  1. I have just found the secret to a long modest Life, This 110 year old Gentleman has it figured out http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh95d9X48N7e6DNr3A
  2. Thank you planetary, monk & stogie for that intro, I'll be down sizing my NC storage for more CC space. I just purchased more CC. Mont #2 & San Cristobal la punta looking to great CC. smokes
  3. Hello to everyone here on FOH.... I'm excited about learning more and getting more Cuban Cigars . I have been smoking NC for a while now and in the last six months I have been smoking CC. I have been testing some samplers finding what I like best and trying to show some restraint and patients in purchasing boxes of CC, cause there all so damn good, much more richer, smoother and the cuban tobacco much better then NC to me. I also don't have the space for them just yet, I just have a Newair AW 181E wineador and can't store many boxes. Question when did you go full out and upgraded your storage capacity purchasing and collecting lots of CC. one or two years, and on average how many boxes did you buy a year..? I purchase my first box of Bolivar's coronas jr. this pass June in Grand Caymans on vacation and loved them. I've been trying samplers and getting some from trusted friends since. These are what I've check out to date. CC sampler photo.html Again glad to be here and look farward to your informative replies Thanks EddieG23 Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Insert other media Uploaded Files

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