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  1. Not a 2019 thing, my collection morphs slow but: Sir Winston Siglo V Lusi CoLa Punch DCs
  2. I have a couple of restaurants I go to regularly where I sit outside and smoke, but to be honest I hardly ever go to cigar lounges in the area...I smoke at home! Montecristo is a good one, have been there a few times. There really aren’t a ton of options in Miami which I’ve always found surprising.
  3. MEL JUL 08 CoLa and a bottle of water (I’m trying to get in better shape). Great cigar!!!! Have barely touched this box, looking forward to smoking it!
  4. I don’t think it is a case of aging them too long. Inside of two years I would consider relatively young...especially for a Fundy. Could just be a bad box OR (hopefully) a bad start to what will turn out to be a better box as I get deeper into it. I’ll likely revisit in a year or so, I have too many boxes now that are smoking perfectly.
  5. I have smoked nearly all of the Reservas / Grand Reservas and I have found them all to be great cigars. The price point I guess is all relative. I see what BHKs go for these days and to the point above about 1966 prices lately. Insane. I have smoked and own plenty of 1966s and BHKs. They’re good but I’d take an HU #2 Reserva over them any day. Can’t comment on investment potential.
  6. RAG DIC 17 - have only smoked a few from this box, all have left me disappointed. About to toss it. Zero flavor.
  7. Hey, I missed your earlier question. I wouldn’t say Calle Ocho is sketchy necessarily, it certainly has personality. Just wouldn’t make it a priority given the limited time you have. If you’re date is vegetarian I would highly recommend Byblos a couple of blocks south of the SLS. You can’t smoke there but the food is phenomenal, ambiance is great (sit upstairs) and you could grab a cigar after at Bazaar at SLS. If you wanted to eat outside somewhere check out Casa Tua. It is about a block west from SLS.
  8. I live in the north end of Miami Beach. Miami has some great restaurants, depends on what type of food you are looking for. If you have some preferences let me know, I take eating out pretty seriously! My recommendation on a place to smoke a cigar in South Beach would be at Bazaar in the back of the SLS hotel. Good food and drinks there too. Little Havana is pretty cool but wouldn’t be my one stop on a one-night stay. I would stay near the beach if I only had one night.
  9. USE JUL 08 Siglo VI. Top of the heap for regular production in my mind. Last one from this box I smoked at the bar at Hotel Saratoga in Havana back in April I believe.
  10. Happy to PM you so we don’t get the thread off topic but essentially smashed thin greasy burgers with grilled onions. I grew up in North Jersey (White Rose, White Diamond, White Manna) and we take the style seriously! I love to cook and love burgers, I have about four or five types of burgers I do. The classic for me is the Jersey burger.
  11. Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva. OK, totally unfair answer. But I might say a regular ol’ aged Siglo VI at this moment, which could change day to day. (Could be I have my mind on a couple older boxes of Siglo VI for tonight. It is Jersey-style smash burger night, which is a big night in this household).

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