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  1. Flipper? I didn't think dolphins swam around the Chicago area outside of the aquarium??? Hmmm....
  2. I have an Avallo. It's dimensions are something like 24x24x30. Built solid and holds RH well. You will not be disappointed.
  3. Hi. It works quite well. Has the greatest weight of charcoal of any purifier for the money. I run it at high speed while smoking and keep it running for a few hours after I'm done. You will smell tobacco while you are smoking but it does a good job of sucking in the air. Here is the spec from the manufacturer. My garage is 22x24x10 = 5,300 cu ft 360° air distribution allows for purification for up to 2000 sq. ft with 2 air exchanges an hour (based on 8-foot ceilings) = 16,000 cu ft.
  4. Took over one spot of the 2 car garage. Quartz heater and Airpura T600 tobacco filtration system and we are ready to have a party....
  5. i keep them in an open plastic bag in the cabinet humidor with the tops off - to have the little piece of cedar inside be conditioned at 65% RH. then when i'm taking cigars out - i put the cigars i want into these seasoned tubes, seal them and slide them into the carry pouch of my custom made leather cigar holds the "perfecdraw" tool too!
  6. Hi - way after my time...I have no clue. Sorry.
  7. Ok Ken...I wasn't sure if you had written it. Not to be a d.i.c.k...BUT....I was the VP Marketing for Ancient Age Distilling company in 1987. We owned Blanton's bourbon. I (me) personally created the "moniker" Single Barrel Bourbon in early 1988. If you look at a Blanton's neck label in 1987 you will not see a mention of single barrel. Then in1990 we started bottling calling it Single Barrel Bourbon. After other brands started calling their product single barrel..Blanton's changed the label to "The Original Single Barrel"...
  8. Hi Ken - regarding you comment r.e. Blanton's "it is a single barrel which claims to be the first".... Yes Ken I can unequivocally confirm and assure you that Blanton's is absolutely the first bourbon to be called "Single Barrel Bourbon"...and it is for sure dumped from a single barrel. Were other bourbons also dumped from a single barrel in 1988? Maybe. But they were never called a "single barrel bourbon"...
  9. Listen I hate our NY Cuomo-nist Governor as much as the next guy but pardon my French....what idiot buys cigars in NY? Other than getting your Cubans from FOH - if you want non Cubans you get them mail order from PA. For the random cigar you just have to buy at a lounge - well if it cost $1 more what's the big deal...
  10. Speak to these people: Alba MOLINS Departamento de Marketing La Cartuja de Sevilla [email protected]
  11. I store them in the tube but with the top removed. This way when I grab one and pop the top back on I know the RH% of the piece of cedar inside the tube should hold my cigar fairly consistent for (at the very least) that day/night I'm planning on smoking it...

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