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  1. I am going headed out to Steamboat, Colorado for three weeks of skiing. Can’t wait!
  2. I grew up in NJ eating bologna subs. Bologna, salami, provolone, lettuce tomato onion oil and vinegar. So good. Tastes like mortadella without the pistachios getting in the way. lol
  3. Esplendidos AMO ABR 16. Sweet spot on these!
  4. I live in Florida. What to me is the most insane is skirt steak. I love skirt steak, but it is consistently $27.99/lb. plus here and has been for the last 4-6 months. Roughly in line with prime ribeye and NY strips. Crazy. But post holidays I am already seeing prices softening a bit. I got these “choice” ribeyes tonight for $14.99/lb. You could call that prime and it would pass with me! Just need to be flexible/opportunistic at the meat counter a bit.
  5. I have actually smoked an Oro Blanco. It was given to my father in law by a senior person at Davidoff in DR…he gave it to me when he heard the price! It was very good, but clearly not worth anything near $500. Maybe $35? However the price is at least somewhat a function of the fact that the tobacco used in the Oro Blanco is in fact extremely limited. It is a Dominican Puro and grown in areas that I am quite frankly surprised they pulled a cigar that good together, in particular the wrapper. The wrapper on the cigar I had was gorgeous, I need to find a pic. The only other Dominican puro worth mentioning is clearly Opus X. I’ve smoked 100s of Opus X over the years and the Oro Blanco was a level above any Opus X I’ve smoked other than those that came directly from Carlito Fuente’s hands to mine, i.e private stash and not something you can buy no matter how much $ you have. The construction on the Oro Blanco I smoked was fairly stunning, I believe only a handful of rollers at Davidoff worked on the project…marketing for sure, not like Hamlet or other another famous roller but the construction was quite notable. Like a Reseva Grand Reserva. My father in law was from Gurabo, the area where the key tobacco of the Oro Blanco was grown so I have gotten to know the tobacco farms there fairly well. Pretty shocking they pulled the tobacco from the obscure areas they did, Mao, etc. Very different than where they grow Opux X wrapper down in Bonao. I’ll say for context, when alone I smoke Cuban Cigars exclusively. I’d take a perfectly rolled Siglo VI over an Oro Blanco all day. But my wife is from Santiago, Dom Rep…the tobacco capital of DR. Trust me that is not an easy conversation with your Dominican wife that you effectively think DR is incapable of producing a cigar worth smoking, LOL. But I’ve been fortunate to spend time with Henke Kelner several times and Eladio Diaz, the blender of the Oro Blanco, once. I wouldn’t compare those guys to the gold wrapped Ghurka stuff, I’ll just say that. These guys are the real deal (ironically neither are still with Davidoff). Not to defend the person who spends $500 on this thing, they should have their freaking head examined…I don’t care how much money you have. But in the world of cigars, looking at the $$$$ that is spent on these “limited” Opus X humidors etc. (OK it helps charity), or the cigars dipped in Louis XIII (what a waste of cognac), the Oro Blanco would not stick out to me as the most egregious example of ridiculous marketing. That may be more a statement about how egregious the marketing has gotten than about a $500 mediocre cigar. LOL
  6. I own a hodge podge of different knives from cheapo Dexter to higher end end stuff and my views/preferences have changed over the years. Lately I’ve been liking the new(er) Wustof Grand Prix II, same blade as the Classic but doesn’t have the exposed tang and has a rounder more tapered handle with kind of a pebble grain to it. Just a basic good quality knife. To me it feels great in the hand. I’m far from a knife expert but I cook alot. To me knives are more or less about utility - though I do appreciate the slippery slope at the higher end. If you keep them sharp any knife will make the cooking experience more fun and more successful.
  7. That was part of my logic, Steamboat real estate is still relatively reasonable compared to say Vail and with some growth it might just appreciate a bit. And with low property taxes in Colorado I can rent it out Xmas/NYE and Presidents weekend and cover all of my overhead. Pretty amazing he just turned 3 in December and can already ski and snowboard pretty well (albeit I keep him on a leash!). I learned at that age as well…my wife learned at 30. Luckily she is pretty determined! I believe the EWR flight to Steamboat is every Saturday with some Sunday flights. I live in South Florida and Jet Blue also now has a new direct flight from Ft. Lauderdale on Wed/Sat…..that also played into my decision to pull the trigger on a place out there.
  8. My wife and I joke that for many people, including many or our good friends, there is only one place to ski in the US and that is Vail! I totally get it! You should check out Steamboat if you’re ever looking to switch it up again. I’ve been fortunate to ski just about every major resort in the US and many places around the world and we love Steamboat - so much so we just bought a condo there. Steamboat is undergoing a pretty major expansion to make the base feel more like Vail, Alterra is looking to make it their official flagship resort. United even has a direct flight from EWR now into Hayden/Steamboat. As of right now it is still a bit of a “Main Street” type of thing 5 min away from the mountain, but great restaurants and lower elevation than even Vail. Anything above Steamboat - even at Vail - I rent an oxygen machine for my room to suck on the first couple of days…really helps. We head out next week to Steamboat for three weeks…my son is barely 3 so we can still get away with that!! Looks like a great trip your family had. 👍🏻
  9. Opening up the festivities with a 2008 Siglo VI from a tube. Man, these suckers are good. Spot on perfect draw. Happy new years!
  10. PUR AGO 16 Lusi, just getting into this 50 cab. Looking forward to the rest!
  11. We have one other couple coming over, he happens to be the one guy I live around that loves and appreciates good cigars. They are also amazing cooks. Stong likelihood I break out an older Sir Winston to start things off. Menu (from my side) will include a bunch of terrines to start and chateaubriand as the main as I did rib roast for Christmas day. Have a couple magnums of red that may get popped as well as some champagne for the starters. I am just as big on New Years day breakfast as the NY Eve meal. I typically go over the top with caviar, bagels and salmon. Nothing like inhaling 6-8 oz of good caviar to start the year off right.
  12. Boli 108, super tight draw that smokes perfect, for me ideal. Should have bought more!

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