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  1. Last of the box….always hard to hang the ribbon on a box of DD given the “circumstances”! 😂
  2. I was not a fan of the 1966 initially but it is a remarkable cigar. Not a cigar worth the relaitive markup today but as a non EL guy who initially thought these were “eh” I have to say I wish I gave less of these away randomly years ago! The Talisman I have less hope in, hope I’m wrong!!!
  3. Have Des Dieux been officially noted as discontinued by Habanos? My understanding was they still hadn’t (I could very well be wrong or burying my head in the sand, I am still hopeful Jerry Garcia is still alive too). If not I’d force the issue there! That would be a valuable prize!
  4. Fundy Monday. I have probably smoked more Fundies in the last month than I have smoked in the previous five years.
  5. 2013 DD, spot on construction. A cigar that less than 10 years ago was a bargain by today’s standards and you’d be challenged to find a fault with it. Basically a perfect cigar. follow up 2008 Siglo VI from a tube, wow (draw a hair too open if I can be picky)
  6. Feb 2017 898 from a box that I should probably start the regular sampling on! This one had some mold on it, the plume seems to be working…fantastic cigar.
  7. I do not watch any MLB if/once the Yankees are out of postseason contention. Can’t do it. Once the Yanks are out the season is officially over/irrelevant. I’m a typical a-hole. 😂 I am also a Jets fan. Context/expectations matter as if I did the same thing there it would be a 1-2 week season for me every year and I like watching football too much.
  8. That is London for me in a nutshell as I have spent alot of time over the years there for work. Just being in London is fun for me. Kind of pretend you live there for a few days and just explore. One of my favorite cities in the world to eat. Long lunch at Scott’s in Mayfair with a bottle or two of Champagne, you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie.
  9. First draw from a box of 2018 Punch DC. Bolognese night… at least a DC worth of stirring and smashing ahead of me.
  10. A few times I have said to my wife “it is crazy what BHKs are selling for these days” and she immediately says “then sell all your BHKs!!!” and I look at her like she’s crazy.
  11. Pregame for Yankees/Red Sox Wild Card. 2008 Sir Winston my starting pitcher. Can’t remember being more pumped for a game. Dry aged porterhouses, red wine and buttery mashed potatoes will be flowing like water. GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!
  12. Checking in on these. Decent. Time will tell! …and a quick Fundie. Busy Sunday!
  13. AMO ABR 16 Esplendido. Only smoked a few from the box, but so far the best box of Esplendidos I have ever owned. After watching the Yankees get spanked I figure I’ve earned it!

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