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  1. Looking forward to seeing/meeting folks tomorrow. If someone could post or PM me on where/when everyone is meeting up Saturday that would be great. Gracias!
  2. My favorite cigar and easily one I am the deepest on. Over the years I always stocked up when they popped up. I probably have 10 boxes I am smoking from 2003 onward and another 10 -15 boxes I haven't even touched yet. That was always the one cigar above all others I wanted to make sure I always have enough of!
  3. Due to the global fresh CoRo shortage I am scraping by with an old 2003 discontinued HdM DD I bought in bulk. Doesn’t even have a band on it
  4. 2017 898, headed to Miami tomorrow…looking forward to seeing the crew Saturday!
  5. If you have two I’d pop one 2007 for sure. Pretty in your face wine, fun to drink for sure.
  6. The 2007 vintage for Napa cabs timed very well with the Global Financial Crisis! You could get any 2007 cult cab you wanted on release (expect maybe Screaming Eagle). I still have some 2007 Harlan, pains me to drink it knowing what I could sell it for. Pains me to sell it even more I suppose!
  7. It is funny, I was sitting outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva and there were three people other than myself smoking cigars, all Cohiba. I commented to my wife “what are the odds you have three people smoking cigars and they’re all smoking Cohiba?” She looked at me dismissively and said “at the Four Seasons? In Geneva? About 100%, what else are they going to smoke?” We got a good laugh… I was there with my lowly Des Dieux with no band looking like a total nobody!
  8. Very unfortunate, I have stayed there many times. Hoping for the best for everyone impacted.
  9. Didn’t smoke a cigar for a couple of days and then light up a 2008 CoLa. Man! Good!
  10. I’ll wait at least a few months usually to break into a box, but within a year I’ll try at least one.
  11. I do not keep an inventory list but I tend to have a surprisingly good idea of what I have when I go through every year or so. On boxes I am deep on I couldn’t tell you exactly how many boxes I have, but I seem to recollect all of the one-offs surprisingly well. Same with wine, I have a ton of wine but I don’t keep it inventoried. I just drink it and stay ahead of cases as they age. Funny story, years ago I was living in San Francisco and had a wine closet in total disarray. I’d go in, grab a bottle, and drink it. I had a woman who cleaned for us, I loved her. One day I realize I am missing a bottle. Of all things a magnum of Aubert chardonnay. Many bottles I could have forgotten I drank with a pizza at 2am but a magnum of Chardonnay, zero chance. I confronted her and said hey if you took anything please just come clean. She denied it and I never noticed another bottle missing. Two years later we moved out. In my hallway I find that magnum of chard with a note on it apologizing and asking that I forgive her! I drank the bottle that night with some wood planked salmon. I joked with my wife “man what a relief she could have grabbed a much more expensive 750ml of cabernet and I’d never have noticed.”
  12. Great option, but call ahead as they randomly close it for various reasons.
  13. rarely do you see both the”for sale” and “high quality” stamp on a box of Dominicans.
  14. Monte A. Was about to grab a Punch DC for Sunday at the Masters and then thought “yeah but then what’s next?”, problem solved…or pushed out a bit anyway!
  15. I am a huge fan of Lusis, a benchmark cigar for me. I have loaded up on 50 cabs over the years. I’d call it a tie with Punch DC, depends on my mood. I have always found Hoyo DC completely boring, not good for a DC….interesting as I’d generally say I like Hoyo as a marca and much less so Partagas. Embarrassingly, I have only smoked a handful of RAGs over the years and always found them good but for whatever reason I have never owned a box. I find myself noticing the bell pepper thing more in recent years but it could just be more fresh in my nose or more fresh in my brain or maybe just getting better at picking it up. I have never timed myself but I am a slow smoker compared to most. Still have not met a cigar I could smoke in under 30 min.
  16. Breaking out the fancy stuff for watching The Masters.
  17. @El Presidente @Ken Gargett I am keeping the hope alive!!!
  18. I will eat anything that tastes good to me. Texture is important too. Some of the best things I have ever eaten would be considered gross by some: head cheese, pigs feet, morcilla/blood sausage (not sure if that counts), monkfish liver (ankimo), And I’ve had plenty of other parts that I thought were quite good. On the ofher end for me is tripe. Menudo: a spicy soup that is good for hangovers….that sounds like something I’d eat every day but I can’t even get near it. My wife is Dominican….she took me to a place in Miami called Mondongo’s…which specializes in the tripe soup of that name. I thought give me a few cold beers and some hot sauce how bad could it be? I couldn’t even smell it. It was like my body telling me “do not eat that.” I can’t even put into words how repulsed I was. The thing is if someone told me “this guy makes the world’s best tripe” I’d at least attempt to get close enough to it to eat it. Hasn’t happened yet!
  19. The last of a great box. An amazing end. Please send more DDs!
  20. Guys night tonight. My buddy who I am partying with tonight is only 3 years old though and his mother is my wife, so that may constrain the agenda a bit. Figured I’d “dip” ino this December 2018 box, my son’s birth month, as I’m working on the burgers and he’s watching a movie. Great box, looking forward to the next sampling!
  21. I used to drive my parents cars around from about the time I was 10 years old or so. I finally got caught one day when I was 12, took the car to buy a sandwich in town, got home and my dad was standing there in the driveway. He was so stunned that I don’t remember him being as angry as I would have feared. I now look at my 14 year old nephew and laugh thinking of what I was like at 14…my life already included alcohol and chasing girls. I wouldn’t call myself a bad kid but I definitely wasn’t a good kid either. lol
  22. Just broke into a new June 2019 50 cab of Lusis, went for the bent one first. Hope the whole box tastes this good!

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