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  1. I saw that pic and thought “looks like Normandy Beach or Ocean Beach“…from your profile I might not be too far off!
  2. I do not buy nearly as many cigars as I used to several years ago. But in those days I would consistently mention the “threat of future cigar shortages” to my wife every time a new box would arrive and I needed more and more room for storage. At least I can finally tell her I wasn’t quite as crazy as she thought.
  3. 2014 HU2, great cigar. Figured I’d put the focus on the USA muscle in respect of the season!
  4. I was a big fan of Compay Segundo long before I ever got into cigars, and the two affections are totally unrelated. I would love to have, in particular, a Compay 95 Humidor. I managed to get ahold of two of the Salamones and they were killer. Unfortunately in 2002 I was 22, effectively broke, and if I was going to spend any real money on something to smoke it was closer in the direction of Bob Marley vs. Compay Segundo.
  5. I have a bunch of watches, but only one that I consider “priceless” because of who gave it to me. That is the highest level a watch can get to, the rest is insured and just tells time anyway! Well done on your boys! 👍🏻
  6. In my opinion, not anywhere near today’s prices. I could say that about alot of things these days! I often think to myself if I were ever to sell some of my inventory which cigars would I sell to take advantage of the crazy market we have today. I can’t think of anything better than a BHK. It’s the Cohiba effect on steroids. But to each their own, they’re very good cigars generally speaking... though the ring gauge on the 54/56 is a bit much for my taste. If I had a budget of ~$150+ for a cigar, though, there certainly are other places I’d spend my fortune.
  7. I always bought BHKs for “special occasions” ...the Friday of “fathers day weekend” sounds like a fair excuse!
  8. I like Cristal. Good easy drinking beer. I posted this recently, but they have this beer “Palma” in the US now (Florida at least). It is very clearly stylized/branded to look like Cristal but brewed in Nicaragua.
  9. The latest box code I have on a BCG is PUR OCT 16. Here is the OCT box (left) next to a PUR JUL 16 (right). It really is a shame these got axed. Great cigar. For me in the winter months around the holidays nothing beats a CG.
  10. 2008 Lancero. Man what an unbelievable cigar. I am still on upper deck of this box thank God. Cheers! One more! Boli 108!
  11. 2010 SW. I did a double take when I saw this beer in my grocery store in Florida. It is made in Nicaragua.
  12. Never thought about it but I’m reasonably close on Cohiba. I have at least 3 boxes of all regular production, some I’m much deeper on. Also have one box left of 1966 (wish I had more) and one box of Talisman (not a fan). I don’t have any of the maduros however (not my thing), or Novedosos (never really seen them available and not interested enough to hunt them down).

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