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  1. I sat next to Jose Andres and his daughter maybe a year and a half or two years ago at Bar Masa, a high end Japanese place in NYC. He had a clear box of cigars next to him on the bar, could make out a couple of Cohiba bands. Man, does that guy know how to eat!!! People tell me I eat better than anyone they know. This guy took it to a whole other level. Copious amounts of super fatty tuna (O-toro) covered in caviar, kobe beef, uni. You name it. If I were eating my last meal on Earth there and someone else was paying this is pretty much how his dinner went down. I was thoroughly impressed, and the cigars just made me appreciate the whole thing even more. I was going to say something to him but I generally make it a strict rule not to bother famous people I run into. As a side, I live down in Miami and he has a restaurant in the back of the SLS hotel that is very cigar friendly and the food is great. Highly recommended for a place to light up and relax.
  2. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2008 Siglo VI. After the clearing price of the 2007s on the auction I needed to spark one up for my first fathers day. Great cigar (would take an old Sir Winston over it however).
  3. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Post from the bossman got me to fire one up. December 17 box. Not great. Draw a bit open. RG a bit much. Flavors eh. Never been at all into ELs.
  4. Ugh, what a bummer! I recently grabbed the two box deal of DIC 18 CoRo’s from the 24:24 as we just welcomed our first child in December and thought they’d prove handy over the years as a smoke to enjoy around his various milestones with family & friends. Hopefully the rest of your box gives you more enjoyment. Personally, CoRo’s have never been one of my absolute favorites but I consider it a bit of a benchmark cigar.
  5. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Congrats! My first child will turn 6 months in three days, little boy as well. I didn’t want kids and now am already begging for another! Has been the greatest gift I ever could have imagined! Has put a bit of a dent in the cigar smoking but now I can extend the aging process!
  6. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    right back at ya on that! Boxcode on this guy is GUT JUN 12! Enjoy!
  7. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Just broke into these for Yankees/Red Sox steak night. Epi 2 was the first Cuban cigar I ever smoked and that has cost me dearly since! Still a big fan, especially dollar for dollar. The reservas are great!
  8. Depends on where I am going/doing but as has been said I often find large formats are more difficult to smoke when away than when at home where I smoke a fair amount of Churchills/DCs. I also like to bring a fair amount of ATs. I also typically leave the really “speciall” sticks home. Cohiba Panatelas/Exquisitos CoRo AT Siglo V AT HU Mag 46 HU Con A Partagas 898 HdM Epi 1s Punch Sabrosos - personal situation, have a bunch of these and have kind of gone “eh” on them so a good casual smoke. Maybe one Lusi just in case!
  9. El Hoze

    R&J Flavor Profile

    Thanks to everyone for the responses, should have been more specific that it was the cherry flavors that I as getting at. I have not smoked alot of R&J for whatever reason and have always had that cherry thing in there, but again my experience is fairly limited.
  10. Hey guys - I fired up a R&J Churchill tonight, I don’t smoke R&J often, and it struck me what an unmistakable flavor profile it had. I am a relative newbie and was wondering if anyone with more experience could tell me.....has this flavor profile always been in place? I know this is a cigar that has been around for a long time and would love some context. Thanks!
  11. I live in Miami and am likely biased but I agree it deserves a spot on the list. One other thing I’d mention is that if you’re sitting outdoors in Miami at a place that allows smoking (1) it is very likely you’re not the only one smoking...always makes me feel more relaxed... and (2) even if you are the only one smoking there are likely a significant numbers of non-Americans around you (Latin/South Americans, Europeans, etc.) who are much more tolerant of smoking than Americans. Nothing worse than lighting up a cigar in a place that it’s allowed and that annoying lady next to you starts fanning with her hand and making comments to the people she’s sitting with. Hardly ever happens in Miami.
  12. From 98. Happy to get these home, was a bit of a whirlwind.
  13. El Hoze

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First one of these and first early read is good!

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