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  1. We had a bunch of dirt jumps and trails kids in our town built and maintained for BMX bikes. Some were pretty crazy looking back. And the peer pressure to do them was pretty intense. And if you went at these jumps with any doubt in your head you were toast. Definitely built confidence as clearing those jumps was always a huge relief. Also, not that I condone this as I’m not a physical person, but we regularly had fights in our town. I’m 39 so this is early 90s. Any dispute was settled in “the pit” at 3:15pm in a wooded area a few blocks from school. Often the two fighting would shake hands after and it was laid to rest. Kind of a funny thing to think about.
  2. El Hoze

    NYC Herf?

    There is about a 50/50 shot I will be in NYC on the 2nd and would definitely be in. Schedule is a bit nuts these days however.
  3. HUSW Des Dieux (not sure that counts) CCE Cohiba Exquisitos (need a smaller cigar) Siglo V RyJ Churchill Lusi Partagas 898 Fundadores Obligatory box of Opus X to placate the Dominican better half.
  4. If you have the time it’s a great experience, and you can drink as much beer as you want for like a year and never gain weight which is an added benefit!
  5. After completing an Ironman, had not had a beer in a week or so (aka a long time) and it was a long day basically thinking about drinking a cold beer. Had it right at the finish line waiting for me, a PBR tall boy ice cold.
  6. I grew up in NJ. My maternal grandfather was a die hard Yankees fan. He used to take me and my cousin to games what seemed like once a week. My cousin now takes die hard to a new level. I was at Game 7 when the Yankees lost to the Diamondbacks. I was beside myself but commented to my cousin that it was nice to see the DBacks win one. My cousin told me I might as well “kick Pop in his grave” and barely spoke to me for a year. Total nutball. Total Jersey. Jets. Ugh. My Dad had access to Jets tickets growing up so that was our team. I often joke how much easier my life would have been if he somehow had access to Giants tickets. Still love the Jets though. Oddly I live in Miami now and pull for the Dolphins despite the rivalry. They both suck. Now, the Pats I could never root for. Devils. Played for a junior Devils hockey team growing up. Kirk Muller. Sean Burke. Ken Daneyko. Those were the days. Don’t watch a ton of NHL hockey but love going to games. Seton Hall. Same, attended a Seton Hall BBall camp run by PJ Carlesimo growing up. Still love The Hall.
  7. I take protein powder, that’s it. I also have a Norwalk juice press that I juice a ton of various stuff with. Kale, mustard greens, beets, ginger, turmeric, lemons/limes, just try to keep it lower in sugar (ie, not a ton of apples, etc).
  8. El Hoze

    NYC Herf?

    I spend about half of my time in NYC, in the fall a bit moreso. I would definitely make an effort to make it.
  9. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    We love Square Grouper. I live in Miami and sister in law lives in Vero. Every drive there/back involves a stop there as it is right about half way...the deal is I drive there, the Mrs drives the rest of the way! Cheers!
  10. I have a fair amount of robustos in stock as it’s a crowd pleaser and I consider it a workehorse vitola but I don’t smoke alot of robustos. Probably smoked more years ago. I find it a little too short and wide RG for me. I’ll deal with it, but not my favorite.
  11. El Hoze

    Pet peeves

    Most of my pet peeves these days revolve around living in Miami: 1) People will hardly ever thank you for holding the door open. Everyone is entitled. 2) People talk on speaker phone, so now I have to hear double the noise. Imagine if everyone did that! Again, don’t worry about others around you....it’s all about you and your purple Lambo. 3) Old people at the deli counter who order 3 slices of 18 different things and ask for samples. “Let me try the ham”....lady you eat that ham every week for the past 20 years. It tastes like ham. And you have 5 years left to live, max, don’t waste it at the deli counter. 4) People who will block traffic while waiting for a parking space 10 feet closer than one that is already open. And the person who is taking 15 minutes to pull out of their space and let that bozo odiot in. I feel better now.
  12. El Hoze

    Favorite NYC Restaurant?

    what types of restaurants would you like to target? I’m a big food guy and NYC is my half home.
  13. I’m also a Concept 2 guy. I find it a great challenge and it works alot muscles as Lotusguy said, especially the back/core which will improve your posture and make you feel/look alot better. I’m a huge believer in doing a bunch of different workouts/motions and the erg is absolutely a great activity to work in. I’ve trained for several marathons, and an Ironman so running for me, while still my primary cardio activity, doesn’t quite kick my butt like an erg machine or doing other motions.
  14. I used to spend alot of money on nice suits. When I was dropping weight I’d buy the cheapies and I’d still look better than I did. Every once in a while I’ll see a heavy guy in a really nice suit and I want to go up and say to him “hey man, wanna look and feel REALLY good in a suit? Get in shape!” And I say that only because I’ve been there. I want everyone to experience that feeling.
  15. Buying new clothes after weight loss might be the best way to blow money, other than cigars or wine. I went from a size 52 suit to a 40. I was happy to give away a bunch of nice suits!

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