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  1. Absolutely you can show others, and we encourage that. Have them use it and get their responses. It just should not be "out there" over the internet just yet. Thanks, Rod
  2. You are absolutely correct. The commitment is to use the product as often as you are able for two weeks. Then we will send out a survey where you will rate a couple aspects. And then if you have any comments you'd like to make, you write whatever you'd want. That's pretty much it. But yes, the entire point is to get feedback so that we know where we stand before going into full manufacturing production. Thanks. Rod
  3. Actually, we originally had 50 allotted for FOH, but those went very quick, and you guys are incredibly awesome. So I contacted the factory and asked them to make another 100 so I should be able to do 150 for FOH.
  4. Hi everyone. For those of you who love the PerfecDraw and our other products, and of course for those who’ve never tried them, we’re starting a beta test of a new product that I’d like to offer for those who’d like to participate. But first I want to thank Rob Ayala of Friends of Habanos for his enthusiastic support and offer for me to post here regarding this beta test. So anyway, here’s the deal. I have several new, innovative cigar accessory products in development and manufacturing. The next one to be released will go into full manufacturing after we complete a beta test and confirm that it indeed works the way I have designed it to work. All of the molds have been finished, which has been quite a task. Given the difficulty and brick walls I kept hitting, I actually gave up on this project...twice. Very long story. So the factory is making a certain number for me to use in the beta test. I am hopeful to receive the shipment of the units in about two weeks or so from the factory. I’ve received so many heartfelt messages from members here about our products, that I thought I’d like to offer you guys ‘n gals the opportunity to participate. First, the basic rules: You’ll need to agree not to make any comments anywhere other than directly to me, until the new product is launched. And you’d need to keep any details about the product confidential until the launch of the product. You would also need to agree to use the product as much as possible for two weeks, and then most importantly, provide feedback directly to me. And of course, after that time, the product is yours to keep. If you are interested in learning more, just contact me at [email protected] (remember there's no "t" in Perfec) or use the contact page at our website EDIT TO POST: Wow, the requests are streaming in like crazy! So instead of emailing me directly, please email to [email protected] Chad is my son, and funny enough, it is Chad who first introduced me to cigars. Thanks Chad! In your email, just confirm that you understand and agree that details about the product will remain confidential until the launch. I will then email you details about the product and how it works. If you decide to participate, you will email your shipping address to me. And that’s it. Very simple. I don’t know how many will be interested, but we only will have a limited number of units to give out, so I apologize if you contact me and we don’t have any prototypes left. EDIT TO POST: If you decide to email us, kindly also post below with a "+1" or any other comment so that this thread will stay visible for as long as people are interested, or until we've found that we'll be running out. EDIT TO POST 10/12/2019: Wow, these things are going quickly. Won't know how many emails until Chad gets into work Monday morning. Originally we were going to receive 100 beta test samples from the factory, and I was able to allocate 50 of those to FOH. But we are having such an amazing response (getting tons of posts, and even more emails than posts), and everyone at FOH is so awesome that I don't want anyone here to miss out if possible. So I contacted the factory and told them to make an additional 100 for the beta test. So now we'll be able to allocate 150 to FOH. So hopefully there's still room for those who are getting to this late. Regardless, even when we run out of the 150 allotment, we will respond to every email to let you know. Thanks, and I hope to hear from many of you. Rod Kurthy Perfec Cigar Solutions
  5. Thanks. I didn't do a good job of explaining that the #1 and #2 above are frustrations for two different products. I just edited it to make it more clear. So, which frustration were you talking about, #1 or #2? Rod
  6. OK... then let me give you at least a little inkling of at least the frustrations that these two products may solve. According to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), I can't say anything about the products themselves yet. But I can certainly ask you (and everyone here) if you have either of the following frustrations: 1) PRODUCT #1 - When I go out to smoke with buddies -- let's say we're gonna meet up at some restaurant that has a patio where you can have cigars. I fill my favorite lighter - a DuPont. And as I'm filling my lighter with butane, I'm concerned if I'll be running out of butane tonight. I get there, and routinely some of the guys didn't even bring a lighter. So they're reaching for my lighter and others' lighters. And we'll be there a good 4 or more hours BS'ing, and I talk a we'll go through two sticks and I'll have to often re-light my cigar. So with others reaching for my lighter, and me using it so much, sure enough, I, or some of the other guys run out of butane in our lighters. And now with so many triple and quad flame lighters, those things guzzle the butane. It's at least a concern for me and almost every other cigar smoker I've asked. And several have told me that they will bring three lighters with them, just because of this concern. But of course we all have our "most favorite" lighter that we prefer using. So do any of you guys/gals here have that concern or frustration? 2) PRODUCT #2 - Traveling on airplanes for vacation or business -- The TSA rules state that you MAY take up to ONE cold-flame lighter, like a BIC lighter, in your pocket on board or in your carry-on luggage...but NOT in your checked luggage. They do not allow butane in checked luggage. You may not take any type of reservoir of butane (like a can of butane) on plane AT ALL. And you may take torch lighters only in your checked luggage, but they must be 100% empty, without even any vapors in the lighters (they often check). And they should be placed in a ziplock bag with a note saying they are EMPTY. But even when doing this, I hear reports of torch lighters having been confiscated in checked luggage. But if you bring an empty torch lighter, good luck finding any cans of butane at your destination. Certainly nearly no hotels or resorts have cans of butane in their lobby stores. And what a pain in the neck it is to light your cigar with a cold flame lighter, especially out doors where you may be smoking with some wind. They do have lighters that some companies have private labeled as "travel lighters". They are typically pretty bulky plastic housings with a torch tip but are empty inside. You put those in your checked luggage. You carry a BIC style lighter with you on the plane. And when you arrive at your destination, you slide the cold flame lighter inside this plastic housing contraption and it converts it to a torch lighter. But there are a couple problems: - You can't use a BIC lighter because it is the wrong shape and will not fit. And BIC is the most commonly sold cold lighter in gift shops. You need the correct shaped cold flame lighter. And remember you can only bring ONE cold flame lighter with you on the plane. - These "travel lighter" housing things are bulky. I bought one to take with me to Germany for the InterTabac show and the Cigar Trophy Awards ceremony. So here I am, walking around all day, with my 3-finger sleeve of cigars and my compact cigar tool kit, which this bulky lighter will not fit into. So I carry this bulky lighter in my pocket, and it looks and feels ridiculous in my pocket. So the frustrations this other lighter that I have in mind will solve are: - No bulky plastic housing -- this is an actual cigar lighter that will work as a torch, but TSA has confirmed it can be carried on board. - This thing will have enough butane reservoir inside of it to last till the cows come home! Yet it will not be bulky like that other "travel lighter" gizmos. So, I'd love to hear any comments on these two frustrations. I don't want to go spending a MOUNTAIN of money developing and manufacturing these two products if they won't even sell. Love to hear any and all feedback -- HONEST feedback. Thanks guys 'n gals. Rod
  7. At some point in the future, we may be able to provide this in a larger container, but probably not as large as you're talking about. It's not as simple as whipping up a bigger bottle. There are all sorts of regulatory issues and laws that we have to deal with and a buncha very costly hoops to jump through. We do get some comments regarding a larger bottle, but not many. The comments we get mostly are from customers that mention that not only does the PerfecRepair work far better than anything else on the market, but that the other common stuff on the market comes in a bottle that's much larger in diameter, so it's uncomfortable to carry it in a pocket or cigar tool kit, and they like the slim diameter of the bottle. Also, with the formula being so effective, you don't need to use nearly as much, and testing shows it's good for approximately 80 routine repairs. So that works out to just 11 cents per repair. So the bottom line is that every time a company brings out some different variation, there is a LOT of time and cost involved. So if you don't have enough demand (sales), it can be a big problem. It's really funny how popular the PerfecRepair has gotten. I started the company just because I'd created the two products that became the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair only for my own use. In addition to practicing dentistry, I've been a healthcare research scientist for 42 years. So I'm used to thinking of things and turning them into reality. So I did that just for my own use. But when friends saw these things and tried them themselves, they went nutso over them. Since I already own a large company in the dental industry, I figured "Why not? I'll just use my current facility and employees." I knew that the PerfecDraw would be an immediate hit and become popular, which it most certainly has. But I didn't figure the PerfecRepair would gain nearly the popularity. But I was wrong. It just amazes me how many orders we get for PerfecRepair. Just as much as for the PerfecDraw. And with Christmas shopping having started, we're getting more orders for PerfecRepair than even the PerfecDraw. Go figure! I determined that the company would never be a "me too" company. The only time we'll bring out new products is if they're truly "new", or have significant and very unique improvements over other products. I'm in the middle of the development of the next two products, which are totally "new" (never before anything like them), and which I think will also solve a lot of common frustrations that my brothers of the leaf have. Everybody have a GREAT holiday season. Very best, Rod
  8. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!! What a night that Cigar Trophy Awards Ceremony was!! I have to say how incredibly impressed I was to see the cigar industry behind the scenes. Though all these folks are technically competitors, you would NEVER know it. They're all just one big loving family. All the various cigar companies help and root for each other at all times. The genuine love that I felt in that room was overwhelming. And how all these folks, whom I've never met before, welcomed my wife and me with open arms is just amazing. I figured that most of these folks had never even heard of the PerfecDraw yet. But you should have heard the astounding applause when they announced the PerfecDraw as the winner of the Cigar Trophy Award for Best Accessory of 2018. And to have Carlos Fuente, Jr. come up to me, congratulate me, and then reach out to give me a huge hug was the topper of the evening. What an amazing man he is! So THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!! Thanks for your support, your great comments, and for simply being a great bunch of friends!
  9. Hey guys (‘n gals)! Thanks again for all of your enthusiasm about my little PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair inventions. BIG NEWS! I have GOT to tell you what’s going on. Can’t believe it! It’s only been within the last small handful of months that the PerfecDraw has been introdued in Europe and some other areas around the world. And we’re just a start-up company – just started as a fun sideline for me when I was pushed by friends to launch these products that I’d created only for my own use. I already had a big company in the dental industry, so we decided we’d “just do it” and run it through the same facility. Well, just two days ago I was contacted by The Cigar Journal. They sponsor the Cigar Trophy awards. These are said to be the most prestigious product awards in the cigar industry. They are the ONLY awards that are based on voting by real cigar smokers like you. This is all announced through The Cigar Journal, which is an international magazine with only 20% of its circulation here in the USA. We’ve never worked with any magazine and have never done any formal advertising. So I didn’t even know we’d been nominated for the Cigar Trophy Best Cigar Accessory of 2018. So after voting, we are now among the five finalists! So I just heard about this for the first time two days ago when I was contacted by the owner of The Cigar Journal. Like I said, I didn’t even know we’d been nominated! From June 20 – 27, the voting is at, and you do not need to be a subscriber of The Cigar Journal. So if you just LOVE the PerfecDraw, please take the time to go vote. That would be simply AWESOME!! I’m just booking my flights tonight to attend the awards ceremony in Germany. Blows my mind and feels so awesome to know so many love my little invention. Very best, Rod
  10. It depends on how wide the crack is. Lots ‘n lots of info below regarding this. If it’s a very narrow crack or hole – or an edge of a wrapper that’s lifted just slightly, all you have to do is follow these instructions below. But first, just so everyone knows what I’m talking about – I’m talking about when you fire up your stick, and the resistance is good, but you’re just not getting the smoke you think you should. You look carefully, and you find a very narrow crack, small hole, or even the edge of a wrapper that’s lifted a little. You could be sucking in a little air through that hole/crack, and that’s just enough to reduce the amount of smoke. You have to shake the bottle like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve placed 4 medical grade stainless steel balls inside the bottle to facilitate mixing. But the cellulose fibers settle to the bottom, and you’ve got to be aggressive in your shaking to get them all into suspension again. So you DAB (do NOT paint) the glue right on top of the narrow crack, hole or lifted wrapper edge. The cellulose fibers average 60 microns in length and only 1-2 microns in diameter. So when they settle, they crisscross, forming a “net”. So you then draw very gently on your cigar at first. That will suck down the net and seal the air leak. However, if the crack or hole is a little larger/wider, you have three possible ways to use the PerfecRepair. But to understand this, let me give you some background. And understand that I am a researcher in the health field for 42 years, so I’m always looking at the biologic and health aspects when I’m creating anything. Cellulose fibers are the structural component of any plant, including tobacco plants. Tobacco leaves naturally have a high content of cellulose. So when we’re smoking cigars, we’re already smoking a lot of cellulose. And the cellulose fibers I use are sourced as food grade from the USA. But now open your minds a little while I explain something else… Paper is made of cellulose, including paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissue. Anything that food touches or you use on your body is regulated closely by the FDA to make sure there are no toxic products. For example, food often touches paper towels. And of course you touch your body with the others. So here are your choices when you are dealing with a significant size crack or hole: 1 - Dab PerfecRepair (PR) on top of the crack and gently draw on your cigar. You’ll notice that the dab of PR flattens out. Then another little dab, and again gently draw on the cigar. What that does is thicken the “net” of crisscrossed cellulose fibers. But if the crack/hole is still larger, then you can select one of the next two options. 2 – Dab over the crack/hole and let the cigar dry, and smoke it a couple hours or a day later. Or if you just MUST smoke that sucker NOW, give this a try: 3 – Grab a piece of paper towel, facial tissue or toilet tissue. Tear a piece of the paper so that it’s just maybe an 1/8th or even 1/16th inch wider and longer than the hole/crack. Paint PR over the crack/hole, and place the paper over the hole/crack and pat the paper down onto the PR you painted over the crack/hole. And if you want, you can then “paint” a very thin additional layer of PR over the paper. Works like a charm. I don’t normally even mention this because many have a knee-jerk reaction because they don’t realize they’re already smoking cellulose, how very little of the “paper” is used, how it doesn’t affect the smokability or taste whatsoever, and it’s entirely safe. In fact, just for the fun it, months ago I was playing around with the idea and intentionally butchered up a cigar with a utility knife. I fixed it and it smoked perfectly. If anyone is actually interested, I’ll show you the photos. It’s pretty funny actually. But really, unless you’re in a hurry or in a bind where you need to smoke that cigar NOW, you’re best off repairing it and letting it dry for at least a couple hours. Rod
  11. I keep mine in with my cutters and lighters. Actually, I have a great carbon fiber 3-finger cigar sleeve that I use as my tool kit. I have a thin single-flame Dupont lighter that kicks butt. A Xikar punch. Great Perfect Cutter (the one with the small hole in it for torpedos) from Cuban Crafters. One of those thin folding cigar stands (in case I don't have access to a good cigar ashtray), and of course my PerfecDraw and little bottle of PerfecRepair. It all fits into that cigar sleeve perfectly. Rod
  12. You're welcome bud! You guys crack me up. I just love reading the comments about my little invention. I'm sittin' here in Hawaii on vacation (still pretty shook up from yesterday when we were told a nuke was heading toward us from North Korea!) watching the ocean, workin' on my laptop and smiling seeing the love here! Aloha to everyone! Rod
  13. Thanks Barry. Love the comments. Yep, for me, it's rare that I don't use it, even often just a tiny bit, to get the exact draw that I want..... but of course, you could say I might be just a little bit prejudice... Rod

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