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  1. I’m a Jets fan, certainly have alot of admiration for Tom Brady but never thought I’d ever root for him in a Super Bowl (hasn’t this guy won enough? lol) but as a Florida resident would be great to see him win one for Tampa. Menu will be chili, I’ll start that tomorrow...I take my chili very seriously....as well as grilled buffalo wings and seven layer dip (a once-a-year gluttonous tradition and goes well w the chili). Tough call on the cigar. I typically use big sports days as excuses to light up the good stuff......might crack into my first box of Punch 898 or ERDM Tainos, have y
  2. MEL JUL 08, need to start smoking more of these! Perfect.
  3. The 1996 version of the Island of Dr. Moreau should make every list like this. For a film that has two pretty legendary actors (Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer) and coming from a book by a legendary author it is spectacularly terrible. I watch it every few years when I have a couch potato day just to marvel in its terribleness. I’ve never seen the original version, will need to check that out.
  4. I believe I have had all of the Reservas/GRs. They’ve all been very good*. Worth it depends how many bucks you have floating around. *The one exception for me is the Cohiba Robusto but I only smoked one and it was fairly young. I’m also kind of indifferent to Cohiba Robustos in general as well so may be a bias or just not my thing.
  5. I love to eat, and used to fly 200+ segments a year. I would go back to basics with an eating tour of places I used to eat frequently but sadly haven’t been to in over a year: -NYC: huge lunch at Sushi Yasuda, nap, and maybe dinner at Cosme. -San Francisco: huge early meal at Swan Oyster Depot, nap, and dinner at SPQR. -London: huge seafood feast at Scott’s in Mayfair, nap, and maybe wild game dinner at Harwood Arms. -Chicago: lunch and dinner at Frontera Grill (nap in between). -San Sebastian area, Spain: blood sausage at La Cuchara de San Telmo, lunch at Extebar
  6. 108, one of my favorites. Wish I had a few more boxes!
  7. good memory! I recently moved actually and the cigar never showed up. Starting to think it may never show up!! Cheers!
  8. Drank a little too much last night, which I like to chase with bling cigars, smashed cheeseburgers with carmelized onions, and tons of good Bordeaux and Bud Lights.
  9. Very sorry to hear. Will keep you all in my prayers.
  10. Zero wind, ideal conditions for a cigar out back before fishing. 08 SW.

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