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  1. Pre-gaming for Arizona State vs. Michigan State. I am fortunately an ASU fan, so I have nothing but upside potential!
  2. To be honest, I don’t know if there is any story behind it. I could be wrong as many Opus X do have some story attached. But the A has been produced over the years. What makes it “special” (or, probably more accurate, limited) is that Opus X are fairly difficult to come by supply/demand-wise and the A format is particularly the case just given it is more difficult to produce and they produce less of them as a result of the unusually large size...same could be said for a Monte A I suppose. The coffin also adds to it I would think, more of a gift/special occasion cigar. I believe the A is on the more mild side compared to the rest of the line on average but I have found that under the right storage conditions you almost can’t overage an Opus X going by my tastes. I don’t smoke a ton of Opus X (I smoke 95% cuban, 4% Opus, 1% Davidoff I’d say) but my better half grew up in Santiago, Dominican Republic so having Opus X on hand is kind of a requirement I feel like! I also have a ton of respect for Carlito Fuente. I run into him on airplanes quite frequently in/out of Miami...guy works his tail off.
  3. 1998 Des Dieux, good cigar for “takin it easy” night!
  4. I have really no cigars that are ready to smoke that I have a hard time putting a flame to. I’m a carpe diem guy. Having said that, I have alot of Opus X...including some As.....and that cigar I would sit on a few more years! Just my personal taste.
  5. Getting ready for some NFL. 2003 Des Dieux from a 50 cab I am starting to dig into a bit. Perfect cigar. And if this Beck’s was any colder it would have frozen when I opened it.
  6. I’d love to get a herf going w some local guys. Count me in!
  7. We live in North Miami and always leave town when there’s a risk. The whole area turns into a total madhouse. We have a little 9 month old guy so we definitely were not taking chances on this one. Looks like our area will be OK, hoping folks up the coast are spared as well and pray for those in the Bahamas.
  8. Cultural norms vary alot. One of the things I love about living in my area of north Miami is we have lots of Latin/South Americans and Europeans who accept smoking in public places, though there is really only one outdoor restaurant I smoke at on a regular basis (in Bal Harbour). Very few Americans there. Regarding smoking around kids, I don’t do it. I have a baby boy at home and I actually rented another apartment in my building so I could smoke cigars there....it’s like my man cave!
  9. This should fit the bill....I am in the process of ordering one of these. Replica Shelby Cobra 427 built by Superformance. Have wanted one of these forever. Just had my first child and turned 40 so figured I can qualify this as a mid-life crisis purchase and be in the clear.
  10. Congratulations! We had our first child, a baby boy, in December. It’s been the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. The first smile, the first hug, his first word (Dada 💪🏻)....I was at one point indifferent to having kids and am now realizing why most humans go through this process!
  11. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always been a bit fascinated by Connecticut’s place in the world of tobacco. I fly out of Bradley airport fairly frequently and always get a kick out of seeing the fields/barns in and around Windsor. Thanks for the post!
  12. it is very non-linear for me, I’m opportunistic and own way too many cigars. The FOH auctions have had me buying WAY more cigars than I had been. Can’t resist. Also had my first child in December and have been buying DIC 18 box codes for his various milestones. I have like 6-7 already.
  13. As the father of an eight month old little boy I am deeply offended by that Philadelphia commercial. I would swear off cream cheese but I like cream cheese way too much. Seeing as it is 3:30pm on a Friday I might need to light up a cigar and open a beer to calm down about this.

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